Beyond RealityXavier Knight

"The batch of girls this year looks quite... delicious." -The Dark Lord

a character in “Sacrificial Piece”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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Name- Xavier AKA The Dark Lord
Family name- Knight
Age- Ancient, one stops counting after so long
Gender- Male
Species- Vampire
Appearance- Image
Amazingly handsome with the starling red eyes that bend any woman to his will. Tall with Black hair, he has an attractive slightly muscular built with extremely pale skin. The only thing that might scare the ladies away are the fangs and bat like wings he can summon whenever he pleases.
Personality- Give him a mirror and he'll be distracted for hours, he's quite vain, thinks he's the best creature ever created. (and he is) Xavier isn't kind in the slightest, he's cold, cruel hearted, and a major flirt never sticking with one woman always taking girls and drinking from them at his own leisure. He doesn't care for the girls at all, sure he might think of settling down some day, but these girls have never proved to be a challenge to woo or capture forcefully, certainly none of them are equally as powerful or as gorgeous as he is.
History- He's the Dark Lord, his history is known to all, he terrorizes the royal families for their daughters whom he quickly drains and disposes of. But perhaps there is a reason from his past that he can't seem to find the right girl?
Equipment- Psh a vampire doesn't use weapons, okay I'm lying, Xavier uses a sturdy long sword that he keeps sheathed on his belt at all times. There is a "blood gem" at the base of the sword, it allows him to tap into blood magic, a rare and ancient form of magic used by only the most skilled vampires.
Weaknesses- Sunlight, stakes
Fears- Death, someone being more powerful than him

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Xavier Knight's Story