The Middle LevelLaine "Hassie" Blanks

The Guardian King

a character in “Shugo Chara: Rebirth”, as played by Calamity

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Name: Laine Blanks
Nickname: Hassie
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese, Italian (His father was Italian)
Birthday: May 13th
Grade: 9
Guardian or Abyss Co.: King
Preference: Not sure what this is...If it's what i think it is, then Straight.
Personality: Laine is very cocky, but cares about other people too. He's a bit of a flirt also.
The Guitar, Rock music, Country music, Women, Spicy foods, The sun, snow.
Dislikes: Rap music, Pineapples, People who challenge him, and think more highly of themselves than him. Swimming.
Hobbies: Playing the guitar, writing songs.
Talents: Playing the guitar, singing, dancing
Appearance: Image Laine has sandy blonde hair, and a slim build. He has green eyes.
History: Laine grew up with three sisters, so his nickname growing up was "Lainey". He didn't like that. His family used to be poor, so all the music equipment he had, was beaten down or broken. A year back, his family won the lottery, so money is a bit more expendable now.

Chara Name: Sasori
Hatched: Because of Laine's desire to be a better musician, and to be more popular and likeable.
Personality: Sasori is very snobby. He looks down on anyone but himself. He also hates Sweet things, whether it be people, or food.
Appearance: (I could't find a good picture. Sorry) Sasori is a small boy, with red hair, and a black leather jacket with a skull and crossbones
Chara Change: "Charm, entrance, play!" Laine's hair takes the color of his chara's, and he gains the ability to control and manipulate people. He also seems extreemly attractive and irresitable. (Although, It's possible to resist.)
The beads on his wrist, turn into spiked wrist bands. Also, he attacks by playing notes on his guitar.
Chara Transformation:Image

So begins...

Laine "Hassie" Blanks's Story