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"Forces of Demonkind... bow to me."

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Valentine Cypher (Full Title: Valentine The Inheritor, Dark Apostle Of The Legions Of Hell, Prince Of Demons - he doesn't use it much for obvious reasons)

Unknown; relatively young, by Demon standards. Looks to be in his late teens, but is certainly centuries old, if not well older.


Demon (specifically, Fallen Angel)

Valentine is an enigma; he is arrogant and intelligent, blending in easily among high society, yet is a ruthless warrior, perfectly at home on the front lines of war. He is commander of the Black Templars, a branch of the Legions Of Hell, and his whole life has been spent training for this role. Determined not to fail his father, Valentine spends every spare second of every day practicing for the art of war. He is very manipulative of others, and a tactical genius, which contributed to his promotion to the commander of the Black Templars. He is nigh-psychopathic on the battlefield, fighting ruthlessly, slaughtering anyone who dares get in his way if they're not a fellow Black Templar and ignoring any injury until the end of the battle. He is extremely arrogant, and believes that those untrained in war are unworthy of being in his presence; this attitude is a side effect of being raised from birth to believe that he is a step above all others. He cares little for anyone except his fellow Black Templars; they serve him without question, and he feels some degree of respect and attachment towards them. Since that day, he refuses to even interact with non-military personnel, aside from his father, as he has a fear of them being killed because of him - not that he'll ever admit this to anyone, even his own men. He was recently ordered to spend a year on Earth, relaxing and eating souls - given his warlike nature, this has not sat well with Valentine, and he hopes for the end of this period so that he can go back to his Black Templars. His brother was former Lord of the Black Templars, but after his brother was killed by Archangel Michael, he was promoted to the rank of Lord. He has embraced this role, and leads his men from the front lines in skirmishes with Heaven while preparing for a full-out war - but he still doesn't know his father's secret plan...

~ First and foremost, war. His favourite sensation is the rush of war, the feeling of an opponent's skull being crushed beneath his boot, the cracking as his blade cleaves through the ribcage of his enemy.
~ Human souls, of course.
~ Really, not much else - he's never known anything but war, training for war, and feeding off human souls.

~ His father.
~ Civilians.
~ The weak.
~ Pacifists. He HATES pacifists.
~ Being forced to be a civilian.

~ He fears only one thing - defeat, and anything that could lead to it. Other than that, he knows no fear of anything, not even death. This is a side effect of centuries of training; of course, not fearing death leads to suicidal overconfidence.

~ Massively overconfident in his own abilities, and those of the Black Templars. This leads to him charging into situations without first considering that his opponent could be a threat.
~ Reasonably slow; speed isn't his strong suit.
~ Doesn't know how to deal with emotions, save for bloodlust.

~ An extremely skilled warrior. His chosen weapon are a pair of swords, and he is a master wielder of them, more than a match for most demons in close combat.
~ Rather intelligent when it comes to tactics, and very manipulative of everyone around him.
~ VERY difficult to kill. Put simply, there is almost nothing that can keep him down permanently; this is a side effect of being son of Lucifer,

Tall at about 6'4", and powerfully built. Has long black hair and grey eyes. He has several scars on his body, including one from his cheekbone to his chin, which he acquired in a duel with his father. His defining mark are his long black wings, which he can fold against his back; these are inherited from his father, who was an Angel before falling from Heaven, when his genetic coding became the template for the original Demons, who are all related to Lucifer at the top of the tree; however, normal Demons lack wings. He is typically seen wearing his long robes, or his heavy plate armour. (Basically, for his clothing and wings, take the picture above, then change the robes and wings to black.)

His father is Lucifer. As in, the Lucifer. Satan. The Devil. You know the one. Anyway, aside from that, his mother was a Demon in Lucifer's bodyguard, who was killed in one of Lucifer's skirmishes with the Army Of Heaven. He had a few siblings, including an older brother, but they were all killed under various circumstances (his older brother in particular was former Lord of the Black Templars, before he was killed in battle, leading to Valentine's ascension to the rank of Commander, and his inheritance of the title Prince Of Demons).

Many Demons live on Earth, away from Hell. Some do live in Hell, and those who do are often drafted into the Legions of Hell during times of need. Ever since his fall, Lucifer has been planning a war against Heaven - this has been kept secret so far, as this would certainly cause a great deal of controversy among the Demon population, and possibly even a rebellion. However, he knows that he'll need a reason to draft Demons into the military, and a reason for those Demons to fight - and he has set a plan in motion to acquire both of those...
(Note: this is basically a plot twist for later in the RP. Gezzy, I can PM you about it if you like.)

So begins...

Valentine Cypher's Story