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Setting: West Hills2011-12-14 01:02:40, as written by gezzygezzy
Valentine. His name was romantic. Apparently Bri agreed because her eyes got all big and shiny. She heard the warning bell inside and snapped out of her little trance.
"Um, that's the warning bell. We should go if we don't want to be late," she said a little to quickly. Tugging at the two she got them inside then stopped. She turned around and tucked a hair behind her ear out of habit and said,
"See you around Valentine,"
Then ran to her class, letting her two friends go only when she knew they wouldn't go all hopeless romantic on her and run after him declaring their love. Or in Bri's case, just staring at him.

They parted to their different classes and Kellyn went into history and into her seat with four minutes until the bell rang. The teacher always came in five minutes late so she got out some paper and made some paper airplanes that she threw to her friends to pass the time, but her mind was already occupied...Valentine, the name fit him perfectly. She was brought back into reality when an airplane almost hit her in the face. She caught it and focused only on throwing the airplane.