Village of Falling AshSabaku Ichiro

Decendant of Gaara, AKA Glass-nin

a character in “S-Rank Mission in the Land of Iron”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Land of Wind, Sunagakure
Hariton, Glass Release, kekkei genkai

Ichiro is a bit short, standing only at 5 foot 5 inches, even though he is 19 years old. It's hard to tell because of his clothes, but he, like Jin, has a thin but strong build. Despite his size hs is very strong, although he relizes mostly on his glass-based jutsu. His skin is tan from the deserts of the Land of Wind, and like Gaara, his hair is spiky and red, and his eyes are a plae pale green. Most of these features are hard to tell, however, because of the outfit he wears.
His shirt is long sleeved and crimson, fitting, but with loose sleeves, and a high collar that goes up to cover his lower face, like Kakashi's mask, but it is higher in back, to keep the harsh desert sun off the back of his neck. Over this he wears a large crimson cloak with a large hood. This covers his body from the neck down. His pants are loose and a light tan color, and he wears black ninja sandals.


Like his family members before him, Ichiro is slow to understand things on an emotional level, so it's hard to make friends. Because his kekkei genkai is similar to Gaara's, in a way, people often fear and respect him, both at once


A large gourd, similar to Gaara's, though it's made of glass rather than sand

Armor of Glass (Yoroi no Hari)- similar to the sand armor of Gaara, Ichiro coats his body in a layer of sand them uses his fire chakra to melt it into glass. It can deflect kunai and shuriken, and katon are useless, but it's weak to doton and great forces

Weapons of Glass (Buki no Hari)- without using handseals Ichiro is able to melt down sand in his hands and shape the resulting glass into many different types of weapons, usually just shuriken and kunai or senbon though

Glass Release: Change of Scenery (Hariton: Henko no Keshiki)- after a chain of handseals Ichiro spreads out his chakra infused sand, which covers everything insight in a thin layer. He then clenches and turns his fist and the sand melts instantly into a layer of glass, causing the surface of everything it landed on to become smooth and reflective.

Glass Release: Glass Style Wall (Hariton: Hariryuheki)- similar to Earth Style Wall, Ichiro creates a clear glass wall that rises up somewhere around him, where he chooses. He can choose how thick, tall, and wide it is. He learned this technique from training with Jin

Wind Release: Shining Dagger Rain (Futon: Kagayaki Tanto Ame)- after creating several glass weapons and laying them at his feet Ichiro preforms a chain of handseals. After this he presses his wrists together, palms forward, causing a small tornado to surround him, lifting the weapons into the air. He then raises his hands up, still touches, then slams them in the direction he wants it to go. This motion sends a massive wind towards the enemy, and as it moves closer the weapons rain down from the sky, glinting brightly as they fall

[/u]Fire Release: Spiral Flame[/u] (Katon: Rasenhono'o)- after a series of handseals Ichiro creates a fireball between his hands, then he spins around. In doing this the flame moves out from him in a spiral that gets bigger the longer he spins. These flames are very hot and move very quickly


Ichiro is the heir to the Kazekage title, but he doesn't want that responsibility. The current Kazekage is his uncle, who has no children of his own, and ever since Gaara's father was the kage the title has been passed down though the clan, since almost every member has picked up some traits of his ability to control sand.
When he was a child he was always sick with a fever, and he still has a constant fever, but it's just a part of his kekkei genkai. The fever, combined with his fire chakra and the sand found everywhere is what allows him to use his abilities. Because of this he missed a lot of school, but still managed to pass all the exams the first time around. For the past few years he's been training more than going on missions, but despite all his skills he was unable to prevent his uncle from being kidnapped.

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