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A honk sounded outside just as Cam had jumped out of the shower. He quickly stumbled to his closet where he found a black t-shirt and pants. He opened his front door to find Tony in a red G6 with dark sunglasses on. He honked the horn once more.

"I surrender," Cam put his hands up. He jumped in the seat next to Tony. "And I thought I was going to drive.

"This baby? Never." Tony laughed. He put the car into drive and drove away from Blueridge. "So, any ideas as to what we're doing?" Tony asked.

"I was thinking we could go to a rest stop and get one of those travel brochures. Should be some neat activities in there," Cam answered, looking out the window at the bridge ahead.


"Hell, no. We're getting wasted, my friend." Cam laughed.

"It's 11, Cam."