The DormsJackson Hartley

The 47th president's son, who is witty but can be very kind

a character in “S.T.E.A.P. Academy”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Jackson Hartley
Age: 15
Previous Time: 2034
Death (like, what was going to happen if they didn't save you): he would have been killed by an assassin set to get a new president, since it was the first woman president
Equipment: quiver and bow
Power: can shoot anything from his hands
Weakness: his hands get very sore
Species: (Vampire)
Personality (Can come out in RPG): kind
History (only a few can remember some of their true past): he sees flashes sometimes, but not much
Extra: Has a German Shepard named Reggie, who he secretly uses as a guard. He is also very protective of Amelia, who he secretly likes.

So begins...

Jackson Hartley's Story