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The Guardians and their characters must do their best to fend off Easter and collect the Embryo before it’s too late. But romances and betrayals may prove to be their downfall, so what can they do?

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May looked at Daisuke and hugged Sakura tightly, as feeling unsafe...really she was just being shy. Ray didn't bother looking at Daisuke, instead she looked at Mamoru and simply watched what he was doing. Of course the way she was staring could give anyone a uncomfortable feel..
Sakura looked at Daisuke and smile at him as she stroked May's hair trying to ease her. " I am doing wonderful, as for History it was alright. I am not to good in history so it's a it difficult for me to keep up. This is my little Sister May, she had some problems at class and wanted to stay here.
Don't mind her though, she is a bit shy when it comes to strangers." she giggled as May nuzzled her face into Sakura, trying to cover it from Daisuke.

" I have been meaning to speak with you Dai, I recently came across a girl...I have heard a couple things about her from the students. Her name is Skylar Pendragon, I believe she has a guardian to what we should do about it I am not sure. I believe we should try to recruit her, the more the merrier after all. Also...we need to get the humpty lock back, it's been bothering me a little ever since it was stolen...especially by a Easter pawn."

Sakura's smile seemed to fade slightly when she spoke of the humpty lock being stolen, it wasn't something to smile about...they had failed to keep it safe. They needed to get it back as soon as they could.