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Setting: West Hills2011-12-12 21:03:17, as written by gezzygezzy
(Well I am always tired if I dont get like 10 hours of sleep. So yeah...that comes from my own thoughts XD)
Kellyn was caught off gaurd by his question and said, "Wha-? Oh the bird. Um, I didn't think birds hung around when it was this cold."
Nice save, she thought to herself, wondering if maybe she should just look at him again. It's pretty obvious that barely anyone cares about birds not migrating, but that was the only excuse she could think of.

Trying to change the subject she said,
"So, what's your name?"
Lisa was pouting behind her and she just knew that she was going to "die" because of this later. Kellyn actually felt a little bad for her so she might actually catch her as she fell this time. Probably not, but maybe. Looking at the guy she wondered where he was from. Certainly no where near here since most people here dressed like toddlers, excluding a select few that cared what they threw together. They didn't look awful but they didn't dress to impress either. Neither did she but she wore what she liked and it looked fine.