The Forest of EldenElda and Malda Sneeuw

Twins that complete each other in more ways than one.

a character in “Seasons of Change”, as played by Fredalice

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Name: Elda and Malda Sneeuw
Tribe: Winter
Age: Elda-18 (she was born 2 minutes before Malda)
Malda- 18
Gender: Female
Elda- she is 5 feet and 6 inches, she's the one with the light purple eyes, she wears a black fur shirt that goes down to a little above her belly-button and a black skirt of wool that goes down to her ankles and has a knee to floor slit on her right leg
Malda: same height as Elda, she's the one with the orang-ish pink eyes, she wear a black wool shirt, same style as Elda's, and a black fur skirt same style as Elda's, but the slit is on her left leg

Personality:Elda- she is bossy and a leader, she has great common sense, she's not brave and is more brains than brawn. She prefers to be sitting and reading a book. She's curious though, and loves learning new things. She prefers being by herself and is less social than her twin. She isn't necessarily anti-social, but prefers the quiet. She is the planner and uses her wit and mind. She loves to make plans before doing most anything. She looks before she leaps and prefers rules, but is unsure if the old rules are the correct one. She is sensible and can easily tell when there is actual danger and when is the better time to panic. She makes choices with her mind.
Malda- is a bit of a push-over and will do almost anything she's told (most of the time her sister), she's brave and adventurous, the opposite of her sister, the brawn to her brains. She is also curious, but takes it to the level of exploring new, unknown places. She's the funny and more energetic one of the two, the social butterfly. She prefers the lime-light and loves taking leaps of faith, she says that's what makes life interesting. She doesn't mind rules, but prefers living life without them. Though she can be loud and obnoxious, she does know how to be quiet, just prefers when there's noise. She is also very paranoid and usually needs someone with a sound mind nearby. She makes decisions with how she feels and on impulses.

Tribe ranking:Elder's children
Mate: none
Specialty: Elda- planning/scheming
Malda- hunting
Allegiance: both are on the fence

So begins...

Elda and Malda Sneeuw's Story