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Setting: West Hills2011-12-14 01:58:50, as written by gezzygezzy
Kellyn had been so stunned by Valentine walking into the room that she had aimed to high and hit some random person in the eye with the paper airplane. When she heard his answer later on in class her gum she had been secretly chewing in class had almost fallen out of her mouth.
"Human Nature? Since he was no more than human?"
What kind of school did he go to before? But he seemed to know more than her, since she fell asleep during the Hitler lessons. All she knew was that they made a big mistake when they tried to conquer Russia and some other stuff. But from the amount of detentions being handed out for gum she was pretty sure that wasn't the normal answer, so she couldn't use that later on.

The teacher recovered from a slight shock and continued talking on, but she wasn't listening. It was easy to ignore him in the back where nobody else could see you. Then she heard her name.
Startled she thought of any fragments of words he had said. Nothing.
"Um...I don't know."
She said and he said some year but she was already day dreaming again. If only he was teaching about the history of Christmas, she had heard that so many times that she knew almost everything. Jesus was brought into the tradition in the fourth century, it was originally a Scandinavian ritual for the winter solctice. Or that Santa was brought into the Christmas tradition in the U.S.A, instead of being in his traditional feasting day on December 6th. It helped that they had done papers on it in English last year. Snow comes on Christmas, maybe they would get snow when it didn't effect school. Not as nice but she could sled and use some rackets to walk around. Even if she didn't need them they were fun to walk in and she had some from the past few years.