Cole Adams

"Let's just have a good time, alright?"

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Hi there, I’m Nicolette Adams. Most people call me Cole.
I left my mother’s uterus twenty years ago, on July 16th.
I’m a lady. Blind much?
I’m 5’6” tall, and weigh around one-hundred thirty pounds.
I look like this.
I have sort of a straight build with very little transition between my bust and hips. I'm rather lean with a good bit of muscle on me from my time spent in the gym. My face could be described as an oval shape, with full cheeks and moderately thin lips. My eyes are large and normally lined with a bit of black eyeliner and mascara to make their dull greenish color stand out more.
I've been described as being "pale as a ghost" before— I don't get out in the sun a lot because I don't tan very well. My hair is pure black with a decent amount of texture and sheen to it. Since I started working out so much a couple years ago, I've kept it short and choppy, usually cutting it myself to avoid the costs of a hairdresser.
On my left arm, I have a grayscale tattoo of a koi— a slightly miffed looking one, but still. On my back is a tattoo of feathered wings with a rose set between them, a skull under each of the wings (the right one is facing more outward while the left one is straight forward), and many roses lining the bottom of them. Both of these have at least a little meaning behind them, but that's not really too important.


I’ve been told that I act rather average. Immediately, I don’t really have any big personality points that would stick out to others. I’m simply the nice girl who talks occasionally. To be completely honest, there isn’t a whole lot more to me than that. I try to be kind and not let my temper boil over, and, usually, I manage to do so. I am a feminist— which tends to throw some people off due to stereotyping— and animal rights activist, and I won’t hesitate to defend my beliefs.
I’ve always wanted to become a personal trainer, or do anything to help motivate others.
I’m in love with exercise, smoothies, snakes, horror movies, metal/rock/alternative music and chocolate cake. Staying fit is my main priority, but I tend to splurge on cake a little too often. Oh well—just means I’ll have to work it off more.
But spicy foods, open ocean, needles, alcohol and total silence pretty much suck.
I’m usually pretty chill.
I’m interested in any gender, really. I just like people.
I have this weird little thing where I count colors when I’m bored. I’ll try and figure out how many red, blues, greens or whatever is in immediate sight, or maybe how many cool tones there are as opposed to warm ones. I also prefer to eat cake with a spoon if it’s soft enough. I despise facing the sun when I’m standing—I either have to have my back to it, or someone taller than me has to be blocking it for me.


I’m usually wearing monochrome colors such as blacks, greys and whites, with the occasional splash of color here and there. My wardrobe mostly consists of tight jeans, shorts, tank tops, raglans, ballet flats and sneakers. It also isn't odd to see me in a nice faded greenish safari dress with a few hair pins here and there when I'm in the right mood. On bad hair days, I’ll tug a grey or red beanie over my head with my bangs brushed off to the side or pinned to the edge of the hat. The only jacket I own is a faded black men’s cargo jacket with a lot of pins and buttons attached to it. The two bits of jewelry that I’m always wearing are my septum ring and white 00g plugs.
My favorite possession - and one that I keep with me all the time - is my wallet. It’s sort of hard to tell why it’s so important to me, but I keep pictures of my friends and pets, old movie tickets, and pressed coins that I get on vacation in it. It holds a lot of memories for me.


It’s not super exciting or anything like that, but I might as well tell you. I grew up as the middle child of five, born to two pretty wealthy parents. No, they didn’t neglect to give us all attention or anything—no tragic past for me. I had a pretty good life growing up, I guess. I went to public school and had a few good friends. When I graduated and turned 18, I immediately moved into my own little flat with the money I’d saved up. It gets kinda tiring living in a house with so many people, especially since only one of my older siblings had moved out. Since I was 16 I’ve been working at a local diner and frequenting the gym whenever I'm stressed, a habit I started awhile back whenever I needed to get my mind off of things. It's definitely benefited me a lot. I still haven’t started college because I’m not sure what I want to do with my life— becoming a personal trainer has become a small goal of mine, but that isn't what I'd like to do for a living. I guess there isn't a whole lot of time to decide now, huh?
I found the ad when I I saw it posted on the outer wall of the diner. And I called because I want to have a little fun before it all ends, you know? A lot of my life is work, exercise, and dealing with my family. It’ll be nice to cut loose and have a good time.
Sharks and using any sort of possibly mind-altering substance, like any drugs or alcohol, scares the pants off me. Stop laughing.
I’ve never told anyone, but I can’t stand my weight. My body is fine for now, but my subconscious keeps telling me that I won’t be perfect until the scale is below 110.
My favorite song is Sinister Kid by The Black Keys. It just... hits a chord.

So begins...

Cole Adams's Story

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Cole Adams

The sound of Song for the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age rocked the small car, undoubtedly pushing the speakers close to their limit. It was a wonder they hadn't blown out yet after so many years of abuse. Then again, that wasn't exactly Cole’s problem seeing as how it wasn't her car. Her right temple rested heavily against the cool glass as the black-haired male next to her tapped his hands against the wheel in time with the music, a thick pair of black shades resting a bit too far down on his nose.

“How close are we?” Cole said, gaining no response due to her voice immediately being lost in the music. She rolled her eyes a bit, smiling to herself about how nothing at all had changed since the last time she saw her older brother. He had agreed to let her stay at his flat last night since it was closer to her destination, albeit by only ten minutes, and the two of them chose to get pizza together and catch up. It was some welcome quality time seeing as how she probably wouldn't get the chance to see, well, Chance again before the meteor hit in three weeks. Sitting up straight again, she looked out the window to see the sparkle in the sky that indicated Matilda— she felt a slight shiver go down her spine at the thought of the oncoming tragedy.

Trying to push that from her mind, Cole leaned over towards the driver’s side of the car so she could get a better view of the GPS that was mounted on the dashboard and was surprised to see that they only had a few more turns to make before they arrived. She slumped back in her seat, reaching up a hand to run through her hair—she normally didn't spend a lot of time on it, anyways, so it always had that slightly messy, fresh-out-of-bed look. The car jerked to a stop and the music stopped abruptly.

“I’m not helpin’ ya with your bags.” Chance said simply, one hand resting on the wheel while the other was on the gear shift. Cole rolled her eyes once again, grabbing her grey drawstring bag from the floorboard and tugged it over her shoulder, opening her door and stepping out. She took a moment to look over the hood of the car to see an RV and a few people gathered at the doorway of what she assumed to be Noella’s home. She then pulled open the back door and took her overstuffed red and white duffel bag out, resting the strap on her other shoulder. “Have a good time and all that jazz. Gimme a call sometime.”

“Don’t worry, I will.” With that, a small wave and a nod of the head, the music in the silver car started up again and it sped off, leaving Cole fully facing the apartment. She adjusted her bag on her shoulder and walked up to the few people just after another male, who only appeared to be a few years older than her. “Evening.” Cole said with a half-smile, looking over the features of her new travelling companions.

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#, as written by Geekly
Nathanaël Baron

It was rather cold and calm outside the hospital walls, befitting the season, but not so much the occasion of an apocalypse. Nathanaël was walking to his nearby car, only stopping by at the hospital he'd been very recently employed to pick up a few things and leave. He sincerely felt horrible, leaving the hospital and patients who had been abandoned by their families, unlike his more noble co-workers. It was just that he didn't have time. No one quite had time at his point. With just how quickly time seems to pass by, you never really realize it's passing until it's too late. Nathan only realized this when the official apocalypse was announced. Nathan had no friends other than those he met in college or work, and no life, even worse, he never did anything worthwhile with his life. But now was the time to change, in fact it was the only time he had left.

Nathan had already packed most his possessions, well, most that would be useful to him. He didn't have to go back home to get his things, just go straight to the girl's apartment. He'd already memorized the route he was going to be taking the night before. Not obsessively, Nathan never had the attention span to be obsessive, rather, quick and easy memorization, just another bonus of geniusness. He kept his eyes on the road, it was never good when he got caught in random thoughts while driving. An accident wasn't what he needed at the moment. But whether he liked it or not, the thoughts streamed through his head. Eventually he came o pondering back just a little while ago, when he explained why he was leaving to his co-workers. Nathanaël had said he found the ad and was going, but he told them it was merely because he was concerned over a bunch of reckless young people coming together at the end of the world. It was probably a bad lie, now that he looked back on it, but he was never really great at lying. Really he was going to make friends, to be normal for once before he died, he just couldn't quite think of a way to phrase that without sounding like a loser. Then again, he sounded like a loser either way, going to make sure people didn't kill themselves before they died rather than seeking out his family to spend his last moments with them. He didn't know why but he didn't want people knowing he had no friends or social life. then again his personality probably screamed that out to everyone.

Really he didn't know why he didn't go to his family, he felt like his mother had changed after she got married to Nathan's new step dad and had his baby sister. But the change was for the better, she was happier, so Nathan didn't protest, but he always felt so jealous. Not even towards his mom, but more or less the situation. Why couldn't it have happened earlier? Why couldn't he have grown up with at least a father figure? Nathan didn't know why he asked questions like that, they only made him upset and he already knew the answer anyways. His mother was just to upset with everything that happened, Nathan was the one who had to get over it and grow up. He didn't have time to grieve anything, not that it matters, he keeps anything too personal or emotional locked up nice and neat.

By the time Nathan had focused back on the road, he was already turning into the apartment complex. Nathan pushed his glasses up his nose, looking out his windshield to check the address was in fact correct, almost bumping into another car as his car crept forward. As he parked he stepped out, running his fingers through his hair to keep it out of his eyes, he noticed the RV, confirming this was the place. It wasn't until he straightened his heavy winter coat that he realized that his clothing might have been inappropriately formal. He wore a suit, including: a white dress shirt; black jacket, vest, and trousers; and a blue tie, and dress shoes. He usually just dressed like this for work it must have just slipped his mind he didn't have to go to work anymore. Nathan sighed, he couldn't exactly change right now, he just went to grab his things from his trunk. He took out a black duffel bag and a black first aid kit with a 'Emergency' printed in white bold letters and a red cross typical of hospitals, the kit basically carried everything he needed as a doctor, so it was a bit larger than most normal kits. Nathan walked towards the apartment, finding people already going inside. Not just people, his new traveling companions for the next month. He followed suit, entering the apartment, "Good Evening." he greeted the others courteously, smiling. He stood up straight as he was accustomed too, standing at his full 6'6", setting his bag and first aid kit by his feet. His eyes wandered the apartment, not really observing, just looking for a place to stare, a little unsure about actually conversing with these people. Nothing was wrong with the people of course, Nathan just didn't want to embarrass himself before he even learned their names.

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Upon reaching the apartment door and hearing the shout from within, people began to show up left and right to join Kael and the other man outside. He was a little distracted by the blonde woman who strode up and joined them to immediately head through the door as two others suddenly appeared. Another woman and a more than courteous guy that held open the door for the rest of them to enter first. The man looked like he had gone a few rounds before arriving. But judging from his smile, he may have won.

"Thanks dude," Kael said as he stepped passed the man and into the apartment. Walking around as best he could, Kael looked over to study his new traveling companions. The guy who had been there when he arrived looked a little on the skinny side and possibly a bit skittish as well. Either that or cold. He couldn't exactly tell at the moment. The blonde he had seen a minute ago was definitely on the opposite side of the spectrum as the guy. Aside from the fact of being a very pleasant distraction, she looked as if she was ready to take on the world. Or the end of it.... The final woman that had walked up looked to be more on the same level as the first man than the blonde girl. She wore a sort of half smile and was studying the rest of them as well.

Looking around at the stuff all around the apartment, Kael gestured with his hand and looked over at the others. "Did we miss the apocalypse? Looks like the meteor hit here already..." Just as another man entered the apartment, Kael raised his voice a bit to be heard over the music. "Noe! I hope you aren't under one of these piles, I didn't bring a shovel!"

Turning back to the man who had entered while he waited for their host, Kael thought the zombie apocalypse had started as well when he spotted the half dead looking man plopped on the floor. In his head, Kael imagined the first skinny man injected with almost every known drug and then sleep deprived for a week. That may get you half as wrecked as this guy looks... A spot of red caught his eye off to the side of the guy and Kael sighted the medical kit sitting at another man's feet. He hadn't heard the other man come up, but it wasn't surprising with the music.

"Um Doc," Kael addressed the man with the medical kit, "I think you've got your first patient of the trip...."

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#, as written by Geekly
Nathanaël Baron

Nathan just looked off into space, letting random thoughts consume him, that is until someone made a comment on the state of the room. He remembered that he was in fact not alone, but really in a room full or people. He snapped out of his thoughts, noticing the messy room before him. He took time to look over the people that where here, he really should at least get to know them right? He should, but for now he'd just watch over everyone, it seemed like the easiest thing to do. Really he'd been trying to build up courage to talk to any one of them, but it really was no use. Nathan wasn't good at talking to people unless he was strictly business. He looked over the people that had come before him, most of them seemed like they could handle their own, maybe they wouldn't need his medical assistance after all...

He scratched that thought from his head as the same person who made a comment on the room, addressed Nathan. He was about to ask how the man knew that he was a doctor, then looked down to his huge first aid kit, silently thanking the lord he didn't ask such a stupid question out loud. The doctor moved towards the person leaning against the wall, squatting so he could slightly be on the same level. He brought his kit to his side, opening it to reveal everything tucked away nice and neat into their own storage compartments. This Nathan could do, just pretend that the man was another patient. "Hello sir, I'm Doctor Nathanaël Baron, I'm only going to help you. Would you mind telling me your name and what you recall happening to you last. Have you hit your head at all?" Nathan asked smoothly, as he took out a few wet napkins, offering them to the man to clean himself up a bit. He suspected that the man was under the influence of drugs in the past 24 hours but would pass off his curiosity as questioning for concussion. It was absolutely true, Nathan could never act this calm and confident unless he believed someone to be in danger. He pushed his glasses up again as he waited for the man's response. It was possible all he needed was some cold water to the face or a good night's sleep. Nathan already had his stethescope out and around his neck, waiting for the man's answer before continuing his diagnosis.