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The Guardians and their characters must do their best to fend off Easter and collect the Embryo before it’s too late. But romances and betrayals may prove to be their downfall, so what can they do?

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Setting: Japan2011-03-22 00:27:17, as written by Stellabellum
[[yes he does. if you want, he can already be able to transform]]

A light sweat was painting Skylar's bronzed skin at this point. She leaned her forehead against the punching bag, breathing deeply and forcing herself to keep a calm composure. New bandages lined her left hand - where she'd accidently bloodied her knuckles - and almost her entire right arm, not including her elbow and shoulder. Her muscles felt strained and sore, and her entire body was steaming. Since night was beginning to fall across the sky, the cool breeze that surfed the air was almost enough to keep her from giving up on practice. "Genesis, how long?" she asked, crouching.

"Eto..." The brunette character floated over to the stop-watch. "Thirty minutes, Sky. I'd say you should continue but we've still got to go out shopping and figure out the Ches problem."

"God, I don't want to deal with him," the girl grumbled. With a sigh on her lips, Skylar threw the chilly towel over her shoulders and retreated back indoors. After a quick change into a comfortable mini-black skirt and a green hoodie, she skipped out of the house. Pa had called earlier to tell her that he needed her to do the shopping since he wouldn't be home until morning. He was rarely home anyway, so it wasn't a surprise that she'd have to do the shopping.

With her three characters floating around her head, Skylar headed out towards the shopping district. It didn't take her long to jog there, and once at the district she slowed to a stop to take a pleasant stroll. She'd never been a fan of shopping, but lately she'd become a fan of window-shopping. She paused, however, as she felt a tug at her hair.

Mononoke was fiddling with her thumbs, sitting on her shoulder. "Look... over there..." She nudged her head in the direction across the street.

And standing there-- was Ches. Skylar felt the hairs on the back of her neck prickle. Now that she'd found him, part of her was afraid to approach. No, it wasn't fear. Perhaps embarasement. She stared in his direction for multiple seconds before forcing herself into one of the market stores. Forget it, she'd get the Guardians to deal with him. He was none of her buisness. She didn't have to go after him. Yes, yes that was right... right?