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Powerful mages and knights trapped in a beautiful, but haunting castle. What will happen between them?

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In the kingdom of Dragonia, where magic is dominant, there lived the four daughters of the King. They were more powerful than any male magic-wielder...and the King himself. The King loved and respected them very much, but the townspeople often looked down on them. They all said that women magic-wielders aren't as powerful as men, and that the King should try to have a male heir. The King refused to listen to them, so they began to insult and ridicule the girls. The girls, fueled by anger, unleashed their power on the townspeople and were about to kill every single one of them...but they were stopped by a sorceress. The sorceress sealed most of the girls' powers and memories into necklaces and put them to sleep in a castle of glass, where they will never age and never harm another person. Before the King died, he made the sorceress his temporary heir. The sorceress's reign brought peace to Dragonia.

That was a century ago.

The sorceress knew it was time to wake up the girls without breaking the seal. She knew that she wasn't powerful enough to do this, but she knew a group of knights who can. They were the Knights of the Gem, and they had the responsibility to wake up each girl with a kiss. Each Knight had a sword with a gem encrusted in it. The gems show which girl each Knight should wake up. The sorceress assigned each Knight a girl, and said that they must wake up their assigned girl, and that girl only. If they were to mess up the order, they'll be stuck in the castle of glass forever.

The Knights were determined to follow the sorceress's orders, but will they end up breaking the promise by following an invisible force that pulls them towards a different girl? Will romance bloom as they try to leave the castle?

Extra Info (Please Read! Very important!)
• Necklaces of Sealed Powers and Memories
These necklaces are made of sea glass and have four, different colors: Rose, Lavender, Ash (gray), and Aqua.

• Personality:
Rose/Ruby: Cheery, flirty, romantic
Lavender/Amethyst: Shy, quiet, mysterious
Ash/Onyx: Cold, distant, dark
Aqua/Sapphire: Generous, kind, thoughtful

• Pairings
Sorceress pairings:
Ruby x Rose
Amethyst x Lavender
Onyx x Ash
Sapphire x Aqua

Actual pairings:
Ruby x Lavender
Amethyst x Rose
Onyx x Aqua
Sapphire x Ash

• Château De Verre De Mer (Castle of Sea Glass)
This castle is where the King's daughters reside. The exterior of the castle is made of jagged, and sharp pieces of glass. The interior is made of smoothed glass. Although the castle's door is open, a magical barrier prevents anything and anyone from entering (besides the Knights). Two grand staircases that face each other lead to a girl's tower.

Tower Rooms 1 (Right staircase):
Lavender Tower: Violetta Aldridge
Aqua Tower: Annette Aldridge

Tower Rooms 2 (Left staircase):
Rose Tower: Rosemary Aldridge
Ash Tower: Aella Aldridge

The King's Daughters
Rose Sea Glass-(Rosemary Aldridge)-Taken by Alise120
Lavender Sea Glass-(Violetta Aldridge)-Taken by FlyingOnigiri
Ash Sea Glass-(Aella Aldridge)-Taken by WindOnFire
Aqua Sea Glass-(Annette Aldridge)-Taken by MioMio

The Knights of the Gem
Ruby Knight-(Character name)-Open
Amethyst Knight-(Character name)-Open
Onyx Knight-(Rowen Verrow)-Taken by Ginko
Sapphire Knight-(Character name)-Open

NPC: The Sorceress

Character Skeleton (Put this in the description part of the character application):
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[center]•~STATUS (ex. Rose or Ruby)~•[/center]
[center]NICKNAME (optional)
(type nickname here)[/center]
(between 17-20)[/center]
(type gender here)[/center]
(Whatever powers you want. :D)[/center]
[center][img](picture or description of necklace or sword)[img][/center]
[center][IMG]anime is preferred. description is fine.[/IMG][/center]

A Message from the GM: I refuse to call them I'll just call them the "Sea Glass Mages". :D


• No god-modding [except for NPCs], spamming, or cybering.
• Keep romance at PG-13.
• Be nice to everyone. No one likes anyone who is mean.
• At lease one paragraph per post! No chatspeak and one-liners.
• Send me reservations via PM please! I probably won't see it if you put it in the OOC thread.
• Readable spelling and grammar please! It'll make understanding the post easier.
• I have the right to change and add rules. Check them periodically.
• Have fun! :D

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