West HillsMinh Rumps

"Don't hurt her. She's mine." *Smiles*

a character in “Shrouded in Darkness”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Minh Rumps

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species(Human, demon, older demon): Demon

Personality: Minh has a strange way of showing emotions. If he's sad or mad, then he'll smile a big cheshire grin, even when crying. But if he's happy he'll have a neutral look on him. If he happens to dislike you he'll be more polite and ask about what your likes are, but if he likes you he'll be more casual towards you and he'll ask you about what you hate the most. He likes to sneak up on people because he finds their reactions amusing and at times will say things like "Oh, I have something special for you," just to see their reactions. But if he likes someone, like really likes them, then he'll give them decorated buttons and place good luck on them. But he'll never confess to anyone. He can also be very naïve and foolish at times, though that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a good idea to trick him…

Likes: Those who he's fond of (Especially the girl he likes), messing with people for reactions, having interesting reactions, collecting and making decorated buttons.

Dislikes: Those who he dislikes, anyone that harms or wishes to harm those he likes (Especially the girl he likes), not having an interesting reaction from someone, being rejected, being tricked.

Fears: Anything happening to the girl he's fond of.

Weaknesses: Due to how strangely he shows emotions, it might make it harder for him to really blend into the human world. Along with the fact that he's rather creepy, even in his human host form. He doesn't have that much stamina against hits, even in his full form, so he has to rely on his agility instead, which decreases as it gets lighter. He's not that strong either. He can be tricked due to how naive he can be.

Strengths: He can sneak up on others easily along with being very agile, even in his human host form he's a bit faster than the average human. He would do anything for the girl he's fond of or even anything for anyone he likes, as he's very loyal to them.

Appearance: In his full form he appears as some fox-like shadowy creature. In his half form, the form that he's in when it's getting lighter, he looks like a rather skinny black-haired boy with sharp teeth, along with having fox ears and a fox tail. He posses the form of a black haired boy who looks fairly normal.

Family: (Feel free to add him I suppose.)

Other(Anything I missed?): N/A

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