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a character in “Shadows of the Enlightened”, as played by Mr_Doomed

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Rank: Active
Alias (if Active assassin): The Swift Slayer
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Ability (if enlightened): Evin has the ability to control his perception of time. Either making it faster or slower. Along with that he is able to speed or slow down his movements. Tee only thing that limits these abilities is pain. The more he uses his ability, the more painful it becomes and the pain comes in two different ways. It all depends on how long he uses his ability or to what extent he is using the power.
Description: Even has messy black hair and even blacker eyes. When using his powers, his eyes only slightly sparkle because of how dark they are. Wrinkles are beginning to show around his eyes and around the rest of his face. As for facial hair. He tries to maintain a constant visible stubble. On occasion though, he does grow it out. Being outdoors so often, he has a fair tan that is easily maintained. He is tall and has a considerable amount of mussel, but not to much as to be debilitating to some of the skills he's learnt as an assassin. He is constantly changing his attire as to be most suited to the situation he is in. One thing people seem to notice about him is the slight slouch he has when walking or leaning against something.


To most he is known as charming. To himself, he thinks of it as more of a manipulator. He will go out of his way in order to manipulate people to the way that they please. It is something he uses all the time for assassinations. On the other side of the spectrum, he is a trouble maker. He is constantly breaking and bending rules (Nothing too big) to his liking. He avoids being caught through his uncanny ability to manipulate those around him. To keep his perception of being "charming" he tries to close himself off to others so that the mysterious part of his charm stays constant.


Finely crafted steel daggers made specifically for advanced close quarters combat. A few poorly made throwing knives that are not very reliable, but Evin seems to love for some reason. He also carries a rope dart, but instead of a dart on the end, a double edged blade and a smaller blade shooting out at around 90 degrees close to the hilt.
Primary weapon: Rope dart.


Evin was born into the Wolf pack. His parents were both unsuccessful at becoming active assassins and just became workers. This gave Evin the determination to become one and maybe even an instructor. He decided to start his training on his own when he was to young to start with an instructor. He managed to learn a bit form observing some of the stuff that the active assassins would do. When he started his training, he was ahead of the game. The instructor was surprised at the stuff that he was already able to do already. He quickly pushed to the head of the recruits. He was the first of the recruits to graduate to an active. Despite his efforts though, he was not given the position of instructor. This was a setback, but he continued to gain new skills.
The only person he was ever open to about his ability was his friend; His name was Julian. He had died when they were both out on a mission. Evin doesn't talk about it, (So I'm not going to explain what happened yet) but some suspect him for treason. He hasn't been convicted, but Evin was put under watch after that time. Since the death, he hasn't told anyone else about his powers.

So begins...

Evin Bana's Story

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Evin was standing beside Atzlan when the news was given to everyone. He could hear him talking to himself, but he wasn't sure what he was saying. Not that Evin cared all that much anyways. He was to busy with his own internal thoughts. While thinking though, he tried to maintain a good composure. He had a reputation on the line of being calm and mysterious yet charming and he wasn't going to let a little bump in The Wolfpack's organization ruin it. He didn't only try to maintain composure on the outside though, he had always remembered in training that the best way to stay calm is to think calmly as well and so that was what he did.
How do you stop a man who wants to have you killed? How do you stop any man who has placed a hit on you? He continued to think along these lines as the noise in the room grew louder.
"If we keep hiding we will be found, but if we act, we will be suspected even more. So what is to be done now?" He herd Atzlan say what Evin assumed was probably supposed to be an internal monologue and that is when it hit him.
"We need to kill the king!" He shouted. Everyone in the room grew silent. Evin waited a second for dramatic pause, "Just like anyone who has placed a hit on you. If you kill the person who is offering the reward, then no one will want to admit to the whereabouts of the camp. Sure we will have an even bigger target on our back, but it will give us time to figure out who really killed these people while the town goes into a panic over the king's death. Once we find out who did the killings, we can place the blame on him for the king's death as well." His plan seemed pretty sound to him, but he knew that there were some flaws and possible margins of error in analyzing the scenario. He slouched back onto a pillar and waited for a response.

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Everyone began to leave, but Evin stayed. Although his idea was turned down, he understood that the idea was in the back of the minds of the leaders and big shots of the clan. When Dani told her daughter to stay back for a chat, Evin interrupted saying, "Before you two talk, I need to take to you Dani.". Although he didn't have a lot of power if any in the Wolfpack, he found it important to set his opinion on the matter and under these conditions, it seemed important for everyone to be able to voice an opinion without a bias.
"We can't just sit in the camp. We need to act now." He said, well aware that Crystal could hear. "If we sit around, we wont get anything done. There will only be political talk that will get us no where. It is important we get people out on missions in order for us to gather information at the least."
He began to walk closer to Dani, getting close enough that the rest of their conversation in private.
"I have a few hunches on who it could be. Now don't get me wrong, it is only a hunch. Some of these hunches lead me to high up in the ranks of Newhaven and one of them even leads me to the death of my friend that you want to know about. So I suggest that you let me follow these leads if you ever want to know the truth about what happened the day my friend died."