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Setting: West Hills2011-12-12 06:56:33, as written by gezzygezzy
(It's okay. Writer's block happens)

Kellyn saw the boy walk over to them and Bri blushed slightly as he talked. She never was the smoothest, but apparently this guy was. The two were at a loss for words so she held back an eye roll for Alisa's sudden mood change and replied to him,
"No, we just haven't had a new student in...well forever."
Alisa sighed and said,
"Yeah, forever..."
That time Kellyn couldn't help but roll her eyes. He was cute, no denying that. But...well actually there was nothing else to say, girls had goggling rights if a guy was cute.
"Sooooo....." she said suddenly aware that she was talking to a guy that could be...who knows what? "I'm Kellyn. But people aroud here call me Kelly."
Alisa spoke up and said,
"I call you Kels! You can't forget about my nickname!"
Back to her normal self. She caught herself looking at his sleek black hair a moment to long and turned her gaze to something else. It landed on a bird. Well she so wasn't obviously trying to not stare at him. He would NEVER notice her staring at a bird and striking it as odd. Funny, she never knew her mental sarcasm was so good. 'That's what happens when you only get five hours of sleep', she thought to herself.