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"Oh, believe me, Kellyn. You will," he whispered to himself, before walking off.


During History, Valentine was quite alarmed by how little of human history he knew. They were discussing Hitler and Germany's motivations surrounding World War II, and it was, admittedly, interesting. It appeared that his father had been very busy in the 1930s.
When it came his turn to answer the question of why Hitler went to war, he simply decided to work out the most obvious reason.
"Human nature," he said, getting odd glances from the rest of the class. "Humans desire two things in this world. Power and bloodshed. Hitler understood this, and acquired both," he said. "Of course, because he's nothing more than human, his greed eventually got the best of him and he fell and died alone, like every other human in history who has come close to ruling the world."
He looked over to Kellyn, watching her carefully for a reaction.