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Things seem to have calmed in the land of Valcrest. The war, the assassins' inner disputes, the peoples' demands for a solution... But is the land actually calm, or is this just a calm moment before a even bigger storm? (FULL)

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"Avius Dante." Crys greeted simply, with a slight smile. "A woman of my caliber... Should I be flattered or insulted by that statement?" She asked a small smirk discretely forming in her expression. "I'm here for two reasons, one that doesn't concern you, and one that does. I will give you both, since you are currently responsible for this encampment and, unlike your leader, I do still feel a certain level of respect for you personally." She brushed her cape aside, showing the katana she carried, sheathed at her belt, and put her flute away safely in a leather casing, strapped to her belt. "First, I came because a great part of me is still buried in these grounds. In spite of it having been twisted by Sean's insults, my family still played a great part in the history of this clan. You can take the command from me, but you can't erase that. Second, I came to see you." She sighed facing the man with serious, almost severe, expression. "And, there are two reasons for that too, you see... I know my mother tried to speak to you on several occasions after..." She paused, and changed her wording slightly. "Before she died. So, I conclude that she would want me to try and do the same. The second, well... You may or not believe me, but I still want the best for the Pack, and as much as I understand that Sean is your friend... He is making a lot more enemies than he can handle. That will hurt the clan in a near future." She nodded. "Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't support the Alpha, but you, as Second, have the obligation of making sure he's acting on the clan's best interest, and he's not. So what I'm saying is: Do a better job." She shifted slightly where she was sitting. "By the way, that little idiot you two sent to the desert with that sob story? He'll be treated nicely, but don't insult my intelligence by expecting me to believe a word he says."

Having said all that, she opened a smile and added. "Now that I've said all I needed. How have you been?" She asked in an extremely friendly tone.