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Things seem to have calmed in the land of Valcrest. The war, the assassins' inner disputes, the peoples' demands for a solution... But is the land actually calm, or is this just a calm moment before a even bigger storm? (FULL)

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Setting: Newhaven2011-12-21 03:05:38, as written by Caelus
Veronica quietly heard Luke’s speech until the end, words crossing the mind ‘Yes, definitely he lived things, and apparently’ she slowly breathed ‘he made things that if he had a single moment to remember them, with the eyes from another person. . . shame, terror, fear are words than are way too small to comprehend it’ Veronica giggled as they walked through the corridor, although her laugh was silenced by the sound of her boots. "Yes, reality is nothing but how people want it to be, and maybe by that we can understand that it is nothing more than pure relativity, in the same way that feelings as happiness, cruelty and even the truth that you talk so much and, in a small guess is searching, are; you see, how can a noble child smile, when it has been created in a family that only cares about money? Gifts, but how can a poor one do the same thing when it has only known famine and sadness? Maybe with the same thing, maybe with a small piece of food or even with a place to actually sleep safe" She saw Luke’s face while the woman was speaking, she was pretty sure that his right eyebrow moved unintentionally when she spoke the last words, ‘Jackpot, this is a game that two can play friend, but maybe you will learn that soon enough’ . Veronica turned her head to face Luke, and continued "Let me expand my scenery, what would a rich individual do in the moment he would meet a real fight for the first time in his life? Oh, if he knows how to fight because someone taught him he surely would try to punch his foe, but we know that the chances are high that he will lose. But if he had the chance to tell his father that, the father would surely order to someone to hit his son’s or daughter’s offender as fast as possible. What about an individual that was alone in the world, that was only sure than he would sleep once his strenght was equal to zero, what would he do in a fight that he knew that he needed to face?" As Veronica saw the same movement again she remembered how she learned those small tricks, she faced the ground as she walked.

[Flashback - Close to Newhaven, 5 years ago]

“Let me teach you something lady” Veronica walked in the grass, the wind gently touching her face as she smiled. The city’s walls were distant, although they only walked for what seemed half an hour. The old man was a few steps behind her talked, Jon was like that, the kind of person that enjoyed to teach as many things he could to his friends, he knew those small details would be valuable some day, specially for his best friend’s daughter. He stopped for a few seconds, Veronica stopped and faced him as she heard his heavy breathing “Or I’m getting older or maybe you have been training a bit" If I recall well, the last time we walked here you asked me to take you home after we walked only a kilometer”.

Veronica laughed, “Come on, I was 16 when we did that, of course I wanted to go home, and yet, after our little-talk-that-only-lasted-a-kilometer, you managed to convince my parents” she smiled to the old man as he started to walk again “You know I’ll never forget that, and yes, I’ve been training a bit”

“Perfect! That means than I’m not actually aging!”, both laughed, those few moments that they could have a small conversation without all the army’s policy were rare and usually lasted less than a few minutes, Jon stopped and turned, so he could face the city. “Now hear me, someday you will surely need to use this. Every single living being has a mind, yes, some are more developed like other, and still, the mind governs everyone’s actions. A dog will bark to ask for food because in his mind he knows that if he barks to someone in a specific manner that person will surely give him food. Or some kind of, at least. The human mind works in the same way, but since it’s more complex than a dog’s one, it hides many things from us. Things than would throw us into madness if they weren’t hidden, and yet somehow the mind demonstrates that we lived those things, tasted them, or even somehow acknowledged them, not by some incredible stupid action, but yet through small movements, eyebrows, the mouth, the hands. Pay attention to them, and you will know many things about the others when you speak about stuff they have long forgotten.” She looked to the city too, trying to understand what he had just spoken. “And how can that be useful to me?”, the man laughed as he heard those words, “Try to be more creative lady! Look, some soldiers will play a few card games tonight, use what I’ve just told you, if you win, then half of what you won is mine, if you lose, then I’ll give you the money you lost, now let’s return to the city, it’s getting cold outta here.”

[Reality, Newhaven]

The scarlet haired woman somehow managed to smile, usually she was sad when she thought about Jon, but those small moments were. . . indescribable. She faced Luke again, the thought that she touched his weakness somehow crossed her mind. “This is a game that I can play too, mister Luke, and I never lose small games like this.” They reached the end of the corridor, a turn to right would lead to the stairs and turning to left would make them cross half of the castle, ‘Enough of this, there’s a line between having fun and hurting someone by bringing memories’. “I have a few things to do, I hope we can continue this.... little game of ours another day”. Veronica started to walk down the stairs, “It’s here where I’ll go alone, and yes, it will be better for you if you don’t follow me.” She waved her left hand as a way to end that strange meeting while she walked. Maybe she should have a word or two with Captain Thomas after she sent the letter, just maybe.

A few tens of minutes after that, she gladly found an available messenger, interrupting him as he tried to start a phrase with the formalities reserved to the White Knights. “Look, I have this letter to be delivered, I need it inside a small camp in the ruins from Brightvale, it’s unofficial, do you understand it?”. The man nodded, “Therefore, you shouldn’t pick anything than would tell that you’re a messenger from the castle, like flags or armor with signs. Travel simply, as if you were a merchant, and wait for an answer there, once you’re back I’ll pay you, understood?” The man once again nodded, Veronica heard about him once or twice, he delivered most of the letters from the castle, she vaguely remembered to have heard that he speak with a very low frequency. “Pick a horse, and go. May the Twins protect you.” She turned around after the man took the letter from her hand, she could hear that he was running. ‘Now.... where was the dinning hall?