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The Guardians and their characters must do their best to fend off Easter and collect the Embryo before it’s too late. But romances and betrayals may prove to be their downfall, so what can they do?

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Setting: Japan2011-03-21 23:56:05, as written by aipsylon
Daisuke made his way out of class, giving a friendly smile and wave to anyone that he caught looking at him. There always . He walked through the halls quietly, looking around for any of the other guardians assuming that they would have just made their way to the garden he decided that would be the best thing to do.

Making his way passed the students he felt as if he had a poor day at school, not really interested in most of what was going on in classes, the vast majority of the times he could not manage to get his mind off the missing Humpty Lock, after all it had been stolen while he was a guardian, and that was something he would not stand for.

Walking into the garden he spotted Sakura, Giving her a wave. “ Hi Sakura, how are you this afternoon? What did you think of history lesson today?” Despite his mood he did not let it affect his interactions with others still as giving the kind smile that was always on his face as he greeted her, Mamoru dropped down to the ground stretching out looking like he was about to start to exercise.

Daisuke looked at Ray and May before looking back to Sakura and waiting for her answer. His thoughts still racing about how little he had paid attention during the day, having to think back to see if he could remember if he had answered anything wrong in class that day.