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the rich young teen from the introduction.

a character in “S.T.E.A.P. Academy”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Connor
Age: 16
Previous Time: 1691
Appearance : Image
Equipment: an assassin knife, and a quiver and bow
Power: Can read and control minds. He has many personalities in his head, and has a black cat named Cosmos who he can talk to
Weakness: he is blind and sometimes cant talk
Species (Yes, exxpirements can do it, it's 3010, duh!): paratheneses to one chosen= (Vampire)
Personality (Can come out in RPG): comes out in rpg
History (can be forgotten, but not everyone, like one or two): forgotten
Extra: is the prince of Italy, who is very protective of Evangeline, who he nicknamed Angel. She reminds him of his little sister.

So begins...

Connor Maximus Benjamin Cornelius Maximo's Story