Shatter'd Dreams: A Hero's Rebirth Chapter 1

Shatter'd Dreams: A Hero's Rebirth Chapter 1

Your dreams are gone. Your life has been taken from you, and thrusted into a world of Fantasy. Will you save the people from the darkness. Or will you become the darkness, and in slave them for your own fieble temptations. -Need more people-

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Shatterd dream. You think life is easy. Its not, and this doesn't make it easier. I'll tell you a story of hero's that saved the world from the darkness. The ones that people wouldn't have thought to be hero's. These brave few fought the darkness, and saved the world. But for a second the darkness used a spell, thrusting the brave hero's into the void of darkness. The hero would stay there forever till someone came along to get them out of it. Those hero's was great, the fought with all there might, and won. But that wasn't enough 50 years have past, and no one has seen those hero's. You are one of those hero's, four, and more. All I can say is the darkness is weak, but his power's are growing slowly but surely. By the end of this year he'll be halfway to his full strenght. I can't tell you how, but i know. Why you keep looking at me like i'm the crazy one. Oh ok. The void of darkness. You want to know how I got you all out of there? I used blood magic. I killed everyone. To save you eight from the void. You guys are weak, and you won't remember anything about your past. So try take the time to remember your name, and skills. Ok. So here is about a plat. So go buy your stuff at one of the merchents.. I'll be leaving you guys now, but i'll be watching.

Once the blood mage left someone else came into the picture. This women was a high cleric. She wears a white cloth hood, under that hood is a leather vest, strapped tightly crossed her chest, her pants was white. The boots she wears went over her white pants. The strappes tightly hold the boots in place. The cleric was somewhat old. She looked over to everyone. "Hello there. I've brought you guys some clothes. Well sense you've been in the void fpr sometime. Your clothes were eaten away by the darkness. So don't worry." The cleric said with a slight giggle. Once the cleric got done, she turned around on her heels, and left. This world was wierd everyone was looking at them like hero's. "You can't remember, your name's? But at least you can give yourself name. How did he say it blood magic, killed.. Huh. This is going to be along year. The Eclipse is coming. You few would has died, and risen again make sure you don't fail this time." The voice echo'd through the halls making a chill creep along the're backs. Once the voice was done everyone looked at each other. Maybe there was something more to the Demon of Darkness.

Rogue. Assassin. Warroir. Templar. Brute. Berserker. Battlemage. Elemental Caster. Ranger. Knight. Thief. Duelist. Summoner. Cleric. There is more. So think.

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Within this world is danger. Darkness looms in the cracks of the earth. The hero's haven't be brought. The're skills haven't been brought to light. They don't have enough time to prepare. They might die within weeks, months. But if the trainning is fast, and hard; just maybe they'll have a chance. You four, and some other's our, our only hope. Your going to make it this time. Kill him..

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