Abyss Co.Leo Brandy

Henchman for the Abyss Co. and former best friend of Laine

a character in “Shugo Chara: Rebirth”, as played by Calamity

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Name: Leonardo Allen Micheal George Axel Derek Jak Brandy
Nickname: Leo
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Nationality: American, moved to Japan when 8
Birthday: September 9th
Guardian or Abyss Co.: Henchman.
Preference: Straight
Personality: Leo comes Off as cocky, and overconfident. He is very Cold. He is also a notorious womanizer.
Likes: Women, machines, dogs, Fruit.
Dislikes: Laine, the guardians, vegetables, meat.
Hobbies: Hating the quardians, tinkering with machines.
Talents: He is a great Mechanic.
Appearance: Image
History: Leo Grew up together, with Laine and they were inseperable. When Laine became a Guardian, He Didn't have much time left for Leo, and Leo felt betrayed and broken. He was lonely, and sad, and thats how his Chara came to be. After a while he stopped feeling sad, and felt a deep hatred for Laine. He was walking down a dark alleyway at night, when he was contacted by a mysterious man, who said that if Leo joined Abyss co., he would finally have revenge on Laine.
Chara Name: Raiden
Hatched: Leo's betryal.
Personality: Completly serious, and by the book.
Appearance: Image
Chara Change: "Whirr, click, Buzz"
Chara Transformation: Broken cyborg. Leo becomes completly serious, and gains the ability to manipulate machines. Image

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Leo Brandy's Story