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Things seem to have calmed in the land of Valcrest. The war, the assassins' inner disputes, the peoples' demands for a solution... But is the land actually calm, or is this just a calm moment before a even bigger storm? (FULL)

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Setting: Newhaven2011-12-23 22:51:16, as written by Blackbird26
Luckas felt his interest in the conversation drop drastically as the White Knight spoke; she was looking to cause reactions on him by mentioning things, he assumed, she thought might have to do with his past; he played along, but this wasn’t as fun as he hoped it would be. While at first it seemed that this woman might be capable of understanding, the only thing she caused on him was disappointment and slight amusement. Not that she had completely missed the point, but she hadn’t quite caught the actual meaning of what he was saying.

As she finished with her whole hypothetical, Luckas chuckled softly. “That whole scenario is irrelevant.” He stated simply. “If you break a child enough, said child will learn to smile regardless of what she has or lacks or cry if needed be regardless of actual emotions; happiness and sadness are two of many things that can be faked with enough practice. So is bravery, or strength, my dear Knight… If you lie to yourself well enough, you can convince yourself that you’re strong enough to take down an army. If it gets you killed… that’s a different story. A good liar can convince himself as well as he can convince others, he may even miss the fact that he’s lying because he believes so much in himself. I’ve been told I am one of those, but if I am, I wouldn’t know, now would I?”

Luckas chuckled as Veronica said she could play his game. “You’ve made two incorrect assumptions in one statement, Ronnie: This game isn’t little in the slightest and if you actually believe so, your unvoiced assumption that you can play it to my level is not only incorrect, but ridiculous.” He said, with a little snicker. “Honestly, I almost thought you’d be a challenge, but you turn out to be such a bore. So disappointing...” He smiled sweetly. “Don’t be insulted now, but it takes more that these amateur tricks of yours to read me. I have my weaknesses, as does everyone, but it takes a greater mind than yours to even spot them; even less to use them against me. I give you some credit for trying, but that’s the most you get from me at this time.” He said with a slightly evil smile. “Please, do try again sometime… I dare you.”

As the woman waved him away and began walking downstairs Luke simply shrugged and walked away without question, laughing by himself. “The arrogance on some people… As if I would follow just anyone around like a stray dog. I have standards.”

The young man shook his head as he walked. He had been tempted to follow the White Knight, just because she had told him not to, but figured it would probably just bore him further, or annoy him, which was worse. As much as it had been tempting to prove to that woman that she didn’t know who she was dealing with, he was sure that a White Knight walking around acting strange would be noticed, and at least one person in that place would know he did it. That not to mention he still expected Lena to come back. He sometimes wondered if the woman had dropped dead somewhere, but knowing that old witch, it just seemed very unlikely; so he should be as quiet as possible just in case.

As he had said: It took a greater mind than the one of that Knight to spot his weaknesses, Lena was the closest someone had ever gone to knowing him fully, although mostly against his will.

[Flashback – Healers’ camp, approximately 4 years ago]

“Kid… Are you alright?” The unknown voice sounded in Luckas’ mind as a distant echo, but the face behind it was blurred beyond recognition. Flashes of broken memories proceeded to flood the boy’s mind, although they were unrecognizable as well. And then… It all disappeared; fading into darkness.

“NO! NO! YOU PROMISED ME!” He shouted out in frustration, opening his eyes to face Lena.

“I’m sorry Luke, this is the most I could get out of you.” She explained. “Insisting would be way too dangerous.”
“I don’t care about that!” He insisted. “I have the right to know!”
“There must be another way. I’ll find it.” She told him, firmly. “I will not risk permanent damage to unlock these memories.”
“You said if I let you study my enlightenment you would help me remember! I’ve been trapped in this camp, letting you test me anyway you like for almost a year now. You OWE ME! WE HAD A DEAL!” He shouted. “GET OUT.” He added, turning towards two healers that had stormed into the tent, probably when he first yelled. The two men ran out of the tent at full speed in response to the boy’s command.

“Calm yourself, Luckas, or I’ll be forced to restrain you.” Lena said calmly, handing the boy a handkerchief. “You have a bit of a nose-bleed there, by the way.” She added. “Sit.” She told him.

Luckas took the handkerchief and wiped his nose, lowering it to see a red blood stain on the white cloth. He looked down and realized he didn’t recall standing up either. As he began to calm down he slowly became aware of the fact that he felt faint. Finally he sat back down in front of the healer and took a long deep breath. “Why? Why can’t I remember?” He asked her, holding the cloth to his, still bleeding, nose.
“For what I’ve seen, there are two options: Or these memories terrify you to a point where your mind blocked them out entirely in order to protect itself, or someone attempted to forcefully wipe your memory. Based on the bits and pieces… My personal guess would be the second option.”
“How is it that I remember bits and pieces then?” He asked, rubbing his temples to try and ease the pain on his head.
“Your enlightenment protected you to some extent, but it was still developing so it couldn’t completely shield you. It is possible that the memories will come back to you on their own, but it is also a possibility that you never really remember.”
“You promised me I would remember.”
“No, I promised I would help you. I can’t force your mind to function the way I want it to, no one is that powerful Luckas.” She sighed. “We barely scratched the surface and I was already forced to push you much further than I should have. I will not risk your life for this.”
“No one is that powerful? Not even the person who did this to me?” He muttered out the question. “And isn’t that my choice to make?” He argued.
“We're not sure someone actually did this to you, and no: Not on my watch, it isn’t.” She told him. “Now, I suggest you eat something and get some sleep. We can try again tomorrow.”

[Reality – Newhaven Castle, present time]

Luckas broke out of his thoughts as he heard sounds of a small commotion, immediately beginning to walk in the direction of the noise. He never really found out what had caused the noise, but he did notice someone watching the hall as he passed, and stopped walking as he caught sight of the woman who was peeking from inside one of the rooms.

Putting both hands in his pockets he walked towards the doorway and looked at this spy with a curious look; now that he was closer he had the impression he’d met this person before, even though her face didn’t really seem familiar. It was an odd sensation indeed. “Well, hello there Miss.” He greeted. “You don’t look much like you live here. Are you with somebody?” He asked, his tone making clear how intrigued he was.

Odd: Completely odd. Luke never failed to remember a face, but he couldn’t figure out where he knew this person from; he was sure he’d met her somewhere though. He didn’t even manage to conceal the confusion on his face as he stared at her. Who was this woman? He didn't like the sensation of not remembering, and unless she did or said something to jog his memory he would try to sneak a peek at her mind to figure it out. If he was quick enough about it he could do that and go unnoticed.