West HillsJulian Wood

"Touch her and you will learn what true pain is."

a character in “Shrouded in Darkness”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Julian Wood

Age: The body he is in is approximately seventeen years of age.

Gender: Male

Species: Demon

Personality: Dark and childishly cruel are two traits that Julian could easily be described as having as a demon. He absolutely loves games, but that's mostly because he gets bored with things quickly and games are never exactly the same. Although merciless to most, he has a soft spot for the human girl. He is not afraid to kill, but doesn't want to do it in front of the human girl, since he is protective of her, though he would never admit it. No matter what happens he has deemed himself her protector, though she doesn't know it and he doesn't plan on letting on to anyone.

√ Human souls
√ Darkness
√ The human girl
√ Music
√ Games

X Sunlight
X Light
X Crowds
X Loud noises
X Most humans
X Technology

☣ The human girl getting hurt
☣ Light
☣ Dying

☠ The human girl
☠ Light
☠ His human body
☠ Fighting

☼ Darkness
☼ Diplomacy
☼ He learns quick

Appearance: Julian stands at five feet eight inches tall, is slightly muscular, and has light colored skin. His eyes are a light shade of brown with darker flecks. His hair is a very light blond and is long enough that it is usually swept to one side of his face, though it often hangs over one eye. He has been told that his hair is very soft. His normal attire consist of t-shirts, a jacket, and jeans, none of which are baggy on him. He wears black Converse sneakers.

Family: Unknown

Other: N/A

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