SB AcademyJason Cross

Charming metal guitarist with a dark secret

a character in “Saint Belle Academy of Music”, as played by Nemmy826

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Name: Jason Cross
Age: 17
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 159 lbs
Sign: Virgo
Instrument: Electric Guitar
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Woman
Crush: Bandity Way

  • Amy Cross - Sister
  • John Cross - Father (Deceased)
  • Lily Cross - Mother (Deceased)

* Look under history for a picture of Jason and Amy *


Jason is an outgoing person who occasionally would break a rule or two to impress a girl. Other than that, he's laid back and usually keeps his emotions to himself or spills them out in the songs he writes. He's usually found in his room, jamming out on his specially designed electric guitar. He's commonly noted as a huge flirt among the ladies, but it always tends to hurt him in the end.


Electric guitar (Please ignore the flames in the background)

Guitar amp


Jason recently moved to the academy as a request by his sister to make some friends and learn a few things. His parents died in a car crash and now he lives with his younger sister. Both Jason and her sister play electric guitar. Recently, Jason has also become a song writer.

Here's a picture of Jason and his sister.

So begins...

Jason Cross's Story