Signs of Fate: Dreams Renewed

Signs of Fate: Dreams Renewed

For twelve children, their entire lives are turned up-side down when they suddenly manifest powers. Why do they have these powers, and where did they come from? On top of that, now they're being chased by the government! [More inside]

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All your life, you've always felt....different, somehow. You could never quite figure out why, and maybe you were even made fun of for it. But no matter what, you could always tell, couldn't you? Like a thorn in your side, like an itch you could never scratch. The truth is you were born under a Sign.

Unfortunately, no one ever told you. No one ever happened to mention that you had powers, or that they would suddenly manifest sometime between the ages of 15 and 19. You always knew you were different, but never in your wildest dreams did you know you were that different.

But hey, having powers is cool, right?

Except, now the government is after you. They want to capture you and experiment on you, to see what makes you and your powers tick. Is it still cool, now that you're on the run? Sure, you could try to defend yourself, except you're completely out-manned and out-gunned. You may have powers, but they have numbers. And guns. Guns are bad.

At this point, what you need is a safe place. A safe house. And, just when you need it most, you receive a letter. How, might you ask? Well, by courier of course. It would be all too easy for the government to trace a letter through the normal means. This person, this courier, became your guide. I mean, who wouldn't pass up a 'Get Out Of Jail Free' card?

And so, you followed your new guide to a mansion, a place they tell you is called Fate's Mansion. Here, you can live peacefully. Or will you?

It's all up to you.

This is a character-driven roleplay. From here on out, what happens is up to us. ^^ We'll start with everyone waking up in the mansion.

The Signs+Characters
Only two characters per sign. I will not accept any more than that.

Of The Sun

Sign of the Lion:
Felician Venezia
Seb O'Delle
Those born under the Sign of the Lion are unusually strong-willed, independent, and courageous. Birth months- July, August.
Power: Very much like warriors, they are gifted with the speed, strength, and cunning found in only the greatest of fighters. This most commonly manifests in one of three ways:
  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Combat Proficiency (The ability to possess superhuman levels of hand-to-hand fighting skills and excel in various forms of combat.)
Weakness: Since these abilities can cause an incredible amount of strain on the body, it is not uncommon for a character born under this Sign to tire quickly or even experience health problems. For instance, if someone with super strength were to use thier ability for an extended period of time, they may feel very sore afterwards or even cough up blood. (If they don't know what they're doing, as far as coughing up blood goes.)

Sign of the Flame:
Isadora Kohla]
Dimitri Warren
This character is unusually energetic, adventurous, and easily distracted. Birth months- March, April
Power: Those born under the sign of the Flame have a gift for controlling the elements, most notably fire. Although they can only control one element at a time, it is possible for them to learn all of the elements with enough practice and training. (Meaning, you only get one of these elements to start):
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air
  • Plants/Green Life
Weakness: This character has trouble sitting still; they always have to be doing something. May also indulge in impulsive behavior.

Sign of the Magician:
Tzar Kohla
This character is unusually wise, intuitive, and patient. Birth months- September, November
Power:Those born under the sign of the Magician are extremely gifted when it comes to anything to do with information, and never forget. This usually manifests in one of three ways:
  • The ability to retain vast amounts of information/ Heightened Photographic Memory
  • Intuitive Aptitude (The ability to understand the structure and operation of complex systems without special education or training. Basically, just look at something and know how it works.)
  • Cyberkinesis/Technopathy
Weakness: Physically, this character is very weak and has no strength or brawn to speak of. May also become anti-social at times.

Of the Moon

Sign of the Wolf:
Maverick Aylwin
Naomi Moe
This character is unusually determined, loyal, and protective. Birth months- May, June
Power: Those born under the sign of the Wolf are gifted with an affinity for living creatures. This usually manifests in one of three ways:
  • The ability to understand and talk fluently to animals
  • Shapeshifting
  • The ability to track someone simply by their scent.
Weakness: This character has animalistic mannerisms; most notably an aggressive fierceness that may scare others away.

Sign of the Snake:
Makoto Setohara
Cobra Starr
This character is unusually beautiful, sly, and graceful. Birth months- Febuary, October
Power: Those born under the sign of the Snake are gifted with an affinity for darkness and stealth. This usually manifests in one of three ways:
  • Shadow/Darkness Manipulation
  • Pain Illusion (The ability to trick an individual's mind into thinking they are in pain.)
  • Invisibility
Weakness: Those who are born under the Sign of the Snake are perhaps the most socially awkward of all the Signs, despite their gracefulness and beauty. Many are completely anti-social because of this.

Sign of the Martyr:
Annabell Hampton
Cassian Chanteroux
This character unusually kind, generous, and trusting. Birth months- December, January
Power:Those born under the sign of the Martyr are gifted with great compassion. This usually manifests in one of three ways:
  • The ability to heal others by taking the pain of the wound upon themselves
  • Light Manipulation
  • Empathy (The ability to sense other's feelings as if it were thier own)
Weakness: Those who are born under the Sign of the Matyr are emotionally fragile; they tend to be very sensitive and can be easily discouraged.

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#, as written by X64
[Maven and Feli]

Knock, knock

Maven stood knocking at Felician's door. "Hey. Get up." He called softly. When he didn't hear an answer, he knocked louder. "Hey!" He yelled, banging on his door. Finally, the door opened to reveal a tan, brown-haired boy rubbing his eyes.

"What is it? Is it morning already?"


"Aww...I was having a good dream, too...can I have five more minutes?"

"No. Come on, let's go get breakfast."

At the mention of food, Felician perked up. "OH! I wonder if we have bagels~!" He opened the door wide, stepped out, then started walking down the hall. However, he didn't get far before being pulled back by his collar.

"You forgot something." As Feli looked on, Maven pointed down to reveal that he was wearing only a pair of heart-printed boxers and a t-shirt. With a gentle shove, Maverick pushed Feli back into his room. "Put some pants on." He scolded.

"Whoops~!" Feli laughed as he was pushed back into his room, almost tripping over himself in the process. He went over to his dresser and, without any further ado, took out a pair of jeans and proceeded to put them on. When he was done, he took off his shirt and went back to the door. "All done! Let's go~"

Maven sighed as he let Feli lead the way. Was it really necessary to walk around without a shirt on? As Maven followed, he petted the raven perched on his shoulder. I still don't understand why that human is so strange. The raven cawed to him. Maven nodded. He never wears a shirt....even when I met him, he didn't wear one. When I asked him about it, all he said was, "but it's just so free!". Maven softly cawed back, as if he were whispering to it.

They finally made it to where the dining room and kitchen was, easily spotting Pandora in the corner he usually sat in every morning. Felician went straight to the kitchen to raid the fridge like he always did, while Maven went to where Pandora was sitting.


She hadn't slept. She hadn't eaten. She'd barely even bathed, although she took utmost care to disguise herself as she usually did. She was so close to hacking into the data files of the mansion. If only she could find a safe, quiet place to perform a full dive-

"Hey. Where is everyone?" Pandora was shaken out of her thoughts as Maven asked her a question. Scrunching up just a bit in her chair, pulling her laptop a little closer, she shrugged.

"Dunno. It's seven-thirty in the morning, so I doubt many are up yet. Even so, they still just got here. It'll take them awhile to get used to the place." She answered quickly, her russian accent making it slightly hard to understand her.

However, Maven just nodded. "You're right....oh, I guess they haven't met you yet..."

Suddenly, Feli burst in from the kitchen, a bagel in one hand and a butterknife in the other. "They'll LOVE you, I know it! They're all really nice~!" With his two-cents put in, he went back into the kitchen.

Pandora shrugged once more. We'll see. I doubt they even really know what kind of place this is....


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#, as written by Guest
Dimitri's eyes flipped open. He blinked a couple of times to make sure he was in real life before climbing out of bed, sighing. He had a good night's sleep, the first in a while. But when you're running from the government, it's kind of hard to sleep and remain uncapturable...

Dimitri looked around, expecting to find himself in a ditch or in a tree or some other random place outside. Instead, he found himself in a bedroom with a TV, a wardrobe, and a door that probably led to a bathroom. A couple of pictures hung on the wall. On the nightstand, there layed a vase filled with bright red flowers and an alarm clock, the culprit to his awakening. The clock read 7:16. It was probably too early to be heading down yet. Why not explore a little bit?

Opening the wardrobe, he found a nice set of fresh clothes and he smiled. It had been ages since he'd last changed clothes. The tattered rags he'd worn were gone, probably trashed. He found himself wearing nice, comfortable silk pajamas. Dimitri felt like a rich man.

He put on a red T-shirt, some Levis, socks and his usual sneakers before opening his door and heading out into the hall. He stopped there, then immediately turned back inside and went to the bathroom. He needed a shower.

Ten minutes later, he walked out feeling clean and refreshed. He got his hair in that messy way that, for some reason, always looked fashionable. He didn't understand it, but messy hair always looked good on him. If he ever combed it, he looked like a total goober.

Now ready to face the new people at the mansion, he walked out of his room. He made a right, then a left, and then another right. His result was a dead-end hallway. He laughed and turned back around. It's right, left, left... he realized a minute too late. Damn hallway... he thought in his head in a positive way, actually chuckling as he thought it.

Entering the kitchen, the first thing he saw was Felician with a bagel in one hand, a butterknife in the other, without a shirt. He just laughed. It was the most random sight ever, in his opinion. It was too funny. If only I had a camera right now... he joked in his head as he sat down at the table, still chuckling, before turning to look at Felician. "Why do you not have a shirt on?"

Felician was a pretty awesome guy, in his opinion. He had a great, comedic personality, not to mention the fact that he basically saved Dimitri from the government yesterday by taking him to this place. Felician was the first friend he had in a while and Dimitri would treasure that for all it's worth.

Meanwhile, he spotted a rather pleasant man and a rather gloomy woman sitting at the dining table. He was suddenly very curious and sat down across from them. "Hey, I'm Dimitri," he smiled, holding out his hand for both of them to shake.


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0.00 INK

Cobra awoke slowly, not wanting to have to get up. As usual, she was in a less than social mood. After arriving yesterday and meeting Maverick she found that the people here seemed about as unenthusiastic as she was about this. But it was either stay here and hope she was safe or walk out into a world of government manufactured needles poking and prodding her. No thank you.

Sighing, she got up and washed her face, then took her hair out of its ponytail and let it fall. She brushed it out carefully watching herself in the mirror. Her eyes almost seemed dead. Cobra set the brush down and hopped into a pair of jeans before putting on a dark t-shirt and finally a black and dark purple striped hoodie over top. She stepped gingerly into her flip flops and then put her beloved heart necklace on, made of pearl. She frowned a bit but then forced herself to smile, noting how pathetic it looked. Oh well, it wasn't as if she were going to try and make friends here.

The brunette opened the door to her room and left, closing the door gently behind her. She began to twirl the heart pendant resting in the middle of her collarbone. While her memory was usually good, she'd been too concerned with getting to her room and avoiding all contact as apposed to memorizing the layout so she didn't get lost. "Crap..." she muttered, walking down the hall to her left. From there she used eenie meenie miney moe to choose which way to go. Eventually, she found herself in the dining area.

There were already four others here and all of them seemed to be males. Cobra only recognized Maverick. The other three confused her. One was holding a butterknife and standing there shirtless. Was she at a day care? The other two seemed to be exchanging hellos. No thank you. She preferred to be by herself, or at least with less dynamic people. Emotional people annoyed and confused her. Why couldn't they just hold them in like she often did? Nobody needed or wanted to know what your every thought was now, did they?

Co passed the table and sat down at another table towards the corner of the room by herself. She didn't wish to speak with anyone or to be that awkward person who had their food before everyone else. She glanced at the group in slight curiosity, then gazed at the wall as if it would somehow entertain her or at least help her to feel less like a freak.


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Character Portrait: Maverick Aylwin Character Portrait: Dimitri Warren Character Portrait: Felician Venezia Character Portrait: Naomi Moe Character Portrait: Pandora Character Portrait: Cobra Starr

0.00 INK

Naomi's eyes snapped open and she immediately sat up, clawing at the air. She was breathing hard, trying to focus and realize where she was but as she glanced around the large room, the memories slowly began coming back to her. "It was just a dream..." she muttered to herself and flopped back on her back, staring up at the ceiling. Naomi laid there until her heart began to slow down it's beating to a normal pace. She quickly rolled out of bed, and staggered around, rubbing her eyes.

Naomi headed into the bathroom and took once glance at herself, and scowled. She quickly threw some water on her face, and began to search for a brush and fixed her hair until it looked at least somewhat presentable. Satisfied, she began to get dressed, throwing on a pair of jeans, a white shirt buttoned up shirt and sneakers. "Ready!" she said as she a glanced at the mirror one last time.

She peeked outside and looked around. She slowly stepped out, feeling exposed and decided to quickly find the others. After a few minutes of walking, she realized she was lost.

Nao looked around but all she saw was the long hallway ahead of her. After a few more minutes of walking she finally found her way to the dining room and up ahead she could hear the voices of people talking. Naomi cautiously kept walking until she saw a familiar face. She recognized Maverick and let out a sigh of relief. She waved but the others really caught her attention. One of them was shirtless and holding a butter knife. Naomi giggled to herself but her eyes swept across the room she saw another girl who seemed to be farthest from the others.

Naomi took in a deep breath and approached the girl. "Hi" she said, fidgeting with her hands. "I'm Naomi" she said introducing herself but her voice was quiet. She would be surprised if the girl heard her at all.


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0.00 INK


Upon waking, he felt... nothing. 


There was nothing to feel. Yet, of course. Cassian lay face-up on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. If he waited long enough, he knew, he'd begin to feel his own true emotions...

There they were! As though a switch had been flipped in his mind, Cassian sat up in bed, doing a stretch or two, his eyes alight now and his aura one of contentment, serenity, and friendliness. With a tad bit of anxiety thrown in there. He was, after all, in a completely unfamiliar place, filled with completely unfamiliar people- 

People! Cassian's naturally friendly nature had him perked up and hopping out of bed immediately. He was about to skip right out the door when he realized he's forgotten a couple things. Turning back around and laughing slightly at himself, he remade the bed he'd slept in with meticulous skill; hospital corners and everything. It was a habit of his, ironed into his mind to become as much an instinct as breathing. Well, that might've been an exaggeration, but the point remains. 

Hastily, he threw on a pair of tan slacks and a blue polo shirt, pausing to tuck the bottom of his shirt in (another habit), straighten his collar, and run a hand through his hair a few times to discourage unsightly tangles. 

"Appearing decent amongst the public is paramount..." 

Yes. Something like that. When Cassian  was sure he was presentable, he left the room, shutting the door softly behind him. "I hope I can remember where you are," he said quietly, poking the closed door just once before turning down the hallway. 

He heard voices, he realized. Cassian smiled brightly and skipped- yes, skipped- through the halls until he reached the source: a dining room of sorts, with a handful of people already there. Feli was lacking a shirt, and that puzzled him a bit, but he said nothing about it.

He stopped skipping and called brightly upon entering, "Hallo~!" His greeting and his smile wavered in the smallest bit, for although a few of the emotions in the room were positive, there was an almost equal amount of semi-negatives as well. Cassian tried in vain to lift his spirits up by humming a favorite song of his as he sat in a randomly chosen seat.  He looked down and wrung his hands together in his lap as he tried to set his mind back on a positive track. 


His hunger woke him up, ultimately. He opened his eyes at the second demand of his needy stomach. Makoto swore under his breath. What an awkward noise it was. He wished it would stop. But the only way to stop the confounded sound was to feed himself. And that meant wandering around until he found the dining room, which was probably full of people...

Makoto's immediate instinct was to curl up again and try to go back to sleep. But his stomach persisted, and with a reluctant groan, he got out of bed. He'd slept in jeans and a sweatshirt, and he figured that was good enough. So, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he left the room. 

The very first thing he did was trip over the threshold, causing him to stumble rather than walk out into the hallway. Pay attention, you clumsy retard! he scolded himself as he regained his balance. Graceful though he was on average, mornings were his weakness. 

On his journey to find the dining room, Makoto went over with himself how to behave so as not to draw attention to himself. He would enter silently, grab something to eat, eat it quickly, then leave. If anyone tried to talk to him, he'd give minimal answers to discourage the conversation. If anyone made fun of him, he's ignore it as best he could. But he doubted that would happen, and it wouldn't, if he could keep unnoticed.

Which he certainly hoped would be the case. 

Before he knew it, there he was: standing in the doorway of the dining room. Although he'd rehearsed his actions in his head several times, the sight of people sent him into a small mental panic. He took a quick double take as his eyes passed over that guy Maverick and his confounded bird, and that was it. Makoto turned around, murmured, "Screw this," to himself and started back down the hallway, unfed stomach protesting the whole way. 


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Character Portrait: Maverick Aylwin Character Portrait: Dimitri Warren Character Portrait: Felician Venezia Character Portrait: Makoto Setohara Character Portrait: Cassian Chanteroux Character Portrait: Naomi Moe Character Portrait: Pandora Character Portrait: Seb O'Delle Character Portrait: Cobra Starr

0.00 INK

#, as written by S1mon
Seb O'Delle

It was dark. The stars hung in the sky. The moon acted as a torchlight as it shined upon a dark figure, whose footsteps were heard all around as if they were giant feet. Behind the dark figure, was a white car with red lights blaring away and it's sound echoing all around. Infact, there was two, as the dark figure lunged from one side to another, before the figure disappeared. The white cars stopped, as the lights grew stronger and got brighter, bright enough to blind someone's eyes, before suddenly the car was no more than an accordion against the side of a house, while a heavy object, a van to be precise was thrown into the air, and perfectly aimed, the other white car that had stopped was crushed.

The figure stood and beheld the scene. No longer running. His hair a pale red colour that fell to his waist, while one of his hands were positioned infront of him, with his fingers imitating a camera as if taking a snapshot, before a chuckle could be heard from such a figure, "If you must learn the hard way, then the hard way you shall learn", before the figure then moved away and moved out of sight, as the whole scene faded into darkness, before......

A bright light shone infront of the same figure's eyes, which fluttered open from being woken up, as two blue eyes revealed themselves, followed by two strong arms pulling the covers and throwing them off, as the figure sat up and sat on the edge of the bed, stretched, before forming a fist out of one and punching his other hand *though not too hard*, before the figure then spoke, "I knew it! If I had stayed....I would of beaten them for sure!", as he sighed. This figure was no one other than Sebastian O'Delle. A man gifted with super strength, but what annoyed him greatly, was the fact that it was pointless to have such strength, if he could hardly use it.

The night before, he was being chased, before he was cornered by a guy with long hair like him, black, with a black raven on his shoulder. He had said, Maverick his name was, that he could keep running, or keep fighting, but sooner or later, he may be surrounded, outmanned, and outgunned, that he would be safer obliging his letter and returning to the mansion with him. Seb accepted of course, but now thinking about, even dreaming about it, how could he be outgunned if he took the guns off them, and how could he be outmanned, when he could simply crush them. He really wasn't thinking properly.....he could be out there, banging heads together.

However, it wasn't only that which convinced him to follow Maverick, but also the fact that he had accepted who he was, and that the others at the Mansion also were also in similar conditions, that he'd actually be somewhere that he wouldn't be so much as a outcast or being hunted down. It was that more than anything he rambled on about, or the waffling in the letter, that had convinced him to go ahead with such a mad and mysterious request, seeing that he had no idea what this mansion was about. Sebastian went for it anyway, and now found himself in such a comfortable bed, having a comfortable nights' sleep, without any need to wake up suddenly and be on the move, or be expected to break out and enter into a fight. It made a change, and wasn't so bad as he thought it would be.

However, he had yet to meet the other residents, as he pulled on his dark black denim jeans and his dark black t-shirt and jacket, pulling out his hair that seemed to prefer to keep warm inside his clothing, and then freshening himself up, which was merely a quick brush and splashing over his face. Once he was ready, he took a yawn and a stretch, before pushing the door gently, making sure he didn't cause any accidents, and then making his way to the stairs. Since he was mainly hunted at night, he slept a little longer in the day so was pretty much wide awake at night, so he remembered where he was led, and as such, found the stairs easily and made his way down.

Once he reached down, he saw a light haired young man leave the eating area which was a bussle of noise by the sounds of it, which caused him to smirk, wondering how many were here. However, the guy must of had his breakfast quick, he allowed his thoughts to roam as his arm hung loosely, before struck out to block the guy's movement, as he looked towards him and raised his eyebrow, "You must be some eater if you've finished already", as his eyes sharpened, like on a plane sensors as they close in and lock onto the enemy target, seeing that he seems younger than himself, he added, "You don't look like you've eaten, and if I've been told correctly, you have some sort of power, and yes, I am blunt", looking towards the noise before letting out a thin smile, though he could hardly blame the lad if what he was thinking was true as he turned back to him, "Follow after me, get some grub, then go if you must, ok? No more running now", as he pulled his arm away, and left to enter.

Sebastian wasn't sure if he would follow, but if his suspicions were correct, from the way he looked, and his skin, he needed to grub, but unfortunately due to how Seb had been brought up, sometimes he came off in the wrong way. He hoped this was not the case, seeing as he was trying to be as friendly as possible. Whatever he decides however, he too needed to grub, as he stepped in, and saw two young ladies, one sitting, one standing, at their own table, and in the distance, he could see Maverick who he had met before with two other guys round him, one opposite seated with a laptop, and another standing near him. Seems he's pretty popular.

His eyes then settled on a guy, seated alone, with golden hair, looking quite nice he might add, but waiting for what? He had no breakfast infront of him. What was he waiting for? He sighed, before he turned towards the kitchen. With him no longer feeling like an outcast, and having others like him to straighten up, he felt needed for once, and looking around, probably one of the eldest too, as some looked younger than him. However, his thoughts stopped and paused as his eyes were glued to a young man who didn't even wear a t-shirt with the top of his body glaring away. Talk about pride, showing his body off like that. Made him curious what his body was like, to be so proud about. Sebastian, do you ever change? he asked himself.

Walking into the kitchen, he grabbed himself four crumpets and slotted them into the toaster, two for him, and two for the guy who couldn't help himself. For some reason, Seb was in such a lightening mood which didn't occur often, seeing as he had a sense of belonging no doubt. While he was waiting, he grabbed two plates, and the tub of butter and a knife, setting them beside the toaster before opening the window a little and then, with his little finger, he lightly stroked his arm, before pulling away and using his hand to waff his hair back, before saying quietly but loud enough for the guy to hear, "Got to love a little breeze. Bet your feeling it alot more than me", pausing, "Though if it was more windy and chilly, would you put a top on? Hate for you to catch a death of cold...".

As if on queue, the crumpets popped out, as he rinsed his hands, and then spread butter on the crumpets and moved over to the table, sitting beside the golden boy, and passing the plate over to him, "You are going to eat aren't you? Name's Sebastian", introducing himself with a smile. He had to introduce himself at one point, and the fact he was sitting next to him, he mightswell get acquainted to golden boy.


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Tzar & Isidora

Darkness, nothing to look or analyze. A boring, black void. Tzar slowly opened his eyes, being greeted by the bright light of the morning. How bothersome. He had just woken up and he already had a headache because of that blinding light. Tzar got up, with the intention of closing the curtains, but his route quickly met a obstacle. Tzar tripped on something, as he looked back his eyes met the sight of Isidora, his sister, resting on the ground.

Tzar massaged his temple. Isidora was fifteen years, yet she was still afraid of the dark. Even with her brother tripping over her, she continued to simply lie there, a tranquil expression on her face, and her thumb stuck inside her mouth. She was sound asleep. It was rare for Tzar to show any sign of emotion, but it was difficult to not smile at such a sight.

And just like that, that small feeling of annoyance vanished as he noticed his sister's state. Slowly, Tzar crawled over to his sister, he shook her and called her in his usual, calm and low voice. "Isidora... wake up..." He kept shaking her for a few moments, but it seemed to be of no use. As he got up and turned his back, he was caught by surprise, something had jumped on his back and given him a light bite on his right shoulder.

He fell, face planting on the floor. What just happened was quite obvious, he was one again victim of his sister's hyperactivity. Isidora grappled her brother, her arms firmly, in a non violent way, around his neck. "AHAHAHA! THOUGHT YOU'D ESCAPE MY GRASP?" Yelled Isidora, in a loud but cute, feminine voice. Tzar let his forehead lie against the ground. "Why did I have to go and wake her up?."

"Isidora, get off me. It's probably time for breakfast and we wouldn't want to be late." Tzar's expression portrayed how displeased he was with his sister's behavior.

Isidora pouted. "Spoil-sport." And just like that she jumped off of Tzar's back.

He stood up, patting a few specks of dust off of his sleepwear. "You know, you do have a room of your own." As he spoke he threw on a white shirt, a gray hoodie and a pair of blue jeans. "I'll leave you to get dressed. I assume you know where the dining hall is?"



Tzar made a hasty retreat from the room. His sister, she could be a handful, but it was fun... sometimes. He walked around the hallways of the mansion, his eyes analyzing everything that came past him.

Not long after, Tzar arrived to the dining hall, where a few people had already taken the liberty to take a seat. Almost everyone in that room was a stranger to him, except for Venezia. He did not speak much to him, they were simply acquaintances, but unlike him, his sister knew him rather well. He gave a small nod, which was directed to Venezia, before taking a seat.


A nice, pink shirt with a flower in the middle and a pair of blue shorts. Isidora stared into the mirror and gave a quick nod before running out of the room. The mansion, she knew it was large, but staring at the halls once again, they just looked larger. She ran through the corridors giggling at how much space there was, she wasn't really running towards a particular place, but she randomly ended up in the dining hall. Isidora stopped for a second giving a quick glance around the room. She knew absolutely no one except for Tzar and Felician. "MORNING, EVERYONE!"Isidora waved with one of her arms before jumping onto a chair and continuing with her yelling. "WHAT'S FOR BREAKFAST?!"


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#, as written by Guest
Not waiting for an answer, Dimitri turned to see other people coming in, none of which he knew. The only one he recognized was Felician. Some people introduced themselves to one another. One guy in particular walked out of the room after walking in, then was led back in by another person. Things seemed to be going great.

Until his stomach made a growling sound at him. He was starving! He laughed at himself, then went in the room that Felician came out of with the bagel. He searched the shelves, looking for breakfast items. Please have sugary cereal, PLEASE have sugary cereal... he prayed in his head. His eyes came across a blue box ad when he puled it out, he nearly squealed in delight at the sight of the orange tiger, the mascot for Frosted Flakes. "YEESSS!" he exclaimed, and left the pantry. Well, he slid out of the pantry, nearly bumping into one of the cabinets. He searched the cabinets until he found a bowl and spoon. Then, he opened the refrigerator and pulled out the milk. He poured the milk into the bowl first. Why do you have to pour in the cereal first? That was his normal response to anyone questioning him. Then, he poured the cereal in and sat down at the spot he was sitting in first.

"MORNING, EVERYONE!" A newcomer cried while she jumped on the chair, waving one of her arms,"WHAT'S FOR BREAKFAST?!"

Dimitri got up on the chair he used to be sitting in. "I found a bowl of Frosted Flakes!" he cried in response before picking up his bowl and taking a bite,"Mmm-mmm, they're GRRRREAT!" he imitated the slogan for Frosted Flakes before turning to the girl. "Here you go!" he called before closing the box and throwing it straight up in the air. He then used his wind powers to launch the box towards her, grinning as he did so. He was beginning to like this girl. They seemed to have so much in common.


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#, as written by X64
[Maven and Pandora]

"Hey, I'm Dimitri,"

A brown-haired boy sat down and held out his hand, but was gone before either Maverick or Pandora could answer his greeting. As more and more people started filling up the dining room, Maverick could tell that Pandora was getting more and more nervous by the way he would keep scrunching up into her seat. He would keep trying to pull his laptop closer, as if it were a small child.

If there was anything Pandora hated, it was being surrounded by people. All she wanted was to dive into her computer and crack those codes. She closed her laptop, and then stood up. Without another word, she slipped past the people surrounding her and went into the hallway where the rooms were.


Felician was excited. Never had so many people lived at the mansion at once, so all these new people were really interesting! As people filed in, Felician would wave a friendly hello to whomever happened to look his way, completely oblivious to the odd looks he was given.

"Got to love a little breeze. Bet your feeling it alot more than me", pausing, "Though if it was more windy and chilly, would you put a top on? Hate for you to catch a death of cold..."

"Huh?" Feli turned to look at the red-haired boy that'd spoken, but by the time he'd thought of something to say the boy was already gone. Feli looked down at his chest. "But I don't like shirts..." He mumbled a little sadly, taking a bite out of his bagel. He was instantly distracted by how good the bagel tasted, and thus tried to shove it all into his mouth at once. He was rewarded for his efforts by choking on it. Heaving, he rushed to the kitchen sink, turned on the water, and drank straight from the tap. Luckily, he was able to wash it down, gasping heavily as he regained his breath.

"Phew!" He said to no one in particular, "That was a close one! Haha!" He chuckled to himself and then went into the dining room.

"Tzar!" Feli ran up to him and gave him a hug. "Your sister is really energetic! Where does she get all that energy?" Feli smiled at him as his sister did her normal ADHD thing.


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Tzar & Isidora

Isidora looked at the people around her, some were talking and others were simply sitting there, she really didn't care and wasn't paying attention. Suddenly, seemingly out of no where a box of cereal fell right in front of her, looking in the direction from which it came she saw a young, brown haired boy. He was eating a bow of cereal, which meant that he was obviously the one to throw the box. Isidora picked the box up and stared at it. Cereal, simply cereal. Isidora looked at the box with a disappointed face.

"...Cereal? Boooooorinnnnggggggg"And without another word she simply threw the box behind her, it crashed onto the ground, cereal flying onto the floor. "TZAR!... MAKE ME BREAKFAST!" Isidora smashed her palms onto the table, making it shake it, slightly. Tzar sighed deeply, he simply could not believe how reckless his sister was at times. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could even say a word, someone had grabbed him, exclaiming his name.

Tzar looked over his shoulder, it was Venezia, he was hugging him. "Your sister is really energetic! Where does she get all that energy?" Tzar sighed, once again. "I... I don't know. Venezia... could you please release me?" Tzar stared at Venezia, with his usual, emotionless expression. Venezia could get a tad annoying at times, but Tzar did not despise him in anyway, he reminded him of his sister at times.


"Isidora, could you please act according to your age, you are 15, not 8 or 9. You can make your own breakfast."

Isidora pouted at this response, she could not believe that her brother had just denied her. "FINE. I WILL." Responded Isidora as she got up and stormed into the kitchen, a obvious hint of annoyance and anger could be noticed in her voice.


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Cobra had been anxiously twisting the heart pendant around her neck. She bit her lip and glanced around the room. Suddenly a girl was sitting with her and saying hello. Her voice was soft and sincere, a wonderful change from the loud shouts of the shirtless Felician.

She smiled at the girl and nodded, letting her know that she had acknowledged her. It wasn't a moment too soon as more kids started to enter the dining hall, making the snake feel even more uncomfortable. As each person entered they seemed to be brighter, cheerier, and louder than the last. One boy though had turned in the doorway, but he was brought back by someone else. She knew how he felt, as she wanted to leave so very badly. Cobra then noticed that the hooded boy with blue hair whom she'd seen when she'd first arrived was also gone. At least there were some more sane, controlled people like her here.

The noise level soon rose to its maximum as a boy and girl entered, apparently related. The girl screamed when she spoke, making the delicate brunette cringe a bit. What had she gotten herself into? Why couldn't she have been born normal like her sister.

Cobra frowned suddenly and rose from her seat, needing to get food and to busy herself before it was too late. As she entered the kitchen she found an assortment of food, however she had little experience preparing food. Sighing, she took out a pan and fried an egg for herself before getting a glass of water. Chances were she would eat one or two more eggs, but she didn't want to feel or look like a pig to these obnoxious strangers. At least none of them had spoken to her except one of the quiet few. She sat back down in her little corner and began to eat her egg in a delicate, graceful manner.


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Makoto almost jumped out of his pale skin as his pathway was suddenly blocked by an arm. His borderline-frightened green gaze wandered up the arm, travelled over where the arm connected to the shoulder, across a collarbone and up a neck, before laying his eyes on the sharper face of its owner. The stranger spoke to him, words he digested more subconsciously than anything else. Looked like he was going to eat something after all, if his assumption had been correct. Of course, the last thing he wanted to do was venture back into that liar, damned-soul infested pit of hellspawn that was probably once an average, empty, peaceable dining room. Makoto's mind raced. Then again, he thought, he could always employ his game plan of getting in, getting food, and getting out as soon as possible, to find some solace in his solitude. Yes. That's what he'd do. All this he planned out as he stared up blankly at the taller young man. He had no opinion of this person who'd suddenly spoken to him. His mind was much to occupied with his task to form one. Liar, liar... chimed some unbidden voice at the edges of his mind. 

The stranger continued walking on into the dining room, and Makoto turned as well, following him, slinking along behind the stranger like a pale shadow, actions based on necessity and necessity alone. If he didn't eat, he'd eventually either and die. And withering and dying... just didn't seem as appealing as it used to. It had lost its enticing pull, and was now just some alternative to staying alive in this mansion to discover more about his living self. Nothing more than some sort of hovering last resort, an action that would merely end his struggle rather than heal his wounds. 

Makoto did his best to ignore the people in the room and be ignored in return, hunching his shoulders on instinct in a vague, not even half-assed attempt to hide his face. He shuffled along after the stranger into the kitchen, and waited silently while he used the toaster. Makoto leaned on his elbows on the counter by the sink, gazing idly at the wall, thinking of everything and nothing at the same time. He knew he should probably feel excited. He was in a place full of "people like him". But he was not like these people. Makoto frowned. Liars. Every soul in that damn place was a liar to the core. As far as he was concerned, he had no power. He was not special, not unique. There was nothing extraordinary about him. Nothing at all...

The stranger left, done with whatever it was he was concocting. Makoto, hardly realizing he was doing so, untied a bag of sliced bread and reached his hand inside, selecting specifically an end piece before retreating and popping the slice into the toaster. He wasn't sure how long he was waiting, but however many minutes later, his toast appeared before him, burned black and barely holding itself together. Just the way he liked it. Makoto took it out of the toaster, ignoring the searing heat of his food. He ate and walked at the same time, slipping out of the dining room as silently as he'd entered. 

He wandered for a bit before happening to come right back to the hallway with the rooms. In this hallway was a peculiar-looking lad, carrying a laptop in his grip. Without thinking, Makoto stopped walking and simply stared at the stranger in the hallway, nibbling slowly at his toast without realizing. 


The longer he stared into his lap, the blanket and blanker his expression became. People came, people left, and the tide of emotions spiked and ebbed with each separate feeling passively competing within Cassian's own mind alone for reign over his demeanor. He was unsure what to feel at the moment, what he really was feeling. It didn't matter. He could've been hit by a train and not have cared, for all he felt just then. 

And then- a voice, directed at him. 

"You are going to eat aren't you? Name's Sebastian."

Cassian looked up slowly at the smiling stranger, his own face gaining a small smile of its own to combat the blankness. Ah yes. Food. He'd almost forgotten, what with the little emotional sorting he'd had to do before being able to function properly. 

He cleared his throat quietly before making himself respond. "I was getting around to it. Honestly," he said in the soft way of his before noticing the food the stranger- Sebastian- had brought with him and had passed some of to Cassian himself, who blinked a couple times in partial response. He picked up one of the crumpets and took a small bite before looking up again. "Thank you," he said, sincerity creeping into his tone. "My name is Cassian..." He felt himself smile brighter in his own natural fashion. "but you can call me Cass if you like. Pleasure to meet you, Sebastian."


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Naomi smiled as the girl nodded. Yet she seemed confused on to why she didn’t say anything. Was she that anti social? Nervous, maybe even afraid? Whatever the case, Naomi quickly turned away. She felt awkward among the group. She found herself backing against the wall, simply watching the others until a loud voice caught her attention.

Naomi jumped, startled and turned her gaze onto a girl. She was possibly smaller than Naomi and definitely energetic. Naomi wasn’t quite sure if that was a good or bad thing but either way she decided she liked her. Though Naomi wasn’t quite reading to try socializing again. She stood for a bit longer, watching the girl throw a cereal box over her shoulder. It splattered onto the floor creating a big mess and at the moment, her stomach rumbled loudly, interrupting her thoughts. She winced at the sound and immediately clutched her stomach, hurrying over to the fridge. She opened it, her gaze flicking over everything. She finally settled on making herself some cereal and looked around. She noticed the girl she had been talking to before was back in her usual corner. Naomi shuffled, took a deep breath and went over.

She sat down and began shuffling with her hands. “Mind If I sit here?” she asked politely. She hated feeling so fidgety and nervous. She hated being around so many strangers too but she still tried to make the best of it.


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#, as written by X64

The morning sure was energetic. First Feli, and now she threw the cereal box behind her, making a huge mess, he sighed. Great. It's bad enough dealing with one idiot. The raven cawed loudly, not really saying anything, and flew over to the mess and started eating some pieces of it off the floor. But now there's two? Wonderful.... He scowled, quietly going into a nearby closet to grab a broom and dustpan.

You! Get away from there, that's not for you! He cawed loudly, perhaps more than he really meant to because he accidentally startled the poor bird. The raven flew around the room, cawing in surprise while somehow trying to keep out of people's way. Ignoring the bird for now, Maven quickly swept up the mess, picked up the box, and put it all in the trash. Once that was done, he walked over to the kitchen window and opened it. He waited for a long moment. When what he was waiting for didn't happen, he growled and made angry-looking pointing motions towards the window. Out! You can come back in later.

Jerk! I was eating that!

The bird swooped down at Maven, seemingly aiming to peck at him. However, Maven dodged him expertly, watching with a most not-amused face as the bird missed him and flew right out the window. When this was done, he closed it and turned to Isidora, sighing once more.

"You there. Isidora, your name was, right? Listen. If you'll go and sit at the table quietly, I'll make you some damn breakfast. Whatever you want." He spoke softly, but couldn't help the slight edge of irritation that crept into his voice. He already did most, if not all the housework. An idiot like her would only make it ten times worse for him, not to mention what Feli already does. For a moment, he found himself praying to whatever God was out there that she'd comply quietly and let him cook for her, although he had a horrible inkling that she wouldn't.


"I... I don't know. Venezia... could you please release me?"

"Okay!" Feli let go of him, smiling as he was painfully oblivious to the bird flying around the room. He laughed a bit, not really aware that he was laughing in the first place.

"You there. Isidora, your name was, right? Listen. If you'll go and sit at the table quietly, I'll make you some damn breakfast. Whatever you want."

Upon overhearing this, Feli immediately abandoned Tzar and went into the kitchen where Maven and Isidora were. "No fair!" He pouted, then turned to Isidora, "You're so lucky! He never asks to cook for me~! He's a really good cook, too." He pouted again, making something of a puppy face. Suddenly, he smiled. "It must be because you're so cute~!" He exclaimed, laughing.


Pandora stopped in her tracks, staring back at the strange guy staring at her. She already knew his name from looking at his information. After all, she had been the one to track down where he was before he was picked up by a Courier.

Makoto Setohara. Just knowing his name didn't really make her feel any better though. A stranger was still a stranger, even if you knew their name. Regardless, this was a predicament. She was unsure of what to do. Should she walk on and attempt to pass him by? Should she greet him? What if he tried to be friendly, what should she do? It was bad enough when she had to avoid Feli's hugs.

Maybe if she thought of him as a, no, that didn't make sense. Firewalls don't awkwardly chew on toast while they stare blankly. The thought of a firewall chewing on toast was so funny that she actually smiled, her lips curving up ever so slightly.

"What are you looking at, Makoto?" She found herself saying, accidentally speaking her thoughts out loud, "Have you never seen a boy with long hair before?" Her deep Russian accent, of course, may have made it hard to understand what she was saying.

Suddenly realizing she had spoken, she blushed furiously and looked away. Escape key....why can't there by an escape key in real life?! On instinct, without another word she turned away from Makoto and ran. She sought her own room, quickly going inside and shutting the door behind her.


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#, as written by Guest
Dimitri watched as the girl flung the box behind her, making a mess everywhere. The first dude he saw in here when he had entered went over to clean it up, looking iritated. Dimitri just sat down and continued eating his cereal watching Maven. It was actually kind of funny seeing this person in this angry way.

"You there. Isidora, your name was, right? Listen. If you'll go and sit at the table quietly, I'll make you some damn breakfast. Whatever you want."

Felix was the first to react to this. "No fair! You're so lucky! He never asks to cook for me! He's a really good cook, too. It must be because you're so cute!" All Dimitri could do was try to muffle his laughter. Felix was hilarious, pouting without a shirt on.

Dimitri looked down to find his bowl of cereal empty. "Damn..." he mumbled to himself before looking around for the cereal. Then, he remembered that the girl flung it to the other side of the room. Oh well... He got up and proceeded to head back to the pantry. Suddenly, a flash of black entered his vision and he jumped back, laughing to only realize that it was a bird.How did a bird get in the kitchen?

Then, it was the other girl to react next. He watched as she bounded out of the room. What was her deal? He wouldn't reflect further, letting whatever happen happen. Instead, he went back into the pantry, picked up a choclate covered chocolate cake doughnut with M&Ms all over it. He walked out, taking a bite, enjoying the savory sweet taste of it before walking over to the obviously annoyed person, remembering how he ditched them. "Sorry about that, I get distracted easily. Now where were we?" he told him.


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Cobra looked up again as Naomi walked over towards her, asking if she could sit with her. The girl gave a small smile and nodded. Once the girl had seated herself she decided to introduce herself properly. It was always strange for her to talk to people, given that she tried so hard not to become too close to anybody. Because once you were close to somebody they could be torn away so easily. Especially now that all of the teens here were being hunted and only a safe haven away from being tested on, taking chances with emotions that she hardly understood would not be a good idea.

So why was she introducing herself again? Cobra opened her mouth to speak but then closed it, looking down at her plate and blushing a bit. Why was it that she could never talk to anybody without feeling like she should just shut up? Her mind flashed back to all those times in school when she dared to venture out of her shell of apathy and try to make a friend. On one occasion it hadn't been bad, she had even found herself laughing at the silliness of her friend. but that seemed like ages away from where she was now, a prisoner of luxury. She sighed a bit and finished off her egg, setting the knife and fork down gently on the plate, pointed in towards the center.

"I'm Cobra," she said softly, continuing to look at her plate as if it harboured anything interesting. Around them there were continued shouts and frenzied teens eating all sorts of breakfast foods. But for right now, it was nice to pretend that it was just her and Naomi in the little corner, the only sane and peaceful ones here. Cobra bit her lip a bit and looked up to see how and if Naomi would respond to her.


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Naomi smiled, fiddling with her hands while she tried to think of conversation. ”Why am I acting like this?” she thought bitterly as she stared down at the bowl of cereal. Avoiding eye contact, she began to eat slowly. She ate in silence for a few minutes until she heard the soft voice of the girl across from her. She introduced herself as Cobra, an odd name to Naomi. Naomi looked up only to find Cobra staring at the plate in front of her.

Naomi smiled. “Cobra huh? That’s a cool name. Isn’t a cobra a type of snake?” she asked, continuing to devour her food, beginning to fill comfortable with her. “Sorry for earlier. I guess I’m really shy around strangers. It takes a little bit to open up you know?” she asked then paused. It had occurred to her that she rambling on and on, something she often did. Naomi could feel her face heat up. “Sorry” she said apologizing.

“I tend to do that a lot. Anyway, you can me Nao. All my friends do” she said smiling. It was nice to finally have a decent conversation with someone. “I think we’ll like each other” she murmured more of to herself.

Naomi glanced around the room just in time to see the long haired boy running out of the room. She raised an eyebrow but turned back to Cobra, waiting for her response instead.


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"You there. Isidora, your name was, right? Listen. If you'll go and sit at the table quietly, I'll make you some damn breakfast. Whatever you want." Isidora stared at the man that had just told her his proposal, she stared at him for a few second, considering the proposal before saying. "WAIT... SIT DOWN QUIETLY?! THAT'S BO-" Before she could finish her phrase she noticed that Felician had run into the kitchen and quickly interrupted her. "No fair! You're so lucky! He never asks to cook for me! He's a really good cook, too. It must be because you're so cute!" Isidora blushed lightly and giggled "Why thank you, Feli! You're too kind!" But, his moment would not last too long as she looked back at the man and continued her yelling "THAT'S BORING... I'LL MAKE MY OWN BREAKFAST!".

Isidora began opening every drawer and cupboard she could find. She grabbed a large bowl and pretty much anything that looked breakfast like, ranging from cereal and pastries to fruit. Grabbing all this she threw it all into the large bowl and put it in the microwave, she moved the dial to the right, closed the door, and pressed start. She turned around facing Felician and the other. "See? EASY..." Isidora threw her fist into the air as a sign of victory, but this victory would be short lasted.

Isidora turned around once again, to check on her meal. Staring, she let out a quiet "Uh..." as she noticed some of the "ingredients" beginning to enlarge, while others had bubbles forming and popping. And before she could move a muscle a large BANG was heard from the microwave. It's door flew wide open as her "breakfast" began bursting sending bit and pieces all over the kitchen and anyone inside. "Eheheh... woops..." She scratched the back of her head and wiped her face with her sleeve. She was a bit nervous, maybe even afraid, she knew that it would be likely that as soon as she turned around she would probably be addressed with yells.

Tzar watched as his sister angrily marched into the kitchen. His sister had never been a person that listened to common sense, she had always gotten angry or annoyed by things that he found minor, while when it came to much bigger problems, she tended to ignore them. Tzar stared at table, he wasn't very hungry, the only reason he actually left his room was to make sure his sister wouldn't be a problem... or at least not a bigger problem than she usually was.

As he tilted his chair back and forth, he took a look at everyone in the room. "So these are the people that I am going to have to live with from now on" As soon as this thought passed through his mind, dozens of others popped up as well. How long would they stay there? Would it ever be safe to leave? What if they didn't get along? These thoughts made him feel insecure on how well this was going to go. He continued tilting his chair, lost in his thoughts, till suddenly he heard a loud bang from the kitchen, making him fall on his back. Not really caring for the minor pain that the fall had caused him he ran into the kitchen, rather preoccupied with his sister. What a relief it was when he noticed that the biggest victim of his sister's recklessness was simply the kitchen. He took a deep breath, he knew that Isidora was probably going to be yelled at, something she hated so much, but, unlike most times he decided that he would not bail her out of this. He slowly walked out of the kitchen and sat down at the table, once again getting lost in his thoughts.


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#, as written by S1mon
Seb O'Delle

Seb couldn't help but smirk as he glanced to the white-haired stranger who had indeed followed him as he suggested. Afterall, not everyone could be open to everyone instantly in their first meeting, but at least he had helped the lad out to get a bite to eat as he watched him leave back into the hallway, before turning back to the golden boy who he had settled down beside with. Not that he had a choice, though everyone else seemed occupied and looking around, there was quite a load more people in here, as well as a lot of noise. Well it certainly made a change hearing the sounds of voices than sirens, before hearing an imitation of the Frosted Flakes, "they're GRRRREAT!" and the box flying across the table. Obviously that guy's powers had now been revealed to everyone else now, with everyone else's just waiting to be revealed.

Even if Seb often gave the wrong impressions when he was simply trying to be genuine, least golden boy weren't avoiding him, instead revealing a smile, "I was getting around to it. Honestly...Thank you...My name is Cassian...but you can call me Cass if you like. Pleasure to meet you, Sebastian". As he spoke, he noticed that he begun to speak more casually. Back home, many were tense around him as they spoke a few words then left, so it was nice to have a decent conversation. He begun to wonder as he glanced around, what everyone's story was. Though it was true what he had been told when he was younger about how you act affects other people, and now golden boy's smile had bested his. It would probably be a good start calling him by his name, however.

"An unusual name..", in his usual blunt response to simply say what he thought, even if it came across the wrong way....though taking closer inspection to him to the way he dressed, he truly was a golden boy with his hair and eyes complimenting his smile as it sure was bright, so guess it fits. It was one thing to go on first-name basis, but for the first meeting to call him by a shortened version shown how friendly he was, but it made him wonder why he sat here alone, or perhaps there was too many in the room to address all once, especially with Maverick's raven flying and squarking about above them.

Making sure his arms were in the right place, he took a hold of one crumpet and took a bite. Once his mouth was free again, he spoke up, "So Cass..", seeing as he had offered his shorthand name so why not use it, even if it sounded a bit feminine or maybe that was just sterotypical as there had to be more behind the name, as there was more to him than his blunt manner for example, "..How are you finding this new place?". Though both of them hadn't been there long, they could still have initial thoughts about it.


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Cobra glanced up as Naomi responded. She then lifted her head and nodded in response to the first question, associating her name with what was coincidentally also her sign. It had been planned by her parents before their death for obvious reasons, though it was unbeknownst to her. The other girl continued to talk, before also becoming embarrassed. It appeared that they shared the same views on social situations, which made her smile given that everybody else here seemed like a lunatic.

"Don't be sorry, I know exactly what you mean. I'm not one to talk much either." She glanced around the hectic room as the others begun to realize that nobody was going to cook for them. These kids needed to learn self reliance. She sighed a bit and looked back at Naomi, er, Nao. That was a cute nickname she supposed, though it reminded her of a hybrid noise that a cow-horse would make.

"Do you think we'll have to stay here long?" she asked, not trying to sound rude but because she was genuinely curious. She had never been one for large groups, and despite the fact that this group was relatively small, she still felt uncomfortable. "I hope not, but it seems that the government will be pursuing us for awhile yet." I don't want to die. That sounds painful, she thought to herself despite the irony in it.

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