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A l e x Garcia
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Alex went ahead and made himself a drink as people started arriving. Every new person to enter the room made Alex's heart race, and not in a fun way, so he decided on tequila, and plenty of it. He had to remind himself that he knew everyone in the room (aside from Markus' guest, and he wasn't entirely sure what he thought of her), and that he would be fine. Still, he couldn't shake the thought that he would somehow get swallowed in this, the smallest of crowds, and meet whomever might be waiting for him in some dark corner. He swallowed the anxiety rising in his throat, turned to Markus, and grinned. "Hey, Markus, did you-" He cut himself off when he realized that there was a very important guest present, and his smile widened into something more genuine, "Oh my god, you brought Coco!" As much as he desperately wanted to drop everything to play with the tiny ball of fluff, Phoenix asked him to make drinks. Alex looked slightly crushed for a moment, then he nodded. Anything to help Phoenix. "I'm not getting anything for Jaiden, though, she can help herself; she's mean." As he said that, though, he poured a drink for her anyway. He figured he would get Markus a drink (or let the man get his own) when he was done at the door. He wasn't sure about the other woman, but she'd brought wine and he assumed she wouldn't bring something she didn't like, herself.

He delivered Jaiden's drink wordlessly, then he looked at the woman who had come with Markus and offered a warm smile, "I don't think we've met- I'm Alex." He held the glass of wine to her, "You brought this, so I kind of assumed you would drink it. I'm not normally so..." He paused, sighing as he struggled to find the word he wanted, then he shook his head, "Anyway, it's nice to meet you." Then he knelt down and held his hand out to Coco, smiling as he coo'd at her, speaking in that sing-song voice people use when they speak to small children, "Si hubiera sabido que vendrías, habría traído golosinas para perros." He spent a brief moment gently petting the dog before Phoenix asked him to get him a drink. Alex very nearly asked Phoenix some clarifying questions, but one look at his friend's face, and Alex decided against it. Instead, he excused himself from the puppy fest with a smile.

He poured Phoenix a, perhaps, too large glass of rum and coke, heavy on the rum, and handed it to his friend, but not without asking, "Hey, you okay?" Alex knew Phoenix well enough to know that something wasn't right, and though he also knew Phoenix wouldn't want to talk about it, he couldn't just ignore it. Phoenix was his best friend, and Alex valued their relationship over nearly every relationship he had. And while it was normally Phoenix looking out for Alex, Alex was always willing to let the roles reverse if Phoenix needed him, and Phoenix knew that. Or, he should, anyway.