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Someone is instantly more interesting when you meet them in the dark

a character in “Shrouded in Darkness”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Misery Ravencroft

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Personality:Dark is well dark. Dark has trust issues. If she dis- trusts you she will tell you. Even if she trust she she will act pretty weird around people. She is withdrawn if she is not with her mother she likes to read a book in the room she has occupied at her mothers house, she says this because she does not feel like she fits in but she still loves her mother. She likes her alone time, she pretty much hates it when someone wakes her up . Dark is a bitch, a complete bitch and she knows it . She is blunt as well so that add to her bitch Persona. She is also a romanticist but she does not show it. She hide her emotions well she always has a I'm bored look on her face. She can change, she knows she it pretty and she uses it to her advantage, you could say she was seductive, but if she really like somebody she will do her up most best to try and tell them but when it come to matters of the heart she becomes quite shy.

Dark's dark side is that she like seeing people in pain plain and simple, she has no empathy for anyone who has crossed her path and royally pissed her off,. She has no quarrel with blood as she is used to it. Dark is not the sort of girl to cringe at getting her hands dirty. She cares alot about her Mother and would die for her . She has quite a temper on her she can kept it a bay but once she is really angry she is a force to be reckoned with and she has warned people to keep away from her when she is like that. She does not like people seeing her in a weak position.

-Listening to music

~ Large crowds
~ bullies
~ T.Vs
~ Small enclosed spaces
~ Heights

Fears: She has the fear of fear its self.

Weaknesses: Her mother and some of her friends

Strengths: She has strong determination.


Family : Her mother, her older brother died and she never knew her father.

Other(Anything I missed?):her Nickname: Dark, she can play the piano, she can sing pretty well

So begins...

Misery Ravencroft's Story