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Shadows in the Mist

Shadows in the Mist

In this world of fantasy that has developed into modern times, the city of Mistviel once again has its academy doors open for a new generation...but among the magic and technology, shadows lurk in the mist...and they cannot be ignored.

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Welcome to Mistviel...


Mistviel City is a large city on the Orako Continent. The region is known for having various and occasionally random periods of strong mist, which was why it was named Mistviel. Long ago, an academy was built in this area to help teach students how to fight monsters, master magical abilities, and other various classes that were deemed important in that age.

Legendary heroes, such as Crimson Reaper, the Valient Knight, and the First Hero are said to have come from this academy. Legends have been born here. It is a palce that was known for being both safe and dangerous, that there would be real training but also excelent care. Children would get their own rooms in Mistviel Academy even, well they would have a roommate.

The original design was simple. A grand, center building with a great hall and a large scale dining hall to fit students of all shapes, sizes and races. No one would be rejected based on bloodline or rumor. There would also be the dorms, split between the Teacher's Dorms, which also sometimes housed students of special circumstance, like a brother and sister twins that wanted to stay together, and then there was the boys dorm and the girls dorm. There would be public bathing chambers. At that time it was due to the fact they did not really develop plumbing technology, but now it was considered tradition, that students bathing with each other naked would help build bonds between them and strengthen friendships and collaboration.

There was also other places, and various buildings. Some were used by clubs, some were rented by students, others contained various classrooms and classes, and a few contained just odd things and such. At Mistviel Academy, you would never quite know what you could find if you walked down the wrong corner...

And today, the Academy has been modernized. Of course, as mentioned, many traditions remain. Students will always be assigned a roommate if possible, there are the various public baths, clubs, libraries. People eat their meals together, learn together, play together, and have adventurers together. And certainly, whether in the Academy itself, the surrounding city, or the regions around the city, plenty of adventures have been had and infinite more will come. In an age of both monsters and technology, nothing is truly impossible anymore.

However, there is a darkness growing as of that threatens to overwhelm the city, the academy, and who knows what else. Strange corpses have been found lately, a few students have mysteriously disappeared despite the measures taken by Mistviel Academy, and there is a strange atmosphere around. Rumors of monsters, of shadows, hiding in the mist that often wraps itself in the city are high, but...surely they are only just myths, tales being made up...


Author's Note:

This RP will be taking place in the whole city and surrounding area, but will have a good center around the school. However, this is more of an RP that is centered on a school setting then a School RP. Although there will be various school related scenes with classes and such I am sure, this will also have a plot to follow and we wont send a huge amount of time doing School RP like scenes. If you understand that, remember to put in RP4ME into your profile somewhere if you just happened to wander in and read this.

Magic and Technology:

In this world, the greatness and amazingness of magic as well as the science and wonders of technology have both been discovered. There are things such as smartphones, laptops, computers, TVs, and such, but there are also staffs, Arcane Workshops, summons, and mana. This is a world where both exist. Where someone can learn about both if they want, or maybe just focus on one or the other. But here, there are countless possibilities that can come into play.

People who can control golems through a smartphone app.

Magic spells stored and saved in apps themselves.

Computers enchanted to stay cool in hot weathers.

Cars that have magic shields to protect against damage.

Guns enchanted to make the bullets produce magical effects.

There are really only a few main things to remember about magic though. First off, to cast any sort of magic, one has to gather, focus, and manipulate their mana and use it to power the spell. Additionally, to focus the spell, one has to choose at least one if not multiple ways to invoke the spell, from chanting various words, to reciting a spell name, to making a specific movement with your body, to using a magic casting medium like a wand or staff, or so on. And then finally, you can produce the effect.

Of course, technology has also developed in a facinating way here. It is essentially what one could expect from modern technology, only with various magical possibilities and options that one can choose from. Additionally, due to the occasional interference from mana and each other, signals are best and sometimes only able to be sent and recieved if one gets within local network range, and may be unable to access something from a computer halfway across the city. And with magic, there are of course various new ways of hacking as well.

But of course, both of these areas are diverse, and there is plenty more to explore!

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Character Portrait: Abigail Morningtide The daughter of Geneal Morningtode, and a girl who wants to prove herself.
Character Portrait: Alison Price The young daughter of two parents, has made herself well known creating Dolls and Puppets for kids and even adults of high quality. Not much else is known of her Origins.
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Luke's rage was getting the better of him, whether he wanted it to or not. He tried to listen to Abigail's defense, but "pranks happen" was hardly something that would excuse her for what she did.

"That's it? That's your defense? Pranks happen?! Well guess what else happens; CONSEQUENCES!" He yelled at her, not even using his sonic powers, just getting his point across.

"Oh, and it's cute how you think that warming up your cybernetics is going to do you any good. My ice doesn't melt until I say so." He sneered at her. While this wouldn't be the case for most sirens, Luke had an advantage that wouldn't be seen by anyone, as it was underneath the uniform he was wearing. His amulet that he never took off gave amplified his ice powers to the point that he was able to create ice that was impervious to temperature changes.

He let out a shriek pointed right at her cybernetic arm. While she may have been able to cancel out the noise in her ears, the metal components in her cybernetics would still start to vibrate in a way that must be painful to the human flesh they were connected to. He was hoping to find the harmonic resonance frequency to make the metal shatter, but vibrating it to the point that it began to heat up was also a plus.

He held the sword in a defensive pose after the sonic blast expecting her to come at him with her own attack.


It was becoming clear that the fight between the twins was a futile effort. In spite of this, they continued to give it their all, but they were becoming exhausted. Yuma switched his shifter to a different weapon several times but for each weapon he picked, his brother picked a new one to counter it with. At one point it seemed impossible to count the number of counter attacks that they had in a row on each other. At one point Yuma even tried using his repulsion field to tunnel under the floor and attack Yuna from underneath, but Yuna used his attraction field to bury Yuma again and avoided the attack. The coach sighed as he watched the two of then, glad that the damage didn't happen to the real gym. It was becoming clear to him now why the two of them worked as a team in most of the time.


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Abigail could feel the anger coming from Luke in his words. To be fair, she hadn’t exactly worded what she was trying to say correctly. Think Abigail, if you aren’t able to diffuse this situation, it might start getting ugly Abigail thought to herself. She listened to Luke, he had noticed her cybernetics starting to heat up, which wouldn’t had been too hard to see, but what caught her ear was what he said about his ice not melting. Hmm, that’s different. He must have some sort of enhancement for his ice powers. She continue to think to herself.

Luke started shrieking and it took Abigail a second to realize what he was doing, she felt a light numbing pain in her shoulder where her cybernetics met flesh. “Smart, I wouldn’t have thought of doing that.” Abigail said as she jumped to the side. I’m going to have to keep on the move to try to avoid that voice of his. But now her arm was starting to steam a little, an idea flushed into her head. She pointed her arm at the ground and started to cool down her arm, which let out steam and started to fill the area around Luke and Abigail. Abigail knew he would probably get rid of the steam fog soon, so she had to be fast.

Abigail quickly used the cover of the fog to get around Luke, using her eye enhancement to see through the steam and Luke’s position, and how he was expecting her to attack. “What I was trying to say is I didn’t know it was you. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise, trust me.” Abigail said, revealing her location, keeping her arm behind her back, as a stance and to keep most of it blocked from Luke’s voice. Being angry, she didn’t know what exactly he would do, but would probably try to attack her again, emotion driving him. I wonder… if emotion is driving him to do this, it would probably take emotion to stop him She thought as she waiting, coming up with a plan in her head.


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"Alright then! I guess I have no choice! Time to finish this!"

"I agree! After this, it will be my win!"

Suddenly, after seeing that they were getting nowhere, the twins decided to launch a powerful attack against each other at the exact same time. Asta used his powers to create a powerful Attraction Field with the intention of pinning his brother to the ground, while Asti create a massive repulsion field to knock Asta to the ground and keep him pushed there. In essence, they decided to use their powers to disable the opponent, since that would still count as a victory in a duel.

The issue was...their fields, they poured in a huge amount of power into them. Each one recieved an overwhelming overcharged boost, and it was creating an intense shift inbetween them. The two forces, pull and push, going against one another, colliding with each other, causing huge damage and a massive singularity event between them which ended with...

"Its gunna blow!"

A massive force explosion, knocking them both to the back and into the walls of the dueling zone.

"Alert. Both Yuna and Yuma Razen have taken serious damage. Based on duel progress and records, both are no longer able to continue. Duel is finished with a tie".

"Oh wow. They really went all out huh?"

The teacher however, could only hold his head and actually ended up regretting it a little.

"Now I understand why they didn't want to fight each other but instead as a team...that was just...whatever, I set the dueling systems for this room to end a duel at a lower damage threshhold then normal, although...strange..."

He looked over at Zuuka's duel, which was unexpectedly fierce. Actually, there was one person who was trying to get in, but the dueling barriers stopped her. Feeling concerned, he went to talk her down in the best way he knew how while this went on.

The boy in question that Zuuka was fighting was now in a bad shape, as Zuuka grabbed his arm after he dodged the spear strike and did an overbody throw. The bully managed to roll over before Zuuka's spear stabbed into the ground where he used to be, but he failed to dodge the palm strike Zuuka unleashed onto his chest that contained his own mana, which would disrupt the mana in the bully's body and cause various issues.

"I think you owe a few apologies, and information".

"Hey hey hold on! Yes okay I admit I knew something about the broccoli thing, but I promise the jello was not me!"


Zuuka didn't believe the girl at all, and thought she was just being mean to Abigail for other reasons, like the fact she was friendly to him, and framed her. Incidentally, he was wrong, but he had no way of knowing that.

Zuuka was also pissed off about what was said and mentioned before, about Alison, Luke, Abigail, and the twins. So he kind of wanted to do some damage as well. Zuuka lunged forward with his spear, and at the same time summoned lightning around it and struck the bully with it. This massive amount of damage well exceeded the minimum limit of the dueling area, the teacher was sure of that. The bully was sent sprawling across the ground, and was clearly in pain from the zap. However...the duel was not being called.

"Tsk. What the hell?" he said, as he looked over, Luke and Abigail were still going, and the dueling zone for the twins had not disappeared either. The former made sense, but the latter was called and considered over. Yuna had already gotten up and noticed it as well. Yuna even started to kick it with his bare foot to test it, and it was still standing strong.

But the moment he tried to access the system, the field suddenly disappeared for the twins, and Zuuka's also began to work.

"Severe damage detected. Limit exceeded. Zuuka Blacklight has won the duel".

"Hmmm...must have just been a delay, maybe I set something after I lowered the sensors...also, someone call those nurses back! That boy needs attention, and the twins too to be safe!"

After that, he looked back over at Luke and Abigail as he checked the system again. Whatever was wrong, it appeared the safeguards and counter checks kicked in and fixed it.

He also thought he should monitor this duel too just to be safe, but also made sure to pay special attention to Alison and make sure he was there to talk to her some more, ultimately he would say whatever he needed to to make sure no student tried to kill each other. That would be very very bad.

Although he had to admit, he was curious to see how this duel would turn out.


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She was close! She was almost there. Any second now and she was going to jam her scissors right through his sk---These were Alison's thoughts until she ran straight into the barrier that surrounded the duel and bounced right off. Causing her to land straight on her behind with an audible gasp of pain.

Of course that jolt of pain shook her head a bit making her regain her rational senses. Dear her, did she just do that in public!? She went a bit mad after hearing that kid insult her...She quickly looked around and noted that well...No one seemed to notice her bit of insanity. She gave a small sigh as she quickly hid her pair of scissors in cloth and walked back to her seat.

What an embarrassing thing that she did...She sulked a bit as she had a tinge of red in her cheeks at how she exploded. Out in public at that...She had to learn to hold that in...And learn that some things could be done much later...She would make that bully pay still. But for now...She was disappointed in herself.


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"Fog, really?!" Luke almost started to laugh when the arena began to fill with the steam. He gave a supersonic scream to blow the steam away. Even though her words had already given away here location, he wanted a clear shot when he had one. He saw Abigail holding her arm behind her back in a defensive posture. He figured he must have done some damage to it and he decided to take it to the next level.

"Okay, sure so you didn't know it was me in the pool, who cares? Were you doing it to impress some stuck-up snob, who frankly would look better with no hair? You're from a military family, I thought you had better discipline than that." He taunted.

Luke focused a sonic blast at Abigail's cybernetic eye. He used a super high frequency that made the barriers of the arena tremble a little bit. He could see the eye implant begin to vibrate and start to smoke as the circuits overheated with the vibrations of his voice. He then widened his range to encompass Abigail's whole body and effect all of her cybernetics until they were all smoking.

Luke could tell that it was painful for her and he knew he was over reacting, given that he had heard that the other bully in the room was responsible for the broccoli. Abigail was brought to her knees and he knew the battle was his to win, but he didn't want to win like that. He chucked his ice blade down into the ground and it turned to water vapor the second it sunk into the ground. He walked over to her and knelt down offering her his hand to help her up.

"Look, I don't want to do this. I made my point and now others will know not to fuck with me. If you really meant it when you said you were sorry, then let's call it a draw."

Yuma was barely able to get up after the force of the blast. He heard the computer call it a tie. After he got up he ran over and hugged his brother. "That was awesome, sorry we had to be so hard on each other, but it was way more fun than throwing the match. We should totally use that explosion move on our next opponent." Yuma laughed.


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“Luke, sh-“ Abigail was interrupted with another blast from Luke, at first she was confused, but her eye started to sting with pain, vision in it would cut out and smoke a spark a bit, she stumbled back, holding that side of her face of the pain. Luke that widened the range, affect her leg and her arm, both started to smoke as she was brought to her knees, trying to fight against the pain.

Abigail looked up at Luke, slight smoke still coming out of her eye. Come on recover, cool down She was telling herself in her head. She looked around, the duel hadn’t stopped yet, but Luke was asking for a draw. Abigail was fueled with pain and rage. Luke had no idea the internal pain Abigail was suffering. “Made your point huh, glad my pain could help you with that.” Abigail’s cybernetic eye then turned red, and slowly her arm and leg did as well, anger was slowly taking over Abigail and fueling her, arm still sparking.

Abigail threw a punch into Luke’s stomach, sending him stumbling back, she stood up and took a step towards him, her rapier slid to her cybernetic hand using the magnetism ties between the two, and it quickly being ingulfed in fire, one of it's many abilities. As Abigail took another step, the computer quickly spoke up, ending the duel. Severe damage detected. Life threatening vitals detected, ending duel. Luke Sonique is the victor. Abigail looked around confused “What? I'm fine!” She said, but her cybernetics started fading away red. She quickly became dizzy as her leg gave out, and she passed out shortly after. Nurses ran over to her as soon as the duel barrier fell.


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Character Portrait: Zuuka Blacklight Character Portrait: Abigail Morningtide Character Portrait: Alison Price Character Portrait: Luke Sonique Character Portrait: Yuna Razen Character Portrait: Yuma Razen

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As Yuna laughed with the others, he noticed that there seemed to be a lot of oddities going on all at once. Of course, as Yuma could probably feel telepathically from him, he felt like the duel was allowed to go on way too long and he even started kicking the field at one point before putting his shoes and socks back on. Eventually it did turn off on its own though, but he thought it was a bit strange it took so long.

However, he "heard" something from the coach's mind that provided a possible answer.

"Hey, Mr. Coach~"

"Uh...what?! Shouldn't you be recovering from your duel?"

"We are pretty fine right now...but don't you think it was strange that it lasted so long?~"

"Well, I am sure it was a one in a million glitch and..."

"Are you sure? I thought maybe it was because I had to duel my brother, and since we are genetically and physically identical, it might have bugged out for a bit on registering the number of people in there and the condition of them...~"

The coach looked away immediately at Luke and Abigail.

"Not sure not a tech person. But I gotta go do coaching now. Let me know if it comes up again!"

Seeing that the other duels were over, Zuuka started to go over ot them first...but then noticed Alison nearby, away from her group.

"Alison? What are you doing over here...oh wait, did you come to cheer me on? Or maybe you got a bit upset about what he said? Well no worries, I got angry for all of us and gave him a good beating like my father and self defense instructors taught me, so he wont say stupid stuff like that again if he knows better".

There were counltess people i nthe crowd who wanted to scream at what point was that Self Defense and not One Sided Beatdown, but no one had the courage to do so it seemed. After that, he saw the end of Luke's and Alison's fight and got concerned, so he ran over.

"Luke! Abigail! I just saw all this! Is everyone okay?! What happened?! Don't you think this is way too overboard for the first day of class?"

And of course, Zuuka had no idea about most of what happened outside of his own duel, and so misinterpretted the chain of events. Actually, he was still unaware the two pranks on Luke were not connected, however Yuna who had been listening for awhile now had pieced that together.

"What do you think we should do Yuma? Get involved? Not get involved? Seems a bit heated..."


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As Alison sat down, Zukka called out to her wondering if she was cheering for him. Or was angry at the bully. Of course she was furiously mad to the point she wanted to...No, she was a good girl that wanted to take care for her sister. Yeah, she just needed to relax. "Oh, I had to take a break after all the exercises...I'm frail, kind of ran in the family sadly...But, I wanted to watch and maybe give you a bit of a small prayer to beat that bully up." She replied with her kind smile.

Truthfully, she wanted Zuuka to break a few bones in the bullies body...And break him a lot more than he did...Of course you cant have everything nice. But at least watching him made her soothed...For now anyways...She wanted to personally do something to him. No one insulted her family. No one...

"Of course...I'm thankful to avoid a duel...And I rather not have people challenge me in a duel...But I should be fine while I stay here. I am not one to make enemies." She added before Zuuka ra off to where Luke and Alison were. Oh dear her...Alison looked banged up...The nurses even ran out to get her medical aid. Luke...Did that to her?...

Even with that military training and cybernetics, it looked like a one sided fight with Luke looking relatively uninjured. And people accept duels knowing this...How unethical...If she had to duel someone and broke her arm or other parts of her body then what would she do then? In fact what would they say? Sorry you broke your arm, lets say sorry and wrap up your arm and send you on your way? That's insane...

As Zuuka was now confronting Luke and Abigail of going a bit overboard, she simply sighed to herself as continued to sit down.


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Luke didn't expect the punch and went falling backward after being caught off guard. He also didn't expect her to come at him with the flaming sword, but luckily she went down before she could use it. Luke went to grab Abigail the minute she fell and the nurses ran to help her as well.

"Her cybernetics overheated. She needs to be cooled down." He shouted as they came to help her.

He felt like crap for doing this to her, but it was just a basic duel. He saw her weakness and he exploited it. He thought she was going to accept his offer for the draw, he didn't want to win that way.

"It wasn't like that Zuuka." He told him after he asked about the duel. "I tried to offer her a draw, but her cybernetics went out. I didn't think I was going to damage her that much."

"I think we might want to just sit this one out. We did prank them too and I don't want them get mad at us over it." Yuma thought back at Yuna. He also wondered about the dueling arena and if it was something to do with their DNA being identical or if it was something more sinister as the coach seemed a bit shifty.


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Character Portrait: Zuuka Blacklight Character Portrait: Abigail Morningtide Character Portrait: Alison Price Character Portrait: Luke Sonique

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Abigail was out cold in Luke’s arm as the nurses circled around. Pulse was lower than usual, but it’s not every day your cybernetics take over your body temporally when you’re completely out of energy. The lights inside of her cybernetics were still glowing blue, but slightly more faded than usual. The coach and nurses were confused about how she was able to function “normally” before the computer called the duel to the end. Her vitals were all over the charts before she passed out, so they didn’t really know what to expect.

The nurses slowly took Abigail from Luke and started checking basic vitals to see what all was going on. Her implants were going back down to normal temperature, but when they pulled back her eyelids to check her pupils, her cybernetic eye was brighter than the rest of her cybernetics, and it was still red in color. The nurses took note of this along with her vitals, not really focusing on it too much. They tried waking her up a couple times, nothing really worked, but they weren’t worried since her vitals were mostly normal.

After doing all of Abigail’s vitals, the nurses loaded her up onto a small gurney. Abigail’s noncybernetic hand fidgeted for a second and gripped onto Luke’s hand before going limp again as they started to roll her out of the room.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Zuuka Blacklight Character Portrait: Abigail Morningtide Character Portrait: Alison Price Character Portrait: Luke Sonique Character Portrait: Yuna Razen Character Portrait: Yuma Razen

0.00 INK

After that, the rest of Gym Class went normally...well, normally as any of them would expect for a Gym class in a world of magic, technology, and monsters. Thankfully, other then Abigail, it didn't seem like anyone else had a serious injury that required any real care, most was just band-aids.

At the end of class, the coach addressed everyone.

"Now, this day might seem to have hicups, but in truth this was actually pretty good. You see, a lot of people that come here, especially on their first year, often don't know their own strength and power very well. This total level of injury is actually pretty good. You have to remember, you wont learn much if you only get coddled, protected, and learn and experience what you want. The world is much larger, and far more dangerous, then that, and so part of this school is designed to help make sure you will get out of your comfort zones and be able to deal with it".

He then began addressing individual students, including a few other notable ones, but then got to Luke while mentioning Abigail who was not currently there.

"Luke, I think you might already have an idea about this, but you have to be careful about how you react to things. If you get angry and go overboard too easily, not only could you hurt someone needlessly, but you could also burn bridges that you might not want to burn, and that even your gifts would not be able to repair forcibly. As for Abigail, she is a good example of needing to control your powers and abilities, and to not let yourself go overboard or take too much heat...and to also be careful of who you trust and make friends with".

As that was mentioned, it was probably noted that several of the students did not look at the girl who sold Abigail out with favor...rather, they seemed more disgusted and negative.

"Next up, Alison. What that boy said about you and your family was certainly wrong and horrible, but you overreacted way too much. Not everyone will have the same opinions of you, and not everyone will like you or say good things about you. However, you cant just go and attack anyone who vocalizes those comments with such brutality and bloodlust that you showed earlier".

After that, he turned to the twins while he let Alison ponder those words.

"Yuna, Yuma. First off, you two clearly have your own issues. First off, in the beginning you were highly resistant to doing anything other then the way you wanted. Maybe it might make you feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, or even embarrassed, but you can't always do things your way. Sometimes, you just have to accept that you have to do things you don't want to. And there is no guarentee you will always be able to be together. Also, your start of that fight, you clearly were unable to keep up the motivation to fight seriously. YOu got a bit better at the end, but you never know when you might have to fight against a friend. And in the future, you should avoid argueing with teachers".

And then finally, he turned towards Zuuka.

"And you...first off, I know he said some bad things to you and insulted the people you knew, but that was a bit too brutal of a reaction. Additionally, although it was fine this time, you should be careful in the future about underestimating your opponent and not using all you got. Besides, unless you fight with everything, you wont be able to grow or improve as well. And finally, you also need to remember to stay calm no matter what is said, because otherwise it could leave you with openings and weaknesses".

He then continued on, and went over everyone else in the class, including their strengths and weaknesses. After that, class was finally about over.

"Alright people, that is it for today. Remember to take a shower and wash off all the sweat! It wont be good for any of us if you stink for the rest of the day and bother everyone! And remember about what I told you! Things will only get harder from here!"

And after he said that, the class seperated and went to the lockerrooms where they would take off their gym clothes and shower before next class. As Zuuka stepped under one of the shower heads, he was able to not feel so intimidated by the other older boys showering around him as he worried about if Abigail would be okay and if she would be able to make next class.

He ended up in a position near Luke thankfully, but for a moment when he looked over he got a bit embarrassed again before remembering he was his roommate and asked a question.

"Hey, you two are okay right? Also...should we take notes for Abigail if she is not recovered yet?"

Incidentally, Yuna pulled Yuma over to share a single showerhead, deciding to take his advice and letting some time pass before they got involved again. That said, he was a bit concerned with some of the others using this opportunity to make fun of Yuma, so he decided to help speed things up and wash Yuma himself.

(So I left it here because we didn't decide yet what to have happen next, like what class and such. I think we might timeskip something like math and then have the class after that happen, to give Abigail time to recover though)


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After the duels were all over, the class resumed as normal. Alison doing a couple more laps after sufficiently resting her weary body. Soon enough time flew by quickly as the end of gym approached as their coached called them all together. He explained that today although a bit bump was actually good because it tested the power boundaries of students. Of course she was exempt from this due to her frailty which she did not mind one bit.

Soon enough the coach began to speak with each of them, and as he went to her he said that even though the bully had pretty much insulted her. However he also told her that she had overreacted to it, and should not do such a thing. Of course...She had no intention of following his advice. He was like some sort of war hero, sure he may have seen death on a large scale, maybe even lost some friends but her family was more precious than that...After everything that has happened, and what happened to the both of them she had zero intention of following his advice.

Why would she just stand around and take the insults of others? A bully was in the same category as a criminal. Who would take their side? No one would care if anything happened to them. If a murderer died would you feel bad for them? No...No you would not. Would you feel bad if a bully who had picked on you all year suddenly vanished? No you would not...Some things need to be taught not with words but with action...

Once the coach finished speaking to each of them, they were all free to head to the locker rooms to change and shower. Although it was still an experience to shower with others in public...She really disliked having to do this but she was sweaty and rather not stink throughout the day...So she sucked it up to keep to herself in a corner before putting on her normal clothes.

With all of that done...She should head to her first class...And perhaps she should make a doll for Abigail. Poor girl was pretty beat up after that duel. She should recover fairly soon no doubt. But for now, she was going to focus on her studies at this moment. She had a goal to complete after all.


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Luke went to the showers along with the others. When Zuuka asked him a question he had to think for a minute.

"I sure hope we're okay. I didn't want to hurt her that bad, but I wanted to get the point across that I shouldn't be messed with. I honestly can't believe she's the type to do that sort of thing just to fit in with the popular girls." Luke spoke keeping his eyes forward looking at the shower wall as if he were searching for answers that weren't there.

"I just got so mad, maybe it was justified, but it clouded my judgement and I may have taken it too far. I mean she punched me, but she also held my hand right before she passed out so I don't know if we're okay or not. Yeah it might be a good idea to take notes for her, if nothing else as a peace offering."

Yuma was a little bit upset by what the coach had said, but he didn't argue because he also pointed out that they shouldn't argue with the teachers. He thought it was nice that his brother was washing him, but he could feel the concern through their gift.

"You don't have to worry about me all the time, Yuna. I'm not worried about the other kids making fun of us, they just don't know how we do things where we're from. I love that you worry about me, but I need to do a few things for myself, even if it takes me a little longer." He smiled. He wasn't too worried about his brother just yet, but he didn't want him to get to the point where he was smothering him either.

After the showers they all headed off to their next class.


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Zuuka looked back at Luke, and then shrugged. "Yeah....well, I dont know, I am not really great with interacting normally people...but, maybe you went too far? Sorry, I don't know these things very well..."

As he mentioned that, he looked around and noticed the others and couldn't help but compare again, and he stepped closer to Luke while looking down and hoping no one would notice him if he was standing next to Luke who drew more attention lately. Incidentally, he ended up mumbling something as he was embarrassed...

"I kind of wish dad had not trained me so well now...I got placed in an advanced class and almost everyone is taller then me..."

The only exceptions where Yuna and Yuma, who were also more advanced then others their age.

Yuna looked at Yuna with a worried look despite his words. "Okay...but, dont try to hide it from me okay? If anyone bothers you, I will beat them up good!"

And so, after they were done the group went to the next classes as needed, and Zuuka and Yuna took in the words said to them. The first class was a rahter basic and typical class, Math Class. Yuna was not exceptionally good at math though, but he was able to manage to follow along, while Zuuka seemed to ace and understand everything perfectly as he took notes for Abigail. Otherwise, it was a normal, typical class.

Zuuka did get like, five calls in the middle, but he silenced his phone and hoped no one noticed, while trying to hide his embarrassment. Currently, he figured there were only six people who would actually call him, and four were in class as well. Since Abigail was probably still unconscious or resting in the nurses office, it was unlikely she would call, which left only one person. And probably, the only one of the six who would call him in the middle of class.

Thankfuly he somewhat expected this, and had his phone on silent.

Daaaad! Stop calling me in the middle of class!

He knew his dad could be overprotective and worrysome, but it seemed like he, the adult, was less mentally prepared then Zuuka, the child, for this change.

And after that class, the next class came around was...history.

The teacher for history was a High Elf, another variation of Elf different from Wood Elves. High Elves were still pretty diverse, and had personalities as diverse as humans these days, this day, there were still some that looked down on other races, or just the other Elven Races. However, she showed no indication of being like those at all.

"Now then, if everyone is here, I suppose we should begin soon. After all, we are going to be starting off with one of the more interesting areas of history...the Age of Shadows. Does everyone have their text books?"

She said that with a smile that might concern people if they were not in a history class.


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For the next class, it was math class. It was basic math class, no advanced terms yet. However for her she was mostly self schooled, she never had much of an actual experienced teacher to help her learn the problems in depth. So, she sat quietly in her chair and took notes, taking note that Zuuka was getting flustered for some reason.

She waved it off, not taking a deeper look into what troubled him and class passed by quickly. Next class was now history taught by a High Elf. Their topic was the Age of Shadows, she may have read some books about it. But she was curious to know how a history teacher taught the lessons, or what more info he had on the matter. She dug into her purse and pulled out a textbook, looking like a simple but sweet girl ready to learn. And that’s true, she was here to learn.


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Abigail sat up quickly, being slightly tugged by tubes and wires. It took her a second to realize where she was, some nurses office or nursing station of sort. A nurse quickly ran over to her after some machines started going off, signaling she was awake and functional again. “Can I go please?” Was the first thing that came out of her mouth as she turned towards the nurse. At first the nurse wanted her to stay, but Abigail showed her she was fine, moving her cybernetic and normal limbs. Her cybernetics were back to the normal blue glow they gave off, only thing different was that her eye was still a red color. Abigail was confused why her eye was red, but just ignored it, thinking it would just go away

The nurses disconnected all the syringes from Abigail and said she was fine to go. Luckily for her while she was out they had given her a bath and cleaned her so she didn’t have to worry about taking a shower. Abigail put her hair up as she walked back towards the gym to grab her change of clothes, making her bangs cover up her cybernetic eye, to mask over it being red now instead of blue. As she got to back to the gym no one was there so she quickly changed back into her normal clothes and headed to the class, figuring out she missed a class and would be walking into history late.

Abigail knocked on the class door before she walked in, looking at the teacher and the rest of the class staring her being late. “My apologies, was at the nurses station, some… stuff happened.” Abigail said keeping her head low and heading to the back of the class, noticing that Zuuka, Luke, and Alison was in this class as well, along with some other students she’d seen around. She didn’t make eye contact with anything as she sat down and pulled out her text book.

A million thoughts were going through Abigail’s mind. Last thing she remembered was just losing control and watching as she punched Luke, and how she was about to attack him with her rapier. She doesn’t know how or why it happened, or why her eye was still red. She quickly adjusted her hair making sure it still covered her eye in the middle of her thoughts.


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Luke breezed through math class easily, then it was time for history and he was actually pretty excited to learn more about the history of Mistviel. Most of the history he knew was about Hessia and the history of the sirens, banshees and merfolk that lived on and around the island. Luke took out his text book and opened it to the first chapter about the Age of Shadows and he was excited to get started. The name alone was enough to conjure images of vile sorcerers and dark wizards.

It was right about then that Abigail walked into the room. Luke felt like a complete jerk for what he had done. He knew he had over reacted and was sure he had made an enemy. He looked away and tried to stay focused on the class, he wasn't sure if he should apologize or if she'd even listen to him if he did.

Yuma sat right next to his brother, though the teacher didn't allow them to scoot the two desks together to make a big desk like they would have wanted. Yuma was also a little intimidated by the sight of a high Elf teaching the class, and while he didn't want to be judgmental, it was hard to ignore all the stories he had heard about the past when the High Elves wanted were able to treat others as lower races even other elves. And wood elves were looked down on as one of the lowest of the elf races.


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"Now that everyone is here, allow me to begin. My name is Revena Suerosia, and I will be your history teacher. First off..."

As she began, she took out what appeared to be some sort of pointer like thing and tapped it against the chalkboard behind her. Suddenly, the words "Age of Shadows" appeared, and along with it a holographic map appeared in front of them and showed the entire region.

" you know, the Age of Shadows was a time of not just heroes and adventure, but hardships and threats. Various Demon Beasts...monsters as they were simply known back then, ravaged the lands and threatened all of our ancestors. And with that hardship, Greed, Pride, and Selfishness took root. Such as the subjugation of lower class people, the promotion of racism, and so on. Most people know of legendary heroes such as Gorodan, Tenshi, Essyr, and Duca. About how they held back armies of monsters, about how they slew dragons, toppled corrupt kings. But, there is more to history then just that!"

As she said that, she had the map focus in on a region as the words on the chalkboard changed. Now, the names Tevo and Sybil Rooca was there.

"Many people have forgotten or have just chosen not to mention this, even in some history books, but that is a travesty. And that is the great warrior, who at age fifteen was able to best some of the most dangerous of beasts in his area without any armor and with just an iron sword, known for his great spirit and skill, and his younger brother Sybil, who said said to have charm that matched rainbows and was a magical prodigy. They were not born in some fancy or well known place, and their family suffered. It is hard to say that they won their legend at all. But it is important, and it did happen. Because the area that they lived was consumed into the monster territory even to this day".

After that, she had details about each show up. Tevo Rooca, 17 years old, and Sybil Rooca, 11 years old.

"During the start of the age of Shadows, much of what we know happened today actually came from Sybil's journal. This is a fact that was left out by the kingdom that recovered the journal at the time, possibly because no one knows what happened to Sybil. But, it was confirmed that when Age of Shadows was said to have started, when monsters began to run rampant and expand outward, their village which was close to that area was the first to begin recieving damage and turmoil. According to what we recovered, it appeared the two brothers lost their parents at the very beginning. But instead of running away, they decided to fight and protect their village until reinforcements came, and the younger brother, Sybil, who was 10 when it all started, took notes about what they learned about new types of monsters and what usually showed up to help the reinforcements".

As she spoke, she then expanded the map to show what was that Kingdom at the time, although now that entire area was monster territory.

"However, despite their valient efforts, eventually everyone in the village died. They were hopelessly outnumbered, and instead of sending support for those people, the kingdom decided to use the time to bolster their defenses elsewhere. This is why facts about them were so obscure. The kingdom did not want to admit that, for an entire year, they left them out there to die for them. When an investigation team was finally sent, they found a grave for the older brother only a few weeks old, and only the younger brother's bloody journal was found. But, if it wasn't for these two, it was possible that the Age of Shadows would have been the last age for this entire continent".

As she remarked about that, she then turned towards the class with a sharp look in her eyes.

"Now, tell me. From all this, what is the first mistake that people who investigate, not just history but any mystery, can often make?"

That question, which appeared all of a sudden, could be instinctively felt to hold great meaning and importance, and for those who answered correctly might receive great praise and marks. But that provided giving an accurate and valid answer.


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“The first mistake ma’m? Well, from my opinion the first mistake in looking at history and mystery is assumptions. From what we know, usually history is told by the victors. Never those defeated, or the ones unfortunate to be stuck in the middle of it. Usually since we can’t just go back in time, we rely on books and stories to tell us what happened in the older days. Books created by some historian in the past we never met before. Usually, we belive that the books we read on history is the truth. In one aspect, there is some truth but never the full truth. Some history is left out on purpose. And mystery, it takes the words of someone famous to easily make a mystery a truth. But there is always something behind any mystery.” Alison started.

“Of course, this is only my educated opinion...I am no genius on matters like this so...I hope I answered alright...” She added as she patiently awaited for any rebuttal from the teacher.


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Luke sat and listened to the teacher's lesson and also listened to Alison give a very educated response. He did feel a little bit at a disadvantage not being from this region.

"Along the same lines as what Alison just mentioned, when it comes to both history and mysteries alike, people tend to work backward from these assumptions. They go into the mysteries or look back at history with an assumption of what happened and they look for evidence that supports these assumptions and often ignore evidence that conflicts with these assumptions, giving us a skewed version of the truth." Luke said trying to sound confident in his answer.

Yuma also took a shot at giving a response.

"Another mistake that is often made when it comes to those is that people often believe they are not a part of what they are investigating. With history, we often see ourselves as separate from the past instead of the product of it. With mysteries, we seem to forget that the act of trying to solve the mystery can sometimes say more about the person trying to solve it than the person who is responsible for mystery."

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