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The Guardian Jack of the Moon Crest Student Council

a character in “Shugo Chara: Rebirth”, as played by DarkBlueAce

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Name: Aoi Hiroto
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese
Birthday: February 3
Grade: 11
Guardian: Jack
Preference: Straight
Personality: Aoi has a focused mind. He doesn't tend to let anything get in the way of what his goals are and isn't easily distracted. As a side-effect, he doesn't usually make much time for anything else so his friends often get left in the dust. He can come off as calous and uncaring due to him brushing other people off to pursue whatever he's trying to achieve. He has few friends to speak of and leads a lonely life. Aoi is also a very intelligent person, possibly from being so focused all throughout school. Many times he's had the top grades of his class, but has never tutored anyone. He can easily tune most people out so he's not partiularly bothered by someone unless they're especially annoying.
Likes: Books, cold weather, and the ocean.
Dislikes: Distractions, obnoxious people, and sushi.
Hobbies: Aoi doesn't partake in any recreation. When he does though, he'd most likely be passively reading a book.
Talents: Aoi would make an excellent sharpshooter as would almost never miss his target. Though he's never held a gun before though and doesn't tend to try new things or open up a whole lot. He hasn't explored any of his talents other than his intellect since school has been his focus for a long time.
Appearance: Image
Aoi's hair reaches past his ears and is a blueish black color. His eyes are brown with a hint of yellow in them. He has a medium-thin build and is average height. At school he wears the school uniform, otherwise he wears season appropriate attire.
History: Aoi's parents placed great expectations on him ever since he was little since his father was the owner of a major computer firm. Throughout most of his school years up into middle school he made no friends, but in the summer before his first year of highschool he realized how lonely he was. Then the morning before he headed off to school, he found a certain egg in his room.
Chara Name: Hiraku
Hatched: From Aoi's desire to be more open and less self-centered.
Personality: Hiraku is friendly and helpful to people. He cares about others more than himself and will try to assist them in any way he can. He's also always looking to try new things. These can get him off track from his current objective much to the dismay of Aoi. He likes to have other people around and will probably try to befriend all of the other guardians.
Appearance: Image
Chara Change: Aku Soku Zan; Aoi becomes more concerned about other people, and is overall nicer. Occasionally he will even become a little affectionate. Although this happens very very rarely. Hiraku morphs into a robotic looking sniper rifle that can change into a katana for close quarters combat and usually is just strapped to Aoi's back.
Chara Transformation: Mecha Sniper
Aoi gains a suit of armor similar to what his Chara looks like (not chibi though), except for on his arms (not the forearms) and his thighs, and a high tech sniper rilfe equipped to his back that can change into a beam sword for close quarters combat. He is also totally aware of his surroundings.

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