Seven Plus Seven Equals Fourteen

Seven Plus Seven Equals Fourteen


The Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues are expected to get along.

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Sloth-RESERVED for IEatChildren

Chastity- RESERVED for stealthpanther
Kindness- RESERVED for stealthpanther

What kind of sick joke is this? Which idiot decided this was a good idea? Oh, so no one knows? And you just expect them to agree to this? I don't think so! What do mean they've all already agreed? And they're all almost to the mansion? Well then...that's quite surprising. How'd you manage that? What do you mean that's not important? Woah, woah, woah! You want me to what? Why would I- Now that's a different story! Alright, I'm on it.

Hello there! The names Michael... but I guess you can call me Mike.
...Anyways, I was told to introduce myself. Done! Ummm, next I have to...uhhh...sorry, they gave me this list with such horrid handwriting. Looks like they gave a pen to a baby, so bare with me. Hmm, so apparently I have to tell you guys more about what's happening with this whole situation thing. It seems as though the Seven Deadly Sins, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride, are joining up with the Seven Heavenly Virtues, Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility to live in some mansion on Earth. I wish upon the mundane world lots of luck...poor fella's. They're coming together to bring more order within the fourteen of you which of lately has been a total mess and has been causing total chaos among the humans. Ha! Like putting them together under the same roof isn't going to cause even more chaos over there. Once they enter the mansion they are bound to it till they make peace. The west wing of the large building strictly belongs to the Seven Deadly Sins, and the east wing strictly belongs to the Seven Heavenly Virtues. The north and south wing, as well as the room connecting all the wings is no mans land, I mean the space of which they all share. Everyone is required to meet in the middle room three times a week for a big group discussion and in their own wings, smaller discussions are to be had on the mornings of each day.
Everyone has their own reason for being there. Remember that very reason when you think of breaking free.

Your Sin or Virtue: (Lust, Greed, Chastity, Diligence, etc)
Name: (Full name)
Appearance: (Description and, if you want, a pic, but only anime)

Just a basic skelly. You can add more parts if you feel the need to.

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Re: Seven Plus Seven Equals Fourteen

Psicodelic wrote:I think the owner has disappeared from this thread.
Sadly, I just noticed T_T... Thanks for that though.

Re: Seven Plus Seven Equals Fourteen

I think the owner has disappeared from this thread.

Re: Seven Plus Seven Equals Fourteen

Hiya o3o. I'll just reserve Gluttony.

Re: Seven Plus Seven Equals Fourteen

I'll take Lust! Reserve them for me uvu <3

Re: Seven Plus Seven Equals Fourteen

And also Kindness? One will be a guy, the other will b a girl, to keep it even.

Re: Seven Plus Seven Equals Fourteen

This sounds awesome! May I reserve Chastity?

Re: Seven Plus Seven Equals Fourteen

Ooh, I'd like to join this! Multiple characters, maybe? c:

Do you have a character skeleton?

Seven Plus Seven Equals Fourteen

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