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She pushed open the back door to "The Dagger" and hurried up the stairs. "For the record!" Tallon called after her. "You gave her permission!" Inu ignored her and followed the long narrow hallway to the stage door, where she heard music playing and Ria's musical voice calling out orders to the other dancers. She pulled open the door with a grunt and found herself on a platform, ten feet off the ground. The wrote iron banister spanned the platform and came to an end at either side where two "firemen" poles allowed access to the ground. From there, the stage jutted out into the seating area above which hung three cages.

"Angela Rianne Shadowa you got some 'splaning to do!" Inu barked, jumping from the platform. Ria turned and smiled.

"Morning Inu. So, how'd you like the party."

"That's what I'm here to talk to you about." Inu hissed. "My office. Now."