Shadowrun: Rise of APEX

Shadowrun: Rise of APEX

The year is 2087. The corporations have taken over the Free City of Berlin, but Anarchist rebellion has reared its head, and another, yet unknown threat lurks in the Matrix, waiting for the ideal time to strike...

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1990: The Federal Republic of Germany established. Berlin is declared its capital.

2011: The Awakening - the reemergence of magic into the world, and shortly after the Unexplained Genetic Expression occured, where generations of new races were born, appearing as the first metahumans - Elves and Dwarves. Heavy prejudice against metahumans is immediately evident, and the world is thrown into chaos, both by this and the creation of new Awakened mages.

2021: Goblinization - The first humans transform into Orks and Trolls: larger, more physically powerful metahumans. It is reported that humans began changing en masse before horrified spectators, causing panic and even greater prejudice against metahumans. Anti-metahuman riots escalate, and well-funded anti-metahuman movements emerge, including the most prominent, the Humanis Policlub, radicals dedicated to exterminating metahumanity.

2039: The Night of Rage - The single greatest anti-metahuman riot of all time. Spurred on by the 14th amendment to the UCAS (United Canadian and American States) Constitution and others like it around the world, which gave citizenry rights to metahumans. Thousands of metahumans were killed all around the world, although it also gave way to metahuman sympathisers and gradual introduction of civil rights to metahumans. It also gave way to new leadership over Berlin, in the form of the Anarchist Movement of Berlin, who declared it the "greatest experiment in anarchist history". The stable anarchy that resulted soon came to be known as the Flux State. Berlin was then known as a safe haven to Shadowrunners (contracted teams or singular experts who carry out precision strikes, corporate espionage, and any other job that pays good Nuyen), gangers, peddlers, and anyone else who could brave the chaotic order.

2055: Joint corporate forces, acting on orders of the German government and headed by the Golden Dragon CEO of Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries Company, Lofwyr, invade Berlin, and after weeks of fighting, force the surviving anarchists into the Eastern part of the city, which is then walled off.

2060: The anarchists and corporations sign a truce, and fighting ceases. East Berlin remains under control of the Flux State and the much larger West Berlin remains under control of the Corporations.

2070: Deckers all over the world begin to disappear, beginning with the affluent Clockwork, who was poorly impersonated on the Shadowland BBS, which crashed temporarily shortly afterward. Those who look into the disappearances begin to disappear themselves. Deckers all over the world speculate a new, extremely dangerous Black IC (Matrix security program that has the ability to damage and even kill the physical body of a Decker's Matrix avatar, rather than only the avatar itself). No answers have yet arisen, however, and it remains an ongoing mystery.

2087: Fighting begins again between the Anarchists and Corporations. Word gets out on the Shadowland BBS almost immediately, and sympathetic Shadowrunners flock to the cause, either for their own moral goals or for the massive amount of Nuyen that stands to be made in the fighting.

You are a resident of Berlin, caught up in things far beyond your control. The fighting is fierce, and bodies line the streets between the East and West sections of your once glorious city. The corporations and the anarchists are locked in a stalemate, and many lives are lost each day. Nobody will be able to stay out of the conflict for long, as even the corporate CEOs prepare to send personal deathsquads into East Berlin, and the anarchists raise a massive army of minutemen and sympathetic Shadowrunners to carry out strikes on the corporations. There is no clear end to this fighting, and nobody holds the moral high-ground. Only time will tell who will succeed.

Meanwhile, the amount of Deckers mysteriously disappearing from the Matrix increases, and rumours of a Matrix predator roaming cyberspace are becoming more common, although they are still largely dismissed as mad ravings and hearsay. Whatever is happening, it's clear that the Matrix is no longer as safe as it once was, and soon something will need to be done about it.

NOTICE: these are not set in stone, and may be altered. My first character, for instance, will be both a decent Decker and an excellent rigger, although her personal combat skills are lacking.

Street Samurai: Warriors who often augment their bodies with Cyberware (hardware modifications to one's body that are used to increase mental and physical ability, give an extra layer of protection, or even auto-inject certain stims) and Bioware (less invasive biological modifications - ranges from pheremone production to muscle stimulation to extra neurons for quick thinking) and focus on the physical aspects of combat

Physical Adepts: Awakened individuals who use their magical ability to increase their physical prowess in combat. Sometimes referred to as Chi-casters. Very rarely possess Cyberware or Bioware to any noticable extent, due to its interference with magical pursuits.

Deckers: Experts at manipulating computer networks. Distinguished from hackers by their possession of a datajack, which allows them to interface directly with a cyberdeck to access the 3D virtual reality of the Matrix. Good Deckers are very well sought-after in the Shadows, and even have a place in the corporate world, designing software and security systems.

Riggers: The Decker's hardware-savy cousin, the Rigger uses their datajack to interface directly with drones and vehicles, or other hardware-based mechanical constructs. The typical rigger does battle by hiding somewhere hard to find and sending their drones out to do the heavy lifting.

Shamans: Awakened practitioners of magic. More attuned with nature and practice Shamanic Magic, the art of summoning spirits, learning from totems, and being a charismatic tradition.

Mages: A rather generalised term for those Awakened who fight using spellcasting, anything from streams of acid to explosive fireballs to deadly bolts of lightning, or even those more subtle arts, like slowing an enemy in their tracks or revitalising allies. Also sometimes used as an art form or utility, rather than in combat. Blood Mages are largely hated, and for good reason, based upon the practices of bloodletting, sacrifices, and powering magic through lifeforce. Blood mages must have a deeper understanding of the universe than the other classes, as they are very challenging to pull off well.

Faces: Truly a titular title, Faces are simply those who utilise their unique abilities to negotiate rather than fight. Anything from pheremone boosters to well-tailored Shamanistic magic to a simple aura of charisma can make a Face. They are well sought-after by corporations and Shadowrunners alike, often acting as the bridge between a Shadowrunner team and its client.

Humans: Pre-awakening dominant race of the world. They have no outstanding racial inclinations, but are very adaptable and possess the most variance.

Elves: Tall, lithe, and elegant, Elven kind is very much suited to intellectual pursuits, although generally a bit less physically able than some of the other races. They make up some of the best Deckers and Riggers, and are well-suited to Shamanism, possessing a natural charisma.

Dwarves: Short, stout, and strong-willed, Dwarves are a powerful race, both physically and mentally. They make wonderful adepts, and surprisingly excellent spellcasters, although the average dwarf is not especially charismatic.

Orks: The more prominent of the two rarer Goblinized metahuman races, Orks are about the same height as an average human, with twice the muscle. While they are not necessarily unintelligent, Orks generally prefer to tackle their problems head-on. They make wonderful Street Samurai, but there aren't many Ork Deckers or Shamans out there.

Trolls: Trolls are the most massive of any of the other races, standing at least two heads taller than the average human. Although Trolls are thought to be less intelligent by the general population, there is no evidence of this. Trolls are often practical and pragmatic, quick decision makers and well-suited to military leadership. They excel at using heavy weaponry.

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The rules are simple: Be respectful OOC, don't use OOC information to your IC advantage, and don't get mad at someone OOC for doing something IC. Otherwise, have fun! Character creation is perpetually open, there's no set limit on characters and no silly templates you have to follow. Oh, and one more thing. You are not a god. You are not invincible. Bullets will kill you. Remember that.

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Aphelion would have grimaced, had she not wanted to keep a resolute mask. A promise of answers rang more as a run around, and she was starting to wonder if this was a good idea after all. A tiny voice at the back of her head whispered in an annoyingly condescending tone that the elf was playing it smart. It was, admittedly, best not discuss the details of a run out in public. Such things were best left for secure channels or face-to-face meetings. The usual drek one went through to land a job, if they were looking in the right places. She glanced around, feigning absentmindedness, and silently acknowledged that this venue probably was not the most secure dive in Berlin. Then again, what did she know? She had not been in the Flux State for that long. Downing the last of her coffee, Aphelion's back straightened as she laid her palms flat on the bar top. Her skin was beginning to itch. Maybe it was about time they got going.

From his seat, Tam observed the others in silence as they each chimed in. Even the dwarf had returned to the bar, apparently with renewed interest in the proceedings. He elected to keep his mouth shut for now, and tried to get a feel for these runners. The cloaked, dark-haired human who had come in with the waifish elf seemed to have his wits about him, as well as an obfuscated curiosity beneath his dour countenance. By contrast, the other human sat at the bar looked torn between the matter at hand and his own affairs. At least he appeared a businesslike sort. Perhaps he could be counted on. Time- or turmoil- would tell. As he oh-so nonchalantly turned for a better glimpse of the others, their new employer declared it was time to relocate. He shot a look at Aphelion, one she saw coming, and slipped smoothly off of his seat. "I won't be one to lie, you've gotten my curiosity piqued," he informed with a painted on grin. His partner moved to follow, smoothing out her coat. He knew it was just a show, and that she was really feeling her tucked away sword for reassurance. Like a child reaching for their favorite stuffed animal.

That was when Eris stopped, and Tam's gut twisted as apprehension's hand gripped him like a demon from the aether. Their impromptu boss grimly stated, "We really need to leave now," and the cafe exploded. Light poured in through the new entryway as a hulking silhouetted figure lumbered over the broken boards. If that image alone was not striking enough, his weapon sure as hell hammered the situation home. Tam's hands had been reflexively going to his pistols, but they immediately fell right back to his sides as he whirled around, scanning for cover. The only thing that looked half descent was the bar, which he vaulted over with Aphelion right on his heels. A few of the others took a similar route. Tam's ears caught the tell-tale sound of the gun whirring up, the mechanism spinning the monstrosity to life a painful second before it roared a hail of lead across the cafe's interior.

Aphelion, sat beside Tam with her back pressed hard against the bar, glanced at him with barely concealed rage brimming up in the deeps of her eyes. "This is your fault," she blandly informed over the tumult of large caliber rounds.

An indignant scoff clawed up Tam's throat, the only response he bothered to give. His mind was reeling, a thousand contingencies all muddled together in a brutal fist fight for supremacy. His heard was thundering in his ears, every pulse ramming home in his chest and pumping his veins full of epinephrine. This was hardly the kind of drek you got hit with on your average run. Drugged up gang bangers and the occasional opposing runner usually did not merit much of a risk. The quick glance he had gotten of their new found chums practically screamed corporate, and not average security goons, either. Big money, glossy equipment, and probably the tempering training you would expect from SpecOps units. That left them with very few feasible options, most of which involved getting the ever loving fuck out of that kill zone!

Movement in his peripheral was followed by a flash of light and the stench of burning ozone. The blonde elf had fired off a spell, a look of wrath etched across her features. Tam shuffled across the floor, and risked a peek around the edge of the bar. Everything was obscured by smoke, and he was quick to duck back behind cover. If they were equipped with infrared then such a ploy would do little good. He prayed not all of them were properly outfitted, but what were the odds that would be the case? He reached behind his back, fingers sliding into the grooves of his ergonomically designed pistol grips and tightening in a vice grip. Their usefulness was debatable at best, but they were better than nothing.

"Any plans?" Aphelion queried, her eyes settled straight ahead at the ruined shelves lining the cafe's rearmost wall. She felt entirely superfluous. Aside from her pistol, which now rested loosely in her hand, she had nothing. This was the sort of scenario she loathed. Tight quarters with all the gunfire aimed downstream at their heads. She needed cover, space to maneuver in, if she wanted to really flex her worth in a fight.

"Yeah," Tam huffed, risking another look, "'Don't get ventilated' would be number one." There came another blast of conjured electricity, this time from the dwarf. He was beginning to curse ignoring any latent talent he might have carried.

"Inspired." Aphelion lazily rolled her eyes. "Anything else?"

"Not really," he belatedly admitted. "That body armor looked properly thick, add on the sheer wall of munitions bearing down on us and we've got a 'you're fucked' cocktail."

"We wait for a pause and run?" Aphelion spared a look at the others. The blonde elf dashed out from cover, a move she considered fairly suicidal. She appeared to forget about it instantly, not that it had seemed to bother her much in the first place.

"That would be the one where we live, yes," Tam nodded. On second thought, he holstered one of his guns and fished out a frag grenade. He worked his mouth thoughtfully, pondering if it would even remotely assist, or just make things even worse. Another quick look revealed the smoke grenade's effects were fading fast.

Eris was suddenly on the both of them, hauling them up as she made a mad rush for the rear exit. Tam bit back his pride- silently wondering what Aphelion's thoughts on the matter were- and followed once he was on his feet. He clamped down on the grenade's pin with his teeth as he rose up, and chucked the live explosive in the general direction of the corporate assholes as a final farewell just before passing through the doorway.

The cold night air was disconcerting, and oddly comforting in a way. It felt like stepping into an entirely separate universe, but he kept after Eris with the others presumably on their heels. Aphelion tore past him, her arms slicing through the air like blades as she sprinted away. Their path made use of a U-Bahn track, and it seemed like they had made it home free. Or, he hoped as much. They eventually arrived at the entrance to what he assumed was the safehouse Eris had mentioned just before the night went to hell. However, apparently the sudden chaos had taken quite a toll on one of their compatriots. The cloaked man rounded on Eris with a fury. Just as Tam was suspecting that perhaps he was not quite as collected as a runner should have been, the man seemed to calm down considerably. The dwarf was having none of it, immediately turning on the man with accusations of her own.. although choosing to focus mainly on his poor choice of timing.

Touché, Tam shrugged internally.

Meanwhile, the blonde elf made her own attempt at settling the contretemps herself. Aphelion, lingering nearby, looked back over her shoulder, watching for any signs of trailing danger. As Tam suspected, the girl wanted little to do with the others' misgivings. Even if she had some of her own.

"Can't we all just wait to kill each other 'til we're safely tucked away, meine freunde?" Tam kept his tone even, and tried not to step on anyone's toes in particular. His philosophy dictated it was best if he potentially pissed off everybody in general. Divisions were never healthy, but he supposed they were to be expected this early, and after nearly getting geeked out of the blue. "I'm sure our fashionably dressed mates back there wouldn't have any qualms of beating us to it, should they catch us out in the cold." He tapped the barrel of his drawn weapon against his leg, a very minor tell displaying a niggling sense of impatience.

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Berlin by TheRose202

The city of Berlin is a divided state, with the smaller East being controlled by the anarchic Flux State and the West divvied up between the megacorporations.

Golden Tower

Golden Tower by TheRose202

Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries Company's seat of power in their large portion of West Berlin, Golden Tower can be seen across the entirety of the massive city, stretching far above everything around it. It serves as an icon of corporate power in Berlin.

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Berlin by TheRose202

The city of Berlin is a divided state, with the smaller East being controlled by the anarchic Flux State and the West divvied up between the megacorporations.

Golden Tower

Golden Tower by TheRose202

Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries Company's seat of power in their large portion of West Berlin, Golden Tower can be seen across the entirety of the massive city, stretching far above everything around it. It serves as an icon of corporate power in Berlin.


The city of Berlin is a divided state, with the smaller East being controlled by the anarchic Flux State and the West divvied up between the megacorporations.

Golden Tower

Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries Company's seat of power in their large portion of West Berlin, Golden Tower can be seen across the entirety of the massive city, stretching far above everything around it. It serves as an icon of corporate power in Berlin.

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