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One boy stands between Chaos and the end of the world.

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A secret underworld resides alongside us, a world that has long been decided to be kept a secret. If humans knew about it, about the possibilities it presents, then all would collapse. It is best if the things that really run this world remain hidden.

The world is based on energies, every living thing needs them to survive. Humans and other animals are the only creatures that have their energies at just the right balance, too much or too little energy can change a person dramatically. Half lights have slightly too little energy, making them greedy, mean, wilful and deceitful. Strange inhuman powers fill the gap left by the lack of energies giving some Half-lights the ability to charm. Weavers have slightly too much energy, making them strong, fast, and intelligent, every reflex and sense is higher than that of humans but because they have too much energy they need ways to get rid of it. A weaver who does not expend excess energies will be unable to control them becoming angry, impulsive, irritable and even sadistic.

Shadows come from the world of darkness, they have no energies of their own so feed on the energies of living things to make themselves strong, the more they feed the stronger they become. The creatures they kill do not move onto the land of light but go to the world of shadows, the theory is that these unfortunate humans then become shadows themselves.

Shadows have three forms; their human one, which they can choose, their shadow one and their natural one, which can not be chosen. Their natural one is built up over time depending on the energies they take, for it can be that of animals, and their shadow one is basically just a shadow that can contort and move through the smallest space. In human form they can change parts of their body into shadowed ones, by growing spikes or claws etc.

They come in varying types, Minor Shadows being those that aren’t high profile as they have no real want to become stronger, they are just happy as they are and can often be neutral although they will run in the wrong groups often doing the dirty work for normal or top priority shadows or powerful half-lights. Top Priority shadows are rare they are the only ones who can damn people and are very hard to kill, the ones in the middle just referred to as shadows are the most common and vary in strength but are usually never neutral, they often try to become TP.

Shadow Weavers.
It is believed that they were created from light to defend mankind from the shadows. They use their superior energies to fight. With diamond edged weapons they fight against the evil beings. Weavers are an ancient race, for as long as there have been shadows there have been those who fight them. They work within a huge organisation, every weaver has a purpose. Children are brought up fighting, usually overseen by their parents until they are sixteen when they are moved into a team, overseen by a different adult. When they are twenty one they are then allowed to work on their own, usually in partner, with other adults. Their world is a strict regime of rules, designed to keep them a secret. Their weapons are usually glamoured by half-lights. The Order of the Ancients oversees all of this, they are very old, they make and enforce the rules with strict consequences for those who break them.

Half lights.
Half lights are the offspring of shadows and humans that have evolved and changed over time. There are perhaps a million in the world today and are on neither side. They come in many different shapes and sizes. The Order of Ancients use very small Half lights to keep an eye on what weavers are doing, weavers sometimes use Half lights to find out information on a shadow they are tracking, and shadows will pay half lights to do their dirty work for them. Some half lights are more inclined than others to do wrong and most can not be seen by humans as they have some powers allowing them to charm themselves. Many fairy tales come from human sightings of half lights. (For instance big foot, Nessie and the abominable snow man are all very real.)
Charms: Some half lights can erase memories, others are clairvoyant, some know every detail of a person by touching them, all can use glamour. For each the charm is slightly different but all charms relate in some way to twisting the mind.

These are weavers who have been cursed by a strong shadow, the curse is implanted through a bite where shadows pass a piece of themselves into the weaver. Most Cursed are given to the Order of the Ancients to be supervised or experimented upon to try and find a cure. Many die when experimented on. When they become damned they are killed by fellow weavers. The damned are mindless monsters who can be controlled by their shadow masters and are very powerful if used correctly. The cursed often seek out the shadow masters as dreams and strong urges make them do so, or out of hope that their master can cure them.

A top priority shadow, Chaos, has been planning to take over the world and expose shadow and weaver kind for centuries. In the build up to his debut he has been feeding on weaver blood, packed with energies it has made him more powerful than ever thought possible. Yet he knows his own strengths and is very much aware that he is not yet powerful enough to put the final stage of his plan into action. He estimates he needs two more weavers, or just one who hasn’t expended any of his energies. More specifically, one weaver who has been brought up as a human. Such a thing is usually rare but by using a rather powerful half-light he has found one and using his followers he is going to attempt to consume the ignorant boy.

A weaver team, two young (below 21) and one older weaver (over 21), has discovered Chaos and his plan, they know where he’s going but not who he is after. They have to locate the boy before Chaos and protect him when they do. If Chaos gets hold of the boy then it may just be the end of the world. The plot kicks in the day that the boy is attacked by shadows, sent by Chaos to test if he can protect himself.

-I am going to leave the boy's position open, I want him at least 17, he'll be an unstable character due to his energies, if you want his spot you'll have to prove literate , I may even check your history on this site to make sure you are a frequent poster as he is a main role here.
-I'm also leaving Chaos free, again the same things apply to him as they do to the boy. However this position does not have to be filled, I can take him on if no one else does.
-I will not be extending these slots, once they are full that is it.

Weavers searching for the boy:
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The boy:

Humans who know him:


Shadows working under Chaos:


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