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This is a list of locations that can be found in Shattered Dimensions.

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         Chaos sighed heavily, his hand automatically going up to push his dark locks back out of his face. Perhaps it was time he cut his hair; he wasn't in the habit of growing it much past his ears but his carelessness in recent months meant it was already down to his shoulders. He didn't even have anything to tie it back with and going to fetch something wasn't an option when he was working on trying to fix the mess he'd created. He was already running out of time without wasting it on concern for such trivial matters and it wasn't as though anyone was going to see him like this. It hadn't been intentional at first, his gradual separation from the demons. To begin with it had been necessary as the immortal enveloped himself in the task of fixing the cracks in the human world, barely having time for the minuscule amount of rest and sustenance he required let alone intrusions upon the family. But the more time passed the more Chaos felt it would be some sort of invasion to show his face amongst them, even to Maria.

Maria...Chaos had known for a long time, since the first day he laid eyes upon the young girl, that this creature was a being he should stay away from before he became obsessed. It had happened before, many times. It had to have with his lengthy existence. There was no way he could have spent that time without numerous encounters of that nature. Before Maria, Celeste had been the most recent and perhaps, to a lesser extent, Sepiroth. The desire was normally stronger with girls, that much Chaos had realised. And Celeste had been...such a slight, such a damaged thing when he first came across her cowering in the rain, blood still heavily staining her clothes, looking as though she expected to be struck by anyone who glanced at her in passing. It had been so easy for take her home, to gently cosset her and bring her up, to treat her with more kindness than she had ever imagined at that stage in her life and to earn her trust in return. He shut his eyes as the memories came back to him, hazy but some details still left in vibrant clarity. The way she smiled so brightly at every small joy, the innocence in her wide blue eyes despite her tainted body, the softness of her pale skin...

"To-ri..." Chaos's own voice calls softly, drawing the word out as though it were a song rather than a name. Kitty had come later, he recalled, after she had changed, hardened, become more aloof. In response to the summons the girl emerges from around a corner, her dark hair floating softly behind her and contrasting sharply with the white cloth of her dress. She has not yet mastered the art of scowling to show her displeasure, that much is clear from the slightly uneasy expression on her face.
"What's the matter? Tori's no good either?" The man asks. The girl shakes her head, the blue ribbons currently holding her hair in pigtails fluttering slightly with the movement. This is a disappointment. He had liked calling her Tori. The musical sound of it, as well as the image of her as a little bird. Delicate. Fragile. Needing to be caged rather than allowed to fly. "Why don't we come up with a new name for you then? You wanted to get rid of everything that man gave you-" She flinches. It appears even without saying his name the memories were still too fresh, too painful. "-so why not change your name too?" Hesitation. Then a shy nod. With a warm smile the man invites her over to sit down next to him. Whilst it has been hard to pinpoint her exact age her slender figure suggests that she is still quite young, barely a teenager if that. Still too old for either of them to consider her sitting on his lap, at any rate. She gazes up at him with that pure, slightly blank expression, one of the straps of her dress slipping down past her thin shoulder as she waits for him to name her. She looks as though she is a little angel, radiating light into the world around her and never once having been sullied by the impure thoughts and actions of others, although he knows that isn't true. "How about...Celeste?" He asks, watching in dismay as her features crease into a frown.
"It's too...pretty. And light. And doesn't it mean heavenly? You do know I'm a demon, don't you? It would be silly!" She protests as he attempts to brush aside her concerns with a smile.
"I know. But I think it would suit you. If you don't like it I can try to come up with something else..." He offers, already knowing what her reaction will be.
"I-I wouldn't say I don't like it..." She mumbles shyly, her cheeks flushing a pale pink colour. If she truly disliked the name then she would have said so instead of merely coming up with excuses. And he certainly did think it suited her.
"Then from now on your name is Celeste," He says, relishing the smile she gives him in return. Celeste throws her arms around his neck in a hug and Chaos pulls her small body closer to him, shutting his eyes...

Back in the present his eyes flickered open once more, shaking his head as though trying to physically remove the memories from his consciousness. He had kept her, sheltered her, for a long time. Probably hurt her as well, as he seemed to do to all those he interacted with. But he had lost interest in her eventually and she had grown and desired to leave so he let her. It was shortly after that when Asura first got hold of her, Chaos had found out. Her father returned to claim her, and no doubt the time she had spent with Chaos seemed more like a distant dream than anything that had actually happened. He suspected that even now Celeste possessed only vague recollections and that suited him just fine. At any rate she had become an adult and in the process she had put up various walls to shield herself, turned so cynical and harsh and sadistic, so...demonic. She had never gone back to her old name though, and now, with Zoroark...even if Chaos was still concerned about Celeste it would be unnecessary so long as Zoroark was around. Whilst Chaos admitted that Zoroark was, quite often, a reckless, perverted, fool he was at least a reckless, perverted, fool, who would do anything to keep Celeste safe. And to Celeste's credit Chaos had only ever had to intercept one plan to maim Sataniel, although whether Zoroark had ever found out about this incident was unknown to him. It was of little importance now anyway, now that they were both safe here provided he could keep the world intact. Chaos had stepped away from Celeste early enough to avoid ruining her life, evidently, but Maria...Maria was another matter.

She was still so young, so vulnerable, and after the loss of her father, so alone. Perhaps this wasn't quite true: she had that old woman, and any other friends and acquaintances she had made in this world, but they were all just...humans. At least when Noctis had been with her she was amongst someone of her own kind, as well as someone whose mere presence would remind Chaos to keep his distance. He grits his teeth, one hand snaking into his sleeve to rake sharp nails across flesh. It's an unconscious habit and certainly not a harmless one but it helps to keep his focus. Chaos believed he'd done well keeping his hands off her all this time. He had never even hurt her, excluding the day they first met. Her glass eyes served as a reminder every time he saw her, Noctis's work skilled but still not enough to make him forget. Probably the girl still remembered it as well despite her being so young when it occurred. For years now Chaos had been waiting for her to hold it against him, for built up resentment to finally win out against the childish innocence which caused her to forgive him in the first place, but it didn't seem to be coming. It was possible the girl was just too caught up in living a normal teenage life and if that was the case Chaos should have been glad. For her to have that kind of life, free from the darkness and pain that came hand in hand with living in Leviathan, was the whole reason he had assisted Noctis in bringing her to the human world in the first place even though he knew it was a foolish move from the start. To spare her from pain, yes, but the desire to inflict that pain on her himself still remained.

It was twisted, he knew that. It was wrong and sick and abnormal but Chaos had never pretended to be anything but. Obviously he kept it hidden though, this desire to rend flesh and snap bones, to see those pale, doll-like features twisted in anguish. That's all they seemed to be to him, all these creatures he showed an interest in were merely dolls. He would play with them for a while but ultimately, when he got bored, they would be either broken or thrown away. It wasn't that he particularly enjoyed living this way...who would? But as the centuries had dragged on he had simply accepted it, this solitary draining existence. Chaos did feel that Maria was different however. Whilst he wanted to hurt her it wasn't overbearing and, if he pushed himself to think about it, it seemed as though the feelings which encouraged causing her pain existed more because he expected them to than as part of his nature. During the years when Noctis was still around Chaos had even considered making a copy of the girl in order to act out his desires without engaging the wrath of her father (obviously if Noctis had found out he would have been understandably angry, but for some reason this didn't occur to Chaos) but although creating such a replica was certainly within his power the more he considered it the more Chaos found that the idea disgusted him until it reached a point where he wished it had never occurred to him in the first place.

There was no doubt that the girl had some strange sort of influence over him, whether she knew it or not. Chaos himself had taken a long time in noticing it, his first clue being that he hadn't bored of her during the eleven or so years they had known each other as he typically would with a child he entertained in this manner. Instead, as she had grown he found himself becoming more fascinated by her, although he wasn't quite sure what this meant. He still didn't trust himself around her though, he was definitely certain of that. Since she had aged he also felt slightly uneasy around her, not quite sure how to act although he didn't know why that was either. Hence why his visits had become even less frequent over the last few months, ever since he had become aware of the other demons now present in the world. With them here he didn't have to be so concerned about Maria (not that he tended to admit being so anyway) and now that the young girl was aware of the effect Chaos had set in motion by bringing her here he could even use the excuse of being too busy to visit, although he did still feel guilty about using that sort of thing to excuse himself. That was why he had sent Setsuna -a small project of Chaos's which had gone...not entirely the way he had planned- to check on her. He had hoped that perhaps after receiving a report on Maria's wellbeing, even if he hadn't actually seen her for himself, he would be able to get her off his mind for a little while to focus on fixing the barrier without any distracting thoughts...