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RWBY: Proof of Innocence

RWBY: Proof of Innocence

When their friend is accused of a serious crime, a group of students set out to clear her name, but they may be in over their heads...

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Beacon has been attacked by Grim.

It wasn't the first place to be, and before all was said and done, it wouldn't be the last. There had been reports of similar incidents across the world, but this one was particularly shocking, due to the location and the amount of damage done. That, and the perpetrator.

Strangely absent from the chaos was Ivy Elden, a generally well-liked second year student. In fact, almost no one has seen her since the very beginning of the attack, and that includes her team. After the smoke had cleared and Beacon had recovered enough for an investigation, it became very clear that there was a great deal of evidence stacked against Ivy: explosives had been used to breech several of the buildings, something which she had extensive knowledge of. Then there was the box of extra supplies hidden somewhat haphazardly among her things. What was most damning, however, was the testimony made by two separate teams who swore that they saw Ivy fiddling with explosives that later failed to detonate and, separately, luring Grim to the school. After her roommates were ruled out, it was only a matter of days before Ivy was named a wanted woman.

For some that had known her, something about the situation seemed too convenient, too obvious. Besides, what reason would she have to put people she cared about in danger? Now, a few of her friends are setting out to find both Ivy and the truth. However, these young hunters may have bitten off more than they can chew…

Also, a special thanks to DragonDunc, who was of great help in creating this.


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Character Portrait: Violet Vanek A second-year student at Beacon Academy.
Character Portrait: Ivy Elden
Ivy Elden played by Tellukka
Under suspicion of orchestrating an attack on Beacon. Currently missing.
Character Portrait: Death Rose
Death Rose played by Draruto
Newly enrolled second year second year
Character Portrait: Donnchad Cedar A second year student at Beacon

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Keeping a snide remark from escaping her lips, she sat up and took out her scroll and checked her messages. Seeing several from her therapist, and knowing what was in them, Death marked them as read and deleted them. 'Later Moonwitch.' she mused with sigh. "Another reaming from the head shrink in my future. Great." Death quipped while collapsing d the scroll and dusting off the twigs from her clothes. Standing after a few minutes,she glanced upward to the sky and touches her tattoo. "When will I stop pushing people away? And actually try to be a better person?" she asked herself.

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Re: RWBY: Proof of Innocence

Hey, dudes! So, I have an idea for the bad guys. It's kinda trite, but it's that a group trying to insert themselves and others with them into positions of power. They're using grim attacks as a cover for assassinating key individuals. The ones around the world are the same sort of purpose: covering for the big ones. Ivy and others have been coerced into helping. The idea is that they'd talk the fall, favorable individual would be placed as head, end of story. Then, after the right people were in the right places, they'd "clear up" the grim and stuff and strengthen their authority.
Jeez, sorry, I didn't mean to talk your ears off. Of course, if you have any improvements and stuff, I'd love to hear it!

RWBY: Proof of Innocence

Hello, and welcome to "RWBY: Proof of Innocence!” I’ll post post important stuff from time to time, but other than that, use this space as you will.