SCP. Site-19 Breach.

SCP. Site-19 Breach.


You are many things. Either a Class-D. Fighting your way through the facility, avoiding contact with Anomalies and SCPs.Roleplay as the MTF Unit Nine-Tailed-Fox, your job will be to assist in containing any escaped SCPS and terminate any rogue CLass-Ds

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This Roleplay is based off the Horror Game SCP-Containment Breach and the forums and pages of

Anyone wishing to role-play as a D-Class please read here first.
You have been taken from death row. Anonymous people asked you if you would like to participate in a Month Course in a testing facility. If you survive the month, you are released free. When you arrived, you found yourself thrown into a small cell which contains a Bed, Table and a toilet. (If you wish to be testing when the breach starts, read on.) The guards will call you by your designation (For Example: D-29631, D-9351 -First tag Taken-) and escort you to a cell. Your main role is too find any possible exit too the Foundation Site - 19. This could mean stealing clothes/Equipment from corpses to cover your identity, otherwise the MTF will shoot you on sight. Tesla Gates can be used as a protection, but this may not work. SCPs are too be avoided. E.G. Scp-106 will run after you. All SCPS are invincible...but can be contained, however the MTFs role is to contain them, so avoid the chambers. The rest is up too you, avoiding SCPs...roaming the facility, in search of an exit. Hell, you could even be the Class-D trapped in SCP-106s chamber, the one used for the femur breaker (Your character may be killed....but you know...that's life)

Anyone wishing to role-play as a Scientist please read here.

Level 0-3 Read.
You will either be working in an office, on a Euclid/Safe SCP or taking a break. This determines your position during a Containment Breach. Your clearance determines your access to different areas. Unless you find an appropriate key card, access to the Gates will be restricted unless you find a MTF Soldier. who will escort you too safety.
Level 4-5 clearance Scientists read.

You will most likely be in your personal office, trying to either examine a recent test, or looking over files. You may be watching over a Keter Class SCP (682 for example) when the breach goes. You will have the ability to leave the facility if you keep your key card with you, the catch is most keter work stations and high level offices are deeper in the facility, making it harder to actually leave.

O-5 Command cannot be anyones roleplay character, but they can be used in roleplay as a background character or extra during recordings or MTF transmissions.

Reminder: All Class-Ds must originate from Death Row, or may be possible civilians picked up from the streets.


You will most likely be on passive. Waiting to be deployed. When the breach has been alerted to the Task Force, it will take you a few hours to get from your location to the site itself. When you do, you will enter through Gate-B. Your Main Objective is to perform the Special Containment Procedures to contain any escaped SCPs. For example, SCP-106, you will need to pass through his main chamber, and reach the control booth, activate the Sound Transmission, activate the femur breaker and finally unlock the ELO-IID magnetics so SCP-106 will enter the chamber. Then lock the ELO-IID magnetics and he will be trapped. Your second priority is too terminate any Class-Ds that roam the corridors. Ignore any briberies given by the Class-Ds and just open fire on sight. If they pass through a Tesla Gate, you need to get command to unlock it.

You can also roleplay as one of the Groups of Interest. Mainly, the Chaos Insurgency will most likely be responsible, so you can roleplay as them.

(Authors Note: This is my first roleplay, it may not be perfect. But please follow the rules. Thanks :D)

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