Land of IronYamamoto Jin

A new member of the Iwagakure ANBU

a character in “S-Rank Mission in the Land of Iron”, as played by Soul_Alchemist

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Land of Earth, Iwagakure
ANBU level Jonin
Ryushiton, clan hidden technique

At the age of 18 now Jin stands at six feet tall, but he still has the same thin but strong build, although in a fight his muscles can be seen clearly now. His hsir is still wild and spiky, but he's starting to grow it out more, so he has a short ponytail in the back. The eyes haven't changed either, although they seem to be a little lighter brown now, as if his new friendships have lightened up his soul. Liking the way the simply clothes he wore for the final part of the exams he has continued to wear such things. This means he usually wears a simply black t-shirt and pants, with black shinobi sandals. Over this he wears his Jonin rank flak jacket. Now that he is a member of ANBU he also wears a black cloak with a hood and a mask. -> Image


Jin is still very diciplined, but since he became a man he has left his father's home and training regimen. While he usually doesn't talk alot he is still an honorable and trustworthy friend, and stubborn


Jin carries the standard shinobi tool/weapons. Kunai, shuriken, explosive tags, wire. He also carries around a small wooden box, which he keeps dust in to use for techniques. He also still carries around his sculpture pouch

Particle Release: Living Sculptures (Ryushiton: Ikiteiru Chokoku)- Jin's ability to manipulate the particles of stone has grown over the years. Now he can create living statues as large as himself, and control up to 10 of these, or several more smaller ones

Shisa Armor Technique (Shisa Yoroi no Jutsu)- Jin can use his chakra to gather the dust in the surrounding area and change the density, causing it to form a strong, thin, lightweight armor with a design based on the mythic beast

Particle Release: Sword (Ryushiton: Ken)- like all members of ANBU Jin is skilled with a sword, however, he doesn't like to carry one around, so he developed this technique to use his Hidan Jutsu to create a solid sword from dust. With this technique he can control every aspect of the sword

Earth Release: Earth Style Wall (Doton: Doryuheki)- after a series of handseals Jin causes a wall of solid stone to rise up somewhere nearby. He can control how tall, wide, and thick it is, as well as how it looks

Earth Release: Earth Style Prison (Doton: Doryu Keimusho)- after using Earth Style Wall several times Jin then uses this technique to bring the separate walls together, creating a box to trap whatever he wants.

Dust Gathering Technique (Hokori Tsudoi no Jutsu)- used in several other new jutsu. Jin raises his right hand and grabs his wrist with his left hand, then he spreads his chakra out into the surrounding area and uses it to bring dust to him.


While Jin didn't make it all the way to the final matches of the exam he did manage to catch the eye of the Tsuchikage, who allowed him to become a chuunin after all. After the exams were over he went back home to Iwagakure, at which time his father increased his training and taught him new ways to use the clan's hidden techniques. It wasn't long before he mastered these and even made a few of his own.
The year after this he was promoted to Jonin, after a high level mission to the Land of Wind, where he made friends with the son of the the Kazekage, a boy his age named Ichiro. He stayed in Sunagakure for a few months and the two trained together, as well as fought one another for fun.
Jin was a Jonin for two years before they found he had the skills needed to become a member of ANBU. With his newly given rank and privileges he was able to travel all over the ninja world on secret assignments. It was during one of these missions where he ran into Shibotsu, in Shinotogakure, and while the two didn't really become friends they did work together
And now, the elders of Iwagakure have sent him to meet with other shinobi in the Village of Falling Ash, after which they will team up to save the Kage Summit.

So begins...

Yamamoto Jin's Story