Alan Arnan

A pyromancer and professor at the Silhouette Institute

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a character in “Silhouette Institution”, as played by True Grave


ImageName: Alan Arnan

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 215 lbs.

Age: 25

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Ethnicity: American, specifically, from Staten Island, New York City

Personality: Alan has a very patient and understanding personality. He can be withdrawn, due to the pain he has suffered in the past. He is responsible and cautious, but also caring and kind. He likes to avoid conflict and settle it peacefully, due to the violence of his past. Highly-intelligent and good at thinking on his feet, his gentle nature belies a master warrior. Though not very social, he is not out of place at social functions.

History: Alan Arnan was fifteen years old when his life changed forever. His father, Marshall Arnan, owed money to a notorious mobster named Carmine Alcone. When he couldn't pay up, they took the debt in blood, murdering Alan's parents. A witness to the crime, the hitmen hunted Alan down and tried to burn him alive inside a warehouse. When his life was in greatest danger, Alan's pyromancer abilities awoke. He escaped the inferno without a single burn, and after wandering a bit, ran into investigative reporter Leslie Downing.

Alan sought revenge for the death of his parents, and systematically eliminated the Alcone Family within a year. On his sixteenth birthday, Alan was betrayed by Downing, who revealed herself to be a Director for a special branch of the government dealing with individuals like him called "Mutant 300", or "M-300". Alan was locked in federal prison for months, where he bulked up and increased his knowledge of the martial arts. Alan was released from prison and sent to a special boarding school, where he met two other unique individuals, a telepath named Erica and an ice user named Ricky. He had a good group of friends, and his relationship with Erica was about to get serious before she found out about the violence of his past and became scared of him. At the same time, Downing and her pet mutant, Whiplash, began stepping up M-300's plans.

The true purpose of M-300 was to steal the powers of mutants and create a cure for cancer with it. 299 powers were taken, and Alan's was going to be number 300. In a last-ditch change of heart. however, Whiplash surrendered his own powers so that Alan could continue to be hope for their kind. The scientist behind the project, Dr. William Grisling, injected himself with the formula, seeking to become a god. Growing to monstrous size, he called himself Energon and threatened the whole city. Not even the combined powers of Alan, Erica, and Ricky were enough to stop him.

Downing, ashamed that her project had gone awry, gave them information on where to find an obsidian sword that could slay Energon. Located deep in the Arctic tundra, it was found and Alan used it to put an end to the man who sought godhood. However, Alan and Erica's fractured relationship was not repaired, and she left to go to Texas with Ricky after graduation. Alan began teaching martial arts, until the demon Aragos sought to steal his power and destroy the earth. Using trickery, he almost possessed Alan and used his power to cleanse the earth of humans to make room for his demons. Only with Erica's return and declaration of love did he find the strength to banish Aragos from the earth once and for all.

For this heroic deed, Alan was granted an audience with the Fire God, Infernus, who had long ago gifted pyromancy to the Arnan family as a reward for their piety. Alan was offered the chance to succeed him, but he chose to stay on earth. Infernus understood, and said that the offer was available whenever he desired it. At age 18, Alan was invited to teach at the Silhouette Institute, and gladly accepted. He has been teaching there for seven years, and is among one of the most well-respected teachers. His wife Erica is currently pregnant with the couple's first child, and he is very excited.

Extra: A martial arts Grandmaster in every known and unknown martial art, Alan teaches this combat to his students, so that they will not hurt innocents with their power.

So begins...

Alan Arnan's Story

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Adelina watched as Stephanos left the table. She felt for him, considering that he lost a lot of friends due to their expulsion. She also knew that she couldn't do anything about it. Maybe just to be there for him when times are tough, and she knows that Xavier will back her up too. Stephanos is strong, having him as an ally would definitely help. "Poor guy," She started "He seems so lonely and serious all the time." She said as he left the room. "Well, Xavier, I'm going to get going. I have stuff to do in order to prep for tomorrow. See ya around black thunder." Adelina winked at him and she left the room. He heard commotion happen a few hallways down. She was curious and decided to check out the scene. She looked carefully down the hallway and noticed a fight ensuing. Woah, this fight is getting pretty heated. She thought as she watched. This went on for a while before it all died down.

Adelina turned her attention to a room that was down the other hallway. She got closer and tried for the nob. She reached for the handle and tried to open it, Damn it, it's locked! She thought as she took a closer look at the door. Engraved on it it said Training room. Adeline had to check it out. She heated one of her hands hot enough to melt the door handle. Yes! It worked! She praised her self for a job well done. She peered inside and the room was huge. The room was dark, but as soon as you came closer there were lot candles lighting up a significant part of the room. "Oh man, this room is pretty sweet. How did I not find this sooner?" She thought out loud as she was amazed of how great the room was. She took off her biker jacket and threw it near her. She thought it'd be a great idea to get a bit of practice in before tomorrow. Adelina positioned herself in the center of the room and closed her eyes. She extended her arms out in front of her and casted a fire ball. A simple red flame that couldn't hurt anyone or anything not super human. Moments of fun she started getting this urge of going further. Activating the Orange fire, changing the intensity of the flame. The candles in the room seemed to react to that. She went one step further and activated the Yellow Fire. Adelina felt a great urge of energy and to go further. She felt stronger and stronger the more she was in this room. As if the room was giving her strength to go further. She moved the Yellow Fire around in the air giving the room a yellow glow. She made the fire dance beautifully. That is until she heard a noise. She quickly went back down to Red Fire as she saw a figure appear in the room. Oh no, I'm busted. She thought as this man approached into the room far enough so his face was exposed. "Sorry, I didn't mean any trouble I just got carried away in here. Am I in trouble?" She asked the man who didn't seem mad at all.

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The man introduced himself as one of the teachers at the institute. Adelina was relieved that the teacher had a sense of humor considering that she broke the handle. She thought is was pretty sweet how he used his power to make the metal malleable enough to fix. "Yeah Thanks for not being mad at me for that. I was just really compelled to enter you know? Like it was calling my name." She explained as he looked at her with wonder. She began to wonder what he was going to do, since suddenly he brought out white fire. Her anxiety sky rocketed. She was nervous.

That asked for a good five minutes, Adelina was impressed at how well he could control his fire abilities. He then offered to mentor her and that got her thrilled. She nodded as he showed a tiny red ball of fire on the tip of his finger. She watched amazed as he continued to explain that she lacked power, and this technique is his most basic. He suddenly threw ten fire balls at her. She panicked. Was this a test? As the first few began to approached, she used her ability to take control of the first few and put them out. She took those out with ease, but the others got faster and harder to Dodge. She got through nine and the last ball ended up hitting her in the face. She let out a small squeal as it burned a little. Mr. Arnan approached her. "Hey that was fun," she said. "That last one though caught be off guard". She admitted.

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The moment Mr. Arnan said he'd loved to tutor her, Adelina jumped for joy that she released one of those small balls of fire from her fingers and it nearly hit Mr. Arnan. "Oh my gosh I am so sorry!" She apologized in hopes that he wouldn't change his mind about tutoring her. To her surprise though, he didn't look mad at all. He actually looked impressed that Adelina could pull off and perform his technique so quickly. "Oh, I must say this now, I am very observant so I am able to learn quicker than others." She admitted. He didn't look too convinced by the way he was looking at her. "You don't believe me? Okay, well then with the next session I will show you!" She promised him, showing how determined she was to learn from him. It didn't help that he was easy on the eyes, and if spending time with him is what he wants, then spending time with him she will do. "I am so happy that you are teaching me, but I must insist that you don't favor me in anyway from others. I do have you for class and I wouldn't feel comfortable being "that" guy" She said as she went to pick up her jacket. "I would be happier if you gave me the harder assignments in class. That way I know that you're trying to push me to succeed!" She smiled at him. "Thanks Mr. Arnan. This means a lot to me. But I must go meet a friend of mine soon. Thanks again for not being mad about the door!" With that she was off.

Walking down the hallway she pulled her phone out. She pressed on Xaviers name and texted him. Hey Black Lighting. I'm ready to hang out. I'll meet you in the commons. She finished texting the guy as she made a turn down the chemistry hallway. She kept walking as she noticed a book on the floor. She went to pick it up. Huh? Somebody must have dropped it. I'll go return it quick. She thought as she carried the book with her. She started walking again and suddenly saw this hand jab at her, and reacting quickly she used the new technique she learned from Mr. Arnan and shot one fireball at the hand. Giving the mysterious hand a good hit, but also burning the book. "What the hell man? Look what you made me do!" She said pointing to the pile of ash sitting there. "You're paying for that," She said as she turned to the person that attacked her. She took a good look and saw that it was Charlie. "Charlie? I'm sorry for burning you, but why the hell did you attack me?" She asked as Charlie was looking at his hand. She began to get impatient with the silence as he would not look at her. That's when she went in and grabbed him by the shirt. "Listen, you do that again and we will have a serious problem next time," She warned. "Now I would stick around but I've got places to be, people to see. Watch yourself big guy." She said as she let go of him and stormed off away from his view.