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Setting: West Hills2011-12-12 05:55:12, as written by gezzygezzy
Kellyn walked about a quarter mile to her own school and when she saw the huge iron gate she felt her weariness from earlier creep back in. School always tired her, she sometimes fell asleep in classes, when she didn't get the chance to eat breakfast or didn't get enough sleep, like last night. She might fall asleep in history again! She would have to hear lectures and speeches, maybe even a test. Probably not though since their had been no warning...what about a pop quiz though? Hopefully not.

But it was the last day of the week, and nothing bad ever happened on a Friday, except for meatball sandwich friday, where at luch you had either a meatball sandwich or pizza, but the school's pizza had all these cheeses on it and one of them looked like mustard. So it was not a pretty, or tasty for that matter food. Heading through the gates she saw a couple of her friends and they waved to her. She waved back and walked through the crowd to catch up with them, pushing most of the others aside the best she could to get through. None of them fell over so it wasn't a big deal.

She stopped at the double doors and they got out of the crowd filing into the school. For some reason all the kids seemed to get here at the same time. Except for the kids who got up really early and managed to catch the bus, but who could do that? That would mean getting up half an hour earlier! That was a lot of time when you were talking about waking up.
Her friend Alisa said in an over-dramatic tone.
"Can you be-live what we had to go through? What happened to the snow? My life is over!"
She pretended to collapse and nobody caugth her as always so she fixed herself and glared at everybody.
"Fine then, everybody let my life end! You shall find me in the deep abyss that we call despair!"
That's why we were sure she was going to be an actress. Laughing a bit as Alisa went on and on about how the snow had killed her, she spotted and unusual face in the crowd. She had lived here her whole life, so she knew pretty much every person that went to this school, especially ones that looked like they were in her grade. Could he be a new student? They hadn't gotten one of those in a while.