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The Guardians and their characters must do their best to fend off Easter and collect the Embryo before it’s too late. But romances and betrayals may prove to be their downfall, so what can they do?

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Sakura smiled once she heard the bell, she was able to attend the rest of her classes after missing one for May's sake. I hope Ray hasn't done anything to bad to her... she thought before getting up from her seat and heading out the classroom door. Glancing out the window she spotted Skylar leaving, seeing her reminded of what she needed to tell the guardians. Sakura had spotted a guardian on her, meaning she could be a possible recruit...

Taking a step outside the school building she walked towards the Royal Garden, another thought appeared in her head.
We need to get the Humpty Lock back...soon. Ches had stolen it, that was a problem. Entering the Royal Garden she immediately looked for May, making sure she was alright. Sure enough she had fallen asleep on one of the chairs, her face looked innocent...which made Sakura smile.
" May..wakey wakey." May opened her eyes and smiled up at Sakura " Sis, are we going to get my teddy bear?" Sakura nodded " Soon soon, I need to speak with some people before we go, alright?" May nodded and got off the chair, re-seating her self on Sakura's lap once she sat down.

Sakura awaited the other guardians, eager to speak with them...
Ray was still seated on the table, she must have been watching May wasn't a surprise though...she often did those things.
" Your back...good." Sakura giggled, she knew how Ray was when she was with other people other then her. She was always so emotionless and rarely talked unless to scold some one or speak to Sakura on a important manner.
However this time she must be eager for tonight, they were going to purchase a movie that had recently been released...a horror movie.