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Shredded Paper

Shredded Paper

Two unfortunate lives meet. 1x1 between Purplesprout and Kaito_Shion

477 readers have visited this universe since Kaito_Shion created it.
Topics: cutting, depression, original, self-harm, slice-of-life, and suicide (Add Tags »)
Requires Approval: Yes

You can…


Two lives. Two people. Two equal feelings of hopelessness and wanting to die.
He’s been alone for so long. So have you.
You don’t even know him, yet you know how he feels.
A chance encounter is all you two need.
You met him one day, in his deep despair and scarring memories. He was drawn to you, and followed you. Before you knew it, the two of you got closer. His difficulties and yours mixed together, and you found hope in each other’s hopelessness. Maybe you’ll leave together, maybe you’ll stay together, maybe one will leave and one will stay. The streets are a dangerous place for people like you two. Reality hurts more than fantasy does, and society ignores all your problems. Life won’t let you enjoy yourself without someone getting hurt or crying. Maybe you don’t want to change that. But as much as you like it this way, other people might not. Some people like it but they still need a hand to hold. He is one of those people. You can help him because you know how he feels. Your worlds are already upside down. And who knows? Maybe you can hold each other’s hands and take steps forward. Maybe not. But whichever way you choose, he’ll be there. The rain has started to get to both of you. If you find each other, it might not be as hard. Two can be better than one-or worse. The cuts on your wrists match his. Whether you like it or not, you’ll meet him sooner or later. Your fates were intertwined since your creation. His tears splash onto yours. In the same darkness, you’ll find each other eventually.
So are you ready to begin?
Just press start.
Let’s play the suicide game.
<Shredded Paper>


1. Keep it PG-13, no sexy stuff (cussing is allowed)
2. No god-like characters or Mary Sues
3. Careful of your actions, extremely sensitive characters here!

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Character Portrait: Shion Kaito A homeless suicidal boy
Character Portrait: Seiko Yamamoto Aka DJ Seiya

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These poor, unfortunate souls were once a part of this great world, but have been abandoned. Why don't you consider viewing their profiles and making a decision on whether or not you can roleplay them accurately?

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Havin Seiko hug him was one of the best things he had ever done. Her arms wrapped around him, giving him a sense of peace and safety he had never felt before.
“I-I’m sorry, Seiko......” he whispered, starting to cry again. His fear from the past several weeks left him through his tears, and he held onto her but not too tight, letting them flow.

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Shredded Paper

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