Land of IronAyamari Shibotsu

The Feasting Darkness of Shinotogakure

a character in “S-Rank Mission in the Land of Iron”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Land of Rice Fields, Shinotogakure
Possesses Meiton, Darkness Release, kekkei genkai

Shibotsu is now 20 years old and stands now at 6 foot 9 inches tall. His hair is long and black, and usually put up in a samurai style, and his eyes are pitch black, as if he could absorb all the light in a room with just a glance. His body is strong and almost nothing but muscle, and tattooed on his right ahoulder is the symbol for 'Darkness'. Most of the time he wears a pair of loose black pants, wooden sandals, and samurai style shirt, normally opened loosely. He uses his headband to keep his sword in place on his belt, which is like any other ninja tool belt


Shibotsu has been called The All Destroying Darkness, and it is said he has no soul. but despite his dark nature he always smiles, and doesn't bother trying to lie or keep secrets. He is very confident in his abilities so he feels he has nothing to hide


Image Shibotsu's sword, Hakatsukuru (grave maker)

Bringer-of-Darkness Technique (Kokuangyo no Jutsu)- Shibotsu makes a series of handseals then causes the target to believe that they are surrounded by nothing but darkness. They cannot see anything and must rely on their other senses to survive as he attackes them in this state

Darkness Release: Shadow Clone (Meiton: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)- Shibotsu creates up to 7 shadow clones using his dark chakra. These clones work like regular shadow clones, however, once struck the attacker is caught in an illusion where their worst nightmares come to life before their eyes

Shadow Blade Technique (Kagekiri no Jutsu)- after taking a moment to focus his dark chakra in his left hand he moves it over the blade of hic sword, causing the blade to be consumed in what looks like black fire. Whenever this darkness touches or gets close to the enemy it eats their chakra. Shibotsu doesn't gain this chakra, they just lose it. With his sword like this he can cancel out most elemental jutsu used on him

Chakra Eating Fist (Chakra Taberu Kobushi)- after focusing his chakra throughout his entire body Shibotsu becomes consumed by a black aura of chakra, and anytime he comes in contact with the enemy he consumes some of their chakra. The longer they are close the more he takes. With this technique he does gain the taken chakra

All Consuming Darkness (Subete Shohi Yami)- this technique is similar to the Rasengan developed by the 4th Hokage. Shibotsu focuses his chakra in the palm of his hand and forces it to begin swirling, but instead of creating a ball with this he makes what looks almost like a tiny black hole. Once this is stabilized, roughly a foot in diameter and swirling on it's own, he can then do one of two things
1)place it somewhere, and any, aside from a person, that gets close will be sucked into it
2)he can use it like a shield to absorb any single attack/
If used in the first way it will shrink every time it absorbs something and can absorb up to 5 things, i.e. kunai, shuriken, low level jutsu. If used in the second it can be used to absorb the chakra that makes up a single jutsu, and he usually only uses it this way for a powerful jutsu

Echo Clone Technique (Kodama Bunshin no Jutsu)- a variation of the original Clone Technique where, once the clone are attacked they disappear, but instead of something like smoke, they create a burst of very loud noise, which can confuse, scare, or disorient the enemy


When Shibotsu was born his mother died in childbirth, and at the same time the Otokage was assassinated. It was an ill omen to say the least. From the start it was obvious he was different from the other children, and as he grew so did the dark aura that surrounded his every action. Duringn his days at the academy he made no friends, and actually killed several children during exams. He was at the top of his class, but the new Otokage who took his position after Shibotsu was born feared the boy, and wouldn't allow him to enter the Chuunin Exams until he learned to control himself and his powers.
During the exams he was nearly killed by a Leaf-nin named Hiato, but the proctors stepped in before that could happen. He was unconcious when Gyaku attacked, and knew nothing about it until later. over the years since that day he has spent most of his time going on the missions everyone else said was too dangerous. as of now, not including the new S-Rank mission to save the kages, he has completed over 20 S-Rank missions, and several more A-Rank.

So begins...

Ayamari Shibotsu's Story