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(My apologies for not replying sooner. Places to go, people to kill; you know, the usual.)

Valentine noticed one of them trying incredibly hard not to pay attention to him. He'd seen a similar detail two places before; firstly, when he was angry and one of the new Templar recruits was trying desperately not to acquire his attention and get disemboweled, and secondly, when he walked past a group of young Demonettes, who were trying to make it look like they weren't attracted to him - a justifiable action, as trying to catch the eye of any commander was sufficient to get executed by the government for distracting a military officer from his duties. At a guess, this human was trying to make it look like she wasn't attracted to him, although he couldn't work out why.

Some strange mental compulsion decided to make him pursue the girl who was looking away.

"Ah, yes, that explains why everyone was giving me odd glances," he said. "Lovely to meet you, Kellyn. May I ask what is so interesting about that specific bird?" he asked, still keeping his voice and actions smooth. He noticed that one of the girls - the one who had protested over Kellyn forgetting her nickname - was looking like a kicked puppy after he'd failed to acknowledge her, but paid her no notice.

(Wait, she thinks five hours isn't much? That's as much as I get every night, and I'm in high school, and am still getting top marks...)