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The Guardians and their characters must do their best to fend off Easter and collect the Embryo before it’s too late. But romances and betrayals may prove to be their downfall, so what can they do?

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Setting: Japan2011-03-21 21:25:25, as written by Stellabellum
[[the post is good, don't worry about it ;) alright, we're skipping classes for now. we'll continue just as the bell rings and they're leaving.]]

Ring, ring, ring.

Skylar looked up from her doodles as the bell sounded throughout the school. As classmates passed, they smiled and said their fair wells to her. It never made sense to her how these people could possibly like her. As a member of the boxing club – the only female amongst the smelly boys – she was one of the people she’d least expect for others to enjoy being around. Yet, it appeared that many girls looked up to her for her abilities. In her opinion, if she was some pretty girl and she just happened to be in a class with a girl who was constantly covered in band-aids and bandages, she would do her best to stay away. These people have no common sense, she thought with a little sigh.

“Hey hey, Sky, you don’t have boxing practice this afternoon right?” Kimiko asked, popping out from her usual spot in the bag and landing on her bearer’s head.

“You should go practice anyway,” Genesis pouted while indirectly answering Kimi’s question.

Frowning, the girl stood and shouldered her bag. She headed down the hallway with the rush of other students. As she walked an image of Ches popped into her mind. Immediately, Skylar halted. A boy walked into her and almost bowled both of them over, but she caught both herself and him at the last moment. He apologized quickly through a nervous smile and red face before quickly retreating to join his friends. She watched impassively. How could people be so relaxed? With people like Ches walking the streets, she suddenly didn’t feel so comfortable going home alone. “Perhaps we'll meet again. I take that back. We will meet again,” he had said. When was that? Where? Was she supposed to be worried?

Soon enough she was on her way once more, pondering what to do. I should talk to the Guardians about this. That lock belongs to them… right? But suddenly, Skylar wasn’t so sure if she wanted to drag the Guardians into this. It was clear that Ches wasn’t about to leave her alone, so couldn’t she just snatch it next time they met? Keeping the whole meeting a secret, however, wasn’t the best idea either. A sigh escaped her lips as she skipped down the front steps. “I’ll deal with the Guardians tomorrow,” she murmured to herself. “Ches won’t be too hard to handle.”

Looking more reassured than she felt, she escaped the school grounds, successfully avoiding being spotted by one of the Guardians – or so she hoped. Skylar made it home quickly after pressing herself into a quick jog. Pa always wanted her to put in extra exercise when she could. Once inside the house, she changed into an X-backed tank and black sophies. I’ll practice for a little while before I look him up, she promised herself. Since she didn’t know his last name, she’d have to either run around town to find him or she could simply look him up on the web. With a name as exotic as his, she was sure it wouldn’t be too hard of a task.

“Do you want to character change for practice?” Genesis asked as she pressed out the back door into the yard.

“Nah, I’ll do this myself,” Skylar replied and faced the punching bag that hung from the large oak in the centre of the yard. I’m going to miss practicing the piano tonight because of that pervert, she thought with a little grumble before starting practice.