Friendly, cheerful, uses enchanted whip-daggers, covered in tattoos

a character in “Runefaust”, as played by the_fluffmeister

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6' 4" tall half-elf, tan skin covered in writhing purple/black/red tattoos, dark red hair approx 16" in length tied back, bright green eyes that turn full white when excited (combat etc), weight 235 Lbs


Overtly friendly, declares any new acquaintance to be a comrade and lifelong companion. loves good companionship and high adventure, incredibly grumpy when first waking due to nightmares. abstains from consuming any alcoholic beverages or anything else that would inhibit his ability to think clearly. When encountering a demon or any demonkin goes rabid and does not stop until demon has been defeated and its spirit bound to his tattoos.


Black leather trench coat with celestial holy symbols stitched in red thread along the cuffs and seams of the coat
Dark brown leather cargo pants
Chain link belt that glows brightly when a demon or devil is within 60 feet
Black heavy duty knee high steel toed leather boots
black thread tying back hair, prevents hair from growing
cloth sack
two thick leather whip-daggers
Misc other whips


age ten years: possessed by demon lord, body used to slaughter entire village
age eleven years: released from possession, grieves and buries remains of village, begins training self in use of whips and swords to defend self
age eighteen-nineteen years: meets cleric who inscribes tattoos on body that prohibit any outside force from controlling either his mind or body, also teaches prayers to enchant weapons so they can overcome the resistances of demons and devils as well as how to exorcise possessing spirits.
age twenty years: meets wizard and in exchange for providing protection received enchantments on his whips to make them strike true and never break.
current age twenty six years

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