West HillsVirginia Chase

The girl who's afraid of fading.

a character in “Shrouded in Darkness”, as played by breemee

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Name: Virginia Chase
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Personality: Virginia Chase is a girl who is sure she will one day become a nobody. She's friendly, outgoing, and sweet, but can't ever seem to be the first, second, third, fourth, or even so on... person somebody thinks of when they need a friend, a date, someone to talk to, an anything. Is being nice enough to classify you as a person? She's never had a boyfriend the whole sixteen years of her life, and believes there is something wrong with her due to the fact... that she just simply doesn't really care. She can get by on her own. She's still living, and living pretty well compared to some people. So when she feels down and like she is about to cry, she tries to put on a brave face and covers up the tears before anyone can see. Not because it's embarrassing, but because she feels guilty, like she doesn't deserve to feel sad when everything is supposed to be okay.

. She's kind of a dork and likes to read... Not that reading makes you dorky... But she's also kind of a secret manga and anime otaku.
. She likes to sing when she's alone, even if it's just random "lalalas" or singing her scales. Alone includes in the car and in the shower :3.
. She was raised liking things like plays, period dramas and movies, and Shakespeare.
. Likes to write poetry.
. She likes animals and took horseback riding lessons until she was fourteen.
. Although she's a friendly person, she really, really looks forward to her alone time.
. She loves shopping for shoes.
. She likes any kind of fruit... except for the icky ones... :)

. She doesn't like having to wake up early. Especially if she has to use an alarm clock. They give her heartattacks (okay not really).
. She dislikes it when people want to go shopping with her even when they know she doesn't have any money to spend.
. She dislikes people who have fun by mocking and making fun of others.
. She hates it when people talk behind another's back, especially when the person they're talking to is her.

. Showing weakness and crying in front of others.
. Becoming a nobody in the world.

She can't find it in her heart to dislike or distrust anyone and always gives too many second chances. She also get's nervous easily, which causes her to get flustered and make mistakes.

She's never met a person she couldn't at least talk to. She's also pretty level-headed and good at thinking things through.

Family: She lives alone with her mother. Her mother left her father when she was pregnant with Virginia because Virginia's father didn't want a family and wanted her to abort the baby. Virginia also has a grandmother, grandfather, and an aunt and uncle. She has a pet cat named Jade.

So begins...

Virginia Chase's Story