Saint AddisonsKawatta Metsuki

The human-hating angel.

a character in “Saint Addisons Home for Unwanted Creatures”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Kawatta Metsuki


Soon to be 17



Clothing Sample:
Kawatta used to pull on whatever was closest upon awakening, now she tends to wear black hoodies.


Kawatta prefers the company of nonhumans, but not the way you think. She finds comfort in reading and writing, preferring the company of books to that of people. This angel finds harmony in the the wind rather than holy choirs, and is friends with plants and animals rather than fellow angels. Honestly, she doesn't care for anything with a humanish shape. But despite being such a human-hating tree-hugger, Kawatta is still an angel and will try her best to help people in need.

Since Kawatta disguises her appearance, she has two forms.

Normal form ---->

True form ---->

Short Appearance Description:
Kawatta suffers not only from bad eyesight but Heterochromia iridum as well, with one green eye and one purple eye. Kawatta's false appearance is basically a younger version of herself. Except the false appearance doesn't have wings, so she can't fly. Also, Kawatta will try to keep her banishment hushed up. Well, actually it's not really banishment because she can come back and get married whenever....

-Playing board games
-Ice cream

-Cruel people

-Having her wings cut off
-Someone discovering this isn't her true form
-Someone close to her dying or getting hurt

Kawatta was born to sing in the first choir, being a cherubim. Unfortunately, she couldn't carry a tune if it had handles, so Kawatta's family soon fell into despair over worrying about their only daughter's future. So, her parents decided to marry Kawatta off to secure a good future for her. Being forced to marry a snobby, rich, angel lord, of course she chose to be banished to earth instead! Because of this, Kawatta's true form was covered with the appearance of her younger self, as angels true forms are not allowed to be seen by humans. However, her true form will occasionally appear when Kawatta's mind or body goes under too much stress. All this was fine with Kawatta, because since when did plants and animal care about your appearance? When she arrived on earth, Kawatta was disgusted with the prospect of living with humans, so now she lives at the Home.

Kawatta's name means 'different eyes'. Hmmm, her parents aren't that creative, are they?

So begins...

Kawatta Metsuki's Story